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Meat Loaf, Jim Steinman, 

Bonnie Tyler, Ellen Foley

Jim Steinman Rarities






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The young Steinman starts to write his own musicals

The Dream Engine (Musical) - 1969

Jim Steinman The Dream Engine Amherst College or Mt. Holyoke College, USA. 1969 SB 9 3CD

Comments: Jim Steinman's first musical performed live and in full. Some fading in sound as the actors move around the stage, and some digital noise on disc2 Warning - VERY STRONG Language.

Line Up: Cast Historian: Barry Keating, Baal: Jim Steinman, Max: Stephen Collins, Emily: Sarah Harris, The Girl:  Ellen Parks, The Tribe: Becca Stone, Lynne Barbee, Renee Yuen, Melissa Herbert, JoAnna Mendl, Sandy Jaspen, Tom McKitterick, Larry Dilg, Ben Harris,  Steve Stern, Aurthur Wilkins, Bob Yarchoan and Michael McGrath The City: Richard McCombs, Josh Posner, Jim Miller, Timothy Nater, David Case, Phil Barr, Keith Miller, and Alan Wilken
Musicians: Guitar: Jeff Southworth, Guitar, Percussion: Chip Tucker, Fender Bass: Rick Weinhaus, Organ, Guitar: Tad Lipsky, Piano, Organ, Cello:, Marty Brody, Drums: Craig McNeer,

Track Listing CD1 ACT ONE  1 The Historian's Introduction, Phase One: Formation of the Tribe 2 Formation of the Tribe, 3 Invocation and Formation of the Tribe (Come in the Night) 4 Introduction to Max and Emily  5 Indoctrination Chant Phase Two: The Interrogation 6 The Interrogation Scene, 7 Pledge of Allegiance, The Interrogation Scene continues, 8 Introduction to "Who Needs the Young?", 9 Who Needs the Young? Phase Three: The Seduction Scene: 10 Come Home Child / Love Song, 11 The Initiation, 12 Liberation Through Pain (Firebird), 13 Liberation Through Pleasure (Ride a Cock Horse)  CD2 ACT ONE (cont'd) Phase Four: The Induction 1 The Induction 2 Inspirational Hymn; the God Game or 'You, too, Can Walk on Water' * Phase Five: The Analysis 3 The Analysis, 4 Show Me Your Numbers, 5 The Voices of Civilization, 6 The Want Ad 3.14, 7 Hymn to Fire (When Your City is Burning) / Pyro CD3 ACT TWO 1 Entr'acte; solo by the band "Sundance" (instrumental), 2 Keep on Truckin', 3 Keep on Truckin' (continued), 4 The Invasion and Slaughter of the City, 5 Emily Respects Uniforms , 6 Mother River Song, 7 Max Returns , 8 Emily Meets the Captured Baal , 9 The Revolution in Words and Music I , 10 The Song of the Dream Engine (Hear the Screams), 11 The Revolution in Words and Music II , 12 Baal's Delerium and Call to the City* , 13 Dream of the American Revolution Reborn - The Golden Age of Dying, 14 Street Fighting Prayer, 15 This is How You Bury the Skull of Your Country , 16 The Revolution in Music (instrumental), 17 American Revolution, 1969 


Rhinegold (Musical) - 1974

Jim Steinman Rhinegold demos & Live various 1972-4 SB 8 CD

Comments: Sound is a little muffled in places.

Track Listing: Swimming in the Rhine (And It's Fine), Beautiful Rhinegold, Godz, Who'd Do The Dirty?, Chinkachain, Master Of The Earth, Hushabye,  Rainbow, Rainbow & Finale, Instrumental, Chinkachain II

More than You Deserve (Musical) - 1974
Original Cast More than You Deserve Unknown 1974 SB 9 MP3

Comments: Historic recording of the first time Steinman worked with Meat Loaf in this musical set in a US Army camp during the Vietnam War. Sounds like this is from a live performance rather than demos as there's clearly an audience there. Sound is good, mono quality, but with some crackles. which, given it has been compressed down to 32kbps is remarkable.

Line Up: Fred Gwynne as Major Michael Dillon, Meat Loaf as Perrine / Rabbit, Kimberley Farr as Fiona Markham, Leata Galloway as Nurse / Nin Hua, Marybeth Hurt as Nurse / Uncle Remus, Stephen Collins as Nathan / Herbie / Pilot, Grahan Jarvis as Dr. Smith / Sergeant Price, Seth Allen as Luke / Lance Moriarty, Larry Marshall as Mike / Brown / Gerald Moore, Kim Milford as Wiley / Trout , Tom Leo as Owlsy / Joe, Edward Zang as Costucci/Lt. Maddox , Justin Ross as Spooky 1 / Vietnamese, Eivie McGehee as Spooky 2 / Vietnamese/Radio Man, Terry Kiser as Melvin, Ronald Silver as General Chet Eastacre

Track Listing: Overture, Give Me the Simple Life, Could She Be the One, Where Did It Go, Come With me, Mamma You'd Better Watch Out For, Your Daughters, More than You Deserve, O, What a War, Song of teh City of Hope, To Feel So Needed, Mamma You'd Better Watch Out For Your, Daughters (reprise), Go, Go, Go Guerillas, What Became of the People We Were, If Only, Midnight Lullaby, Song of the Golden Egg, What Became of the People We Were (reprise), Give Me the Simple Life (reprise)

Neverland (Musical) - 1977
Workshop Neverland unknown 1977 SB 9 MP3

Comments: This is the musical Steinman was working on when he got side tracked into producing an album for Meat Loaf and for which he borrowed several songs from this project including Bat out of Hell, itself.

Cast: Richard Dunne, Ellen Foleym Larry Dilg, Baxter Harris, Johanne Albrecht, Barry Keating, Mark Kapitan, Tim Millett, Toby Parker, Rodney Reiner, Robert Rhys, Brian DeStazio, Don Swanson

Track Listing: Formation of the Pack (All Revved up..)m City Nights,  Midnight Serenade, Bat Out Of Hell, Heaven Can Wait, The Hunt, The Assassin's Song / Who Needs the Young, Gods, The Annihilation

During "More than you Deserve" Steinman meats a Marvin Lee Aday who would become Meat Loaf
Three years later, he would reunite with Meat and turn his 'Neverland' musical into one of the biggest selling albums ever.
Whilst continuing to write songs for many artists Steinman Returns to musical theatre working with
Andrew Lloyd-Weber, in a project that would eventually be re-worked without him. "Whistle Down the Wind" (See: Musicals)

In 1997 Steinman worked on a musical about Vampires which opened in Vienna and continues to run in Europe. Tanz der Vampire 
The show would eventually transfer to Broadway, but would be re-written by its star, and bomb as Dance of the Vampires  (See: Musicals)

Jim Steinman

Dance of Vampire Demos

Hit Factory Studios, New York, USA





Comments: Demos for Steinman's Broadway / (aborted) West End (*) production Including re-workings of two of his biggest Non-Meat Loaf songs.

Plus numerous bits and pieces from other Steinman songs.
Track Listing original Vienna cast recording 1. Overture unknown singer 2. Angels Arise* Jeff Bova, Jim Steinman & Steve Rinkoff 3. God has Left the Building Steve Arton 4. Original Sin unknown singers 5. There's Never Been a Night Like This* 6. Invitation to the Ball* Marcus Lovett & Elaine Caswell 7. Braver Than we Are Steve Arton 8. Midnight Serenade Ellen Foley. Steve Barton & Elaine Caswell 9. Total Eclipse of the Heart Kyle Gordon & Vienna cast 10. Carpe Noctem (Seize the Night) Aris Sas 11. For Sarah Jim Steinman 12. Forgive me Father /  Steve Arton Confession of a Vampire Steve Barton, Elaine Caswell, Jim Steinman & Barry Keating 13. The Dance of the Vampires

Broadway Dance of the Vampires [final night] Minskoff Theatre, New York, NY, USA 25/1/03 Cam 9 DVD

Tech Details: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 133 mins,
Single camera shooting from the balcony with a pretty good view of the central part of the stage. A few bits of heads in the way during wide shots but otherwise fairly unobstructed with some nice close ups Sound is very good to excellent. This is the last night of Jim Steinman's troubled musical in it's Broadway incarnation that included rather too much humour for its own good, some of which is unnecessarily rude. Just see how many references to other Steinman songs you can spot.
Cast: Michael Crawford = Count von Krolock, Dame Edith Shorthouse = Madam von Krolock, René Auberjonois = Professor Abronsius, Mandy Gonzalez = Sarah, Leah Hocking = Magda, Liz McCartney = Rebecca, Ron Orbach = Chagal, Mark Price = Boris, Asa Somers = Herbert, Max von Essen = Alfred, E. Alyssa Claar = Nadja, Erin Leigh Peck = Zsa-Zsa, Edgar Godineaux = Dream Vampire, Jennifer Savelli = Dream Sarah, Jonathan Sharp = Dream Alfred 
Songs: Theater Announcements, Act 1 Angels Arise, God Has Left the Building, Original Sin, Garlic, Logic, There's Never Been a Night Like This, Don't Leave Daddy, A Good Nightmare Come So Rarely, Death Is Such an Odd Thing, Braver than We Are, Red Boots Ballet, Say a Prayer, Come With Me  Act 2 Vampires in Love (Total Eclipse of the Heart), Books, Books, Carpe Noctem, For Sarah, Death Is Such an Odd Thing (Reprise), When Love Is Inside You, Eternity, Confession of a Vampire, The Ball: The Minuet, Never Be Enough, Come With Me (Reprise), Braver than We Are (Reprise), The Dance of the Vampires, ---curtain call---

Steinman works on a musical based on the Batman movies

Demos Batman: The Musical unknown studio 99-02 SB 10 MP3

Comments: Demos written for the proposed Warner Bros musical based on their series of movies but which was pulled in favour of "Le State" after the failure of "Dance of the Vampires". These songs haven't been forgiven as Meat Loaf, covered two songs on "The Monster Is Loose" in 2006 and Steinman's band "The Dream Engine" covered several tracks, Some of the BATMAN songs will appear in "Bat Out Of Hell: The Musical", a rock version of Peter Pan bound for London 2010

Line Up: Elaine Caswell - Vocals, Rob Evan - Vocals, Karine Hannah - Vocals, Jim Steinman - Piano & Vocals

Track Listing: Gotham City - Graveyard shift, IN the land of the Pig, the butcher in king, Not Allowed to Love, The Joker's Song (Wonderful Toys), Catwoman's Song (I Need all the love I can Get), We're Still the Children We Once Were, Cry to Heaven, Not Allowed to Love (Dance version), Not Allowed to Love (pop version)

Steinman and long time producer, arranger Steven Rinkoff put together a project to showcase Steinman's songs.

Over the Top (songs by Jim Steinman) - 2005

Over the Top Joe's Pub #1 (Jan 05) Joe's Pub, New York, NY, USA 31/1/05 AU 10 MP3

Comments: This is what happens when a few Broadway stars get together to sing Steinman's epic songs in a New York pub. The result is wonderful

Line Up: Rob Evan - Lead Vocals, Elaine Caswell - lead female vocals, Jeremey Kushnier - Vocals, Nicki Richards - Vocals, Steve Margoshes - piano

Adam Ben-David - ?

Track Listing: Play Lewd, Heaven Can Wait, Left in the Dark, A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Total Eclipse of the Heart, What Part of My Body Hurts, Read 'em and Weep, Anything For Love, It's All Coming Back to Me Now, Braver Than We Are, Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through, For Crying Out Loud, Not Allowed to Love

Over the Top Joe's Pub #2 (Jun 05) Joe's Pub, New York, NY, USA 10-12/1/05 AU 10 MP3

Line Up: Rob Evan - Lead male Vocals, Elaine Caswell - lead female vocals, Jeremey Kushnier - Vocals, Nicki Richards - Vocals, Steve Margoshes - piano, Adam Ben-David - Keyboards: , Alex Skolnick - Guitars , Mat Fieldes - Bass ,  Matt Zebroski - Drums

Track Listing: Play Lewd, Heaven Can Wait, Read 'Em and Weep, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Making Love (out of Nothing at all), Holding Out For a Hero, What Part of My Body Hurts, Objects in the Rear View Mirror, Speaking in Tongues, Two Out of Three Ain't Bad, Safe Sex, It's All Coming Back to Me Now, Braver Than We Are ,I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That), It Only Hurts When I Feel (If It Ain't Broke), For Crying Out Loud

The project takes the name of Steinman's first musical and perform new material.

The Dream Engine (songs by Jim Steinman) - 2006

The Dream Engine Joe's Pub 2006 Joe's Pub, New York, USA 12/2/06 AU 9 MP3

Comments: Not to be confused with Jim Steinman's early musical of the same name, this is a band he put together to  perform the various songs he's written for different acts, solo projects, and musical theatre. 

Line Up [best guess] Rob Evans - Lead Vocals, Adrienne Warren - Lead Vocals, Elaine Caswell - Backing Vocals, Neal Coomer - Backing Vocals, Alex Skolnick - Guitar, Mat Fieldes - Bass, Matt Zebroski - Drums, Steve Margoshes - Grand Piano, Adam Ben-David - Keyboards,

Track Listing CD1 Bolero, Angels Arise, Safe Sex, Objects in the Rear View Mirror, Break It, Dear Mama (Today We Learn to Die), Braver Than We Are / Always It's the Way, Total Eclipse of the Heart (*), CD2 What Part of My Body Hurst the Most, The Future Just Ain't What It Used to be, Still the Children, The Future (reprise), Speaking in Tongues, --encore break--, Loving You Is A Dirty Job, Not Allowed to Love (*), For Crying Out Loud