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Yngwie Malmsteen

Tokyo Night 

Budokan, Tokyo, Japan.






Track Listing: CD1 Intro Never Die, Bedroom Eyes, Bad Blood, Forever One, Pyramid Of Cheops, Drum Solo, Seventh Sign, Malmsteen Guitar Solo, Instrumental, Blues, Guitar Solo, CD2 You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget , Keyboard Solo, Brothers (Instrumental), Heaven Tonight, Acoustic Guitar Pieces, Instrumental, Burn, I'll See The Light, Tonight


Yngwie Malmsteen

Forever One

Last Swedish Hero

Magnum Opus From Stockholm

Sundsvall, G2, Sweden






Track Listing: Vengeance, No Love Lost, Never Die, Icarus Dream Suite Intro, Far Beyond The Sun, Forever One, I Am A Viking, Guitar Solo, Red House, Voodoo, The Only One, Fire In The Sky  Bonus Tracks Budokan Tokyo 16 March 1994  Heaven  Tonight, Burn, I'll See The Light Tonight

Motley Crue Metal Bastards Gothenburg, Sweden 3/11/84 Vinyl   - Vinyl
Motley Crue Fresno '84 Fresno, California, USA 25/8/85 SB 9.5 CD

Comments: Yep those crazy bootleggers got the year wrong.
Track Listing: Looks That Kill, Too Young to Fall In Love, Shout at the Devil, City Boy Blues, Louder than Hell, Knock 'em Dead, Live Wire, Smokin' in the Boys Room, Helter Skelter, Use it or Lose it.

Motley Crue Nasty Habits "World Tour" 8/7/88 AU   - 2Vinyl
Motley Crue Rock am Ring 2005 Rock am Ring, Germany 5/6/05 Pro 10* DVD

Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, 57 minutes, Fully authored - Menu / Title -  Song Chapters
Track Listing:
Shout at the Devil, Live Wire, Wild Side, Louder Than Hell, Girls, Girls, Girls, Dr Feelgood, Looks That Kill, Red hot, Primal Scream, Sick Love Song, Kick start My Heart, Anarchy in the UK

Mountain Knebworth 85 Knebworth Festival, UK 22/6/85 FM 9 CD
Night Ranger Live Wishes / Love & Money Los Angles, USA 1986 SB 8 CD

Track Listing: Seven Wishes, This Boy Needs to Rock, Sentimental Street, Sing Me Away, Rumours in the Air, Four in the Morning, When You Close Your Eyes, Faces, Eddie's Coming Out Tonight, Night Ranger, Touch of Madness, (You Can Still) Rock in America, Sister Christian, Don't Tell Me You Love Me

Nuclear Assault Hammersmith 89 Hammersmith, London, UK 10/4/89 Pro 10 DVD

Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital AC3, 63 minutes, Random Chapters

Comments: Brilliant quality pro shoot the sound from which has been official released but not this video.

Line Up: John Connelly - vocals, guitar, Anthony Bramante - guitar, , Dan Lilker - bass , Glenn Evans - drums.

Track Listing: Intro , New Song, The Critical Mass, Game Over, Nightmares, B.F., Survive, Torture Tactics, Trail Of Tears, Mother's Day, My America, Hang The Pope, Lesbians, Funky Noise, Good Times Bad Times



Final Chronology

The Wiltern LG, Los Angeles, CA, USA






Comments: Last night of the Chronology mini tour with a very relaxed and extended set covering  the band's entire career. 

Track Listing: CD1 Under The Weeping Moon, The Night And The Silent Water, The Amen Corner, White Cluster, The Leper Affinity  CD2 A Fair Judgment, Deliverance, Windowpane, Closure, Ghost of Perdition  CD2 The Baying of the Hounds, The Grand Conjuration, <encore>, Demon of the Fall 



Rock am Ring 2006

Rock am Ring, Nurburg, Germany






Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 18 minutes, Authored:

Comments Great footage just a shame there wasn't more of it. 

Track Listing: Intro: Mikael Akerfeld, TV spot for Rockpalast, 01. The Grand Conjuration (10:13), 02. Closure (08:43)

Background music Main Menu:  Moon lapse Vertigo (Milwaukee Metalfest 29/7/00)
Background music Song Selection: White Cluster (Wacken 4/8/01)

Opeth Sydney 2011 Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia 16/12/11 Pro 10* DVD

Tech Details:  PAL, Widescreen / 16:9, Dolby Digital, 114 mins, Authored, Song Chapters, Menu/s
Extremely well put together DVD of the entire Australian concert, pro shoot along with some nice bonus material.
Line Up: Mikael Åkerfeldt - Vocals, Guitars, Fredrik Åkesson - Guitars, Martin Mendez - Bass, Martin Axenrot - Drums, Per Wiberg - Keyboards
Track Listing: Live at Enmore Theatre: The Devil's Orchid, I Feel The Dark, Face of Melinda, Porcelain Heart, Nepenthe, The Throat of Winter, Credence, Closure, Slither / A Fair Judgement, Hex Omega, Folklore  Bonus: The Devil's Orchad (Video Clip), Pyre (Live at TV4), Nepenthe (Live at TV4)

Tim 'Ripper' Owens Venezuela 2011 Barquisimeto, Venezuela 26/3/11 Pro 10 DVD

Tech Details: NTSC, Widescreen / 16:9, Dolby Digital, 68 mins, Authored, Song Chapters,
Multi camera pro shot show with soundboard audio. although very little audience noise.
Line Up: Tim 'Ripper' Owens - Vocals, Craig Goldy - Guitar, John Comprix - Guitar, James Lomenzo - Bass, Simon Wright - Drums, Guests Paul Gillman - Vocals, The Iron Maidens
Track Listing: Intro, Metal Gods, Grinder, Victim of Changes, Touch of Evil, Blood Stained, The Ripper, Running Wild, You've Got Another thing Coming, Burn in Hell, Breaking The Law (feat. Paul Gillman), 12 Flight of Icarus (feat. The Iron Maidens), The Green Manalishi, Living After Midnight, Credits

Page & Plant Glastonbury 95 Glastonbury Fest, UK 23/6/95 Pro 10 DVD

Tech: NTSC, Aspect ratio: Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 54 minutes,

Comments Great quality - shame no one authored it.

Track Listing: No Quarter, Gallows Pole, Since I've Been Loving You, Friends, Four Sticks, In the Evening, Kashmir 

Paice, Ashton, Lord Live in London London, UK 10/3/77 Official 8 CD


Live and in Session

Radio 1 Sessions, London, UK

Reading Festival, UK







Line Up: Euan Lowson - Vocals, Niall Mathawson - Guitar, Greame Murray - Bass, Ronnie Brown - Keyboards, Derek Forman - Drums

Track Listing: Friday Rock Show - Sessions Shock Treatment, Cut and Run, Rise and Fall, Heart Attack  Reading Festival: Cut and Run, Ark of Infinity, Arrive Alive, Atlantis

Pearl Jam State Collage Pen State College, PA, USA 3/5/03 SB 9 3CD

Track Listing CD1 Release, Save You, Animal, Corduroy, Crop duster, Small Town, Even Flow, Grievance, I Am Mine, Improv,  RVM, Nothingman, Daughter, (feat/ Highway to Hell & Another Brick in the Wall)  CD2  Lukin', Whipping, MFC, Jeremy, Improv,  Blood, --encore Break--, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, Gimme Some Truth, Breath, Do The Evolution, Black, Alive, --encore Break--, Last Exit, Mankind, CD3  Down, Betterman (save it for later), Satan's Bed, Leaving Here, --encore Break--,  Crazy Mary, Porch, Fortunate Son, Eockin' In The Free World , Yellow Ledbetter

Suzi Quatro Reading 83 Reading Festival, Berkshire, UK 27/8/83 FM 9 CD


Rocklife 90

Music Hall, Koln, Germany






Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 55 minutes, Authored

Comments German TV special with great sound Picture is, however a little grainy.

Track Listing: Misled, Man On The Loose, Whippin' Boy, Roses & Rings, Long Time Comin', Sweet Mary Ann, I Don't Love You Anymore, Sex Party, Take Me Home, Hey You, There She Goes Again, 7 o'clock, Mayfair, ,Hoochie Coochie Man, Heartbreaker

Quireboys Rockpalast 07

Harmonie, Bonn, Germany

18/10/07 Pro 10* DVD

Tech Details: PAL, Wide screen / 16:9, Audio 1: Dolby Digital, Audio 2 MPEG, 44 mins, Authored, Song Chapters, Menu/s
Great quality capture of a great performance.
Line Up: Spike - Vocals, Guy Griffin -  Guitar, Paul Guerin - Guitar, Jimi Jimmi - Bass, Pip - Drums, Keith Weir - Keyboards
Track Listing: This is Rock n Roll, Roses & Rings, There She Goes Again, Sweet Mary Ann, 7 O'clock, I Don't Love You Anymore, --Interview--, Sex Party

Rainbow Rising Tribute to Rainbow The Wharf, Tavistock, UK 19/1/08 AU 10 2CD

Taper: pepper2004
Lineage: Sony Mz-Nh700 Md ( Hi-Sp Mode )> 9v Battery Box-Good Audio > Sound Professionals Sp-Bmc-2 Mics 
Comments: Great recording of a fantastic performance by the tribute band.
Line Up: Raggie Slacks - Vocals, Barry Sharples - Guitar, Steve Taylor- Bass, Mick Rice - Drums, Tor Underseth - Keyboards
Track Listing CD1: Intro, Kill The King, Sixteen Century Green sleeves, Tarot Woman, Miss Mistreated, I Surrender, Death Valley Driver, Stone Cold, Mistreated   CD2  Still I'm Sad / Keyboard Solo, Still I'm Sad (Reprise), Gates Of Babylon, Spotlight Kid, Catch The Rainbow, Man On The Silver Mountain, Blues- Man On The Silver Mountain (Reprise), Since You've Been Gone, Stargazer, All Night Long (Fades Out )

Raven Montreal 84 Spectrum, Montreal, Canada 8/2/84 AU 8 2CD

Line Up: John Gallagher - Vocals / Bass, Mark Gallagher - Guitar, Rob Hunter - Drums

Track Listing: CD1  Intro, Hard Ride, Take Control, Mind Over Metal, All For One, Rock Until You Drop, Guitar Solo, Star War, Tyrant Of The Airways, Run Silent, Run Deep  CD2, Drum Solo, Break The Chain, Take It Away, Bass Solo / Jam, I Don't Need Your Money,  Seek & Destroy, Hell Patrol, Hung Drawn & Quartered,  Live At The Inferno

Raven Bloodstock 05 Bloodstock Festival, Assembly Rooms, Derby, UK 3/9/05 AU 9 CD

Taper: Metmum
Comments: Traded direct from the taper (nice one J.) And the boys put on one hell of a show.
Line Up: John Gallagher - Vocals / Bass, Mark Gallagher - Guitar, Joe Hosselvander - Drums
Track Listing: Intro, Crazy World, Live at the Inferno, All For One, Gimme a Break, Speed of the Reflex , Mind Over Metal, White Hot Anger, Break the Chain

Rising Force As Above So Below Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan 24/1/85 SB 10 CD

Line Up: Jeff Scott Soto - Vocals, Yngwie Malmsteen - Guitar
Track Listing: I'll See the Light Tonight, As Above So Below, Don't Let it end, Far Beyond the Sun, On the Run Again, Anguish And Fear / Drum Solo, Icarus Dream Suite / I'm a Viking, Kree Nakoorie, Disciples of Hell, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Black Star, Jet to Jet

Paul Rodgers
(& Jeff Healey]
Nescafe Blues 95

Nescafé Blues Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil,

27/5/95 Pro 10 DVD
  For More Information: CLICK HERE
Rock Meets Classical
[w/ Dee Snider, Michael Kiske, Joe Lynn Turner]
Wacken 2015 Black Stage, Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Germany 1/8/15 TV 9.5 -- DVD
  DVD Tech:  PAL, 720*576, AC3, Menus, Song Chapters, 85mins
MKV Tech:
H264, 1280x720p, 25fps, AAC, 85mins
:  Great show, with a full on orchestra, plus metal band and some terriffic guest vocalist giving it their all, all in perfect quality.
Line Up: Bohemian Symphony Orchestra of Prague, Mat Sinner Band, Vocals: Sascha Krebs (*), Jennifer Haben (~), Herbie Langhans (^), Joe Lynn Turner (+), Michael Kiske (&), Dee Snider (#)
Songs: Bohemian Rhapsody, Thunderstruck (*), In The Shadows (~), Rage Before The Storm (~)(^), I Surrender (+), Stargazer (+), Spotlight Kid (+), A Little Time (&), Kids Of The Century (&), I Want Out (&), Pirates Of Caribbean - He's a Pirate, You Can't Stop Rock'N'Roll (#), We're Not Gonna Take It (#), The Price (#), I Wanna Rock (#), Highway To Hell (#)
Running Wild Bochum 85

Zeche, Bochum, Germany

22/4/85 Pro 9.5 DVD

Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 77 mins, Authored, Song Chapters,
Possibly a low budget pro shoot. Two cameras, one filming from the balcony to the right the other on the floor to the extreme right. capture everything about this full length early show. with  "Gates of Purgatory" played in full along with some demo tracks Audio is soundboard mono and very, very clear. Some tape wear on the upper camera however.
Line Up: Rock'n'Rolf - Vocals & Guitar , Gerald "Preacher" Warnecke - Guitar, Stephan Boriss - Bass , Hasche - Drums
Track Listing: Intro/Diabolic Force, Black Demon, Iron Heads, Genghis Khan, Bones To Ashes, Warchild, Preacher, Prowling Werewolf, Satan, Soldiers Of Hell, Walpurgis Night, Victim Of States Power, Band Introduction/Purgatory, Chains And Leather, Adrian SOS, Prisoner Of Our Time 

Running Wild Black Demons On Stage Metal Hammer Festival, Loreley, St. Goarshausen, Germany 14/6/85 SB 9 CD

Comments: Slightly muddy sound on this vinyl rip but great all the same.

Track Listing: Intro, Diabolic Force, Black Demon, Mordor, Preacher, Victim Of State's Power, Genghis Khan, Fight The Oppression, Branded And Exiled 

Running Wild Death or Glory Tor 3, Dusseldorf,  Germany 17/10/89 Official 10 DVD
Running Wild Wacken 2015 Black Metal Stage, Wacken Open Air, Germany 31/7/15 Pro 10 - MKV
  Tech: H264, 1280x720p, 25fps, AAC, 90mins
: Great capture in great quality. Slight picture break up from the lights. Sound is great once Rolf's mike is turned on and the mix sorted out. Includes both new songs, and songs played live for the first time. (*)
Line-Up:  Rolf Kasparek - Vocals, guitars, Peter Jordan - Guitar, Ole Hempelmann - Bass, Michael Wolpers - Drums
: Intro - Chamber of Lies, Under Jolly Roger, Jennings' Revenge, Genghis Khan, Locomotive (*), Riding the Storm, Into the West (*), Raw Ride, Drum Solo, White Masque, Riding on the Tide (*), Diamonds of the Black Chest, Soldiers of Fortune (*), Bad to the Bone, Bloody Island (*), Little Big Horn

Richie Sambora

Made From Osaka

Kousei Nenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan






Comments: Nice clean soundboard recording if a little cold in places.

Track Listing: Made In America, If Gods Was A Woman, Stranger In This Town, Fallen From Grace Land, Bad Medicine, I'll Be There For You, Undiscovered Soul, Who I Am, I Should Have Known Better, Hard Times Come Easy


Samson (& UFO)

Reading 81

Birmingham 80

Reading Festival, Berkshire, UK

Birmingham, UK 







Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 115 minutes,
Comments Reading
; single camera from on stage Chris side and then on Paul's side and then back again some sound dropout, and occasional picture breakup & sharp editing between tracks as the camera moves from one side to the other  but otherwise rather good although the a/v sync is off in places.

Birmingham: Single camera shoot nearly dead on to the band over the heads of the crowd. Very clear picture and sound. although some tape wear is evident although you can see Bruce Dickinson's moustache!!! .

London 92: Pro shoot 

Line Up: Samson Bruce, Bruce (Dickinson) - Vocals, Paul Samson - Guitar, Chris Alymer - Bass, Mel Gaynor - Drums (81), Thunderstick - Drums (80)
UFO: Phil Mogg - Vocals, Lawrence Archer - Guitar, Pete Way - Bass, Clive Edwards - Drums, Jem Davis - Keyboards

Track Listing: Samson - Reading 1981 (45 mins), [Behind the scenes / Going to the stage], Big Brother, Take it Like a Man

[camera moves to Paul's side], Nice Girl [camera movies back to Chris' side], Earth Mother, [back on Paul's side], Vice Versa, [back to Chris' side], Bright Lights, Guitar Solo, Walking Out On You, Hammerhead, Riding With the Angels, --encore break--, Gravy Train (new song - unreleased), Band Intros / Solos, Gravy Train (reprise), [backstage footage]
Samson - Birmingham 1980 (50mins) Intro, [unknown instrumental], Big Brother, Six Foot Under, Hard Times, Take Me to Your Leader, [unknown song], Inside Out, Vice Versa, Hammerhead, Take it Like a Man, Too Close to Rock,  [unknown clip of Paul Samson in the 2000s
UFO - Country Club 1992 (20mins) Running up the Highway, [interview with Phil and Pete], [audience interviews etc], Backdoor Man, Borderline



(w/ Eric Clapton)

Special Day Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 28/4/00 AU 8 2

Comments: Two guitar heroes for the price of one. No wonder the crowd goes nuts when Clapton walked on for more than half of the show. A special day indeed.

Line Up: Carlos Santana - Guitar, Eric Clapton - Guitar  (*)

Track Listing:  CD1 Intro, Spiritual, Yaleo, Love of My Life, Put Your Lights On, Africa Bamba, Day of Celebration, Victory is Wom, Maria, Maria, Europa, Batuka (*), No One To Depend On (*), CD2, Taboo (*), The Calling (*), Black Magic Woman (*) , Gypsy Queen (*), Oye Como Ya (*), ---encore Break--- Apache - Smooth (*), Soul Sacrifice (*), Drum Solo, Jingo (*)

SAS Band
[w/ Brian May,
Roger Taylor & Bruce Dickinson]
Freddie's 10th Anniversary Ocean Club, London, UK 24/11/01 AU 10 CD
  Lineage:  minidisc recorder (external mic) > PC audio capture > CD > WAV > FLAC
Comments: Tribute show put on by the Queen fan club, to mark the 10th year since Freddie's passing. The first set (not recorded) featured the house band with fan club members. But this is the second set, with a band led by Queen's on stage extra member. with a surprise appearance by Bruce Dickinson (who hadn't learnt the end of the song) and then, Brian and Roger.
Line Up:
Chris Thompson - Vocals (unless noted), Spike Edney - Keyboards, Jamie Moses - Guitar, Eric Singer - Drums, Neil Murray - Bass Guests: Bruce Dickinson - Vocals,  Brian May - Guitar / Vocals, Roger Taylor - Drums, Treana Morris - Vocals
Track Listing: 01 - Now I'm Here, 02 - Another One Bites The Dust, 03 - Hammer To Fall, 04 - I Want To Break Free (Bruce Dickinson Vocals), -Brian May and Roger Taylor come on stage- 05 - Radio Ga Ga (Roger Taylor vocals), 06 - Since You've Been Gone (Brian May vocals), 07 - Under Pressure (Roger Taylor Treana Morris vocals), 08 - Strange Frontier (Roger Taylor vocals), 09 - Tie Your Mother Down (Brian May vocals), 10 - No One But You (Brian May & Roger Taylor vocals), 11 - The Show Must Go On, 12 - We Will Rock You, 13 - We Are The Champions
Tommy Shaw Live in 85 Mongomerary, Alabama, USA 1985 SB 9 CD

Track Listing: There's a Reason Why, Stay on the Line, Little Girl World, The Race is On, Lonely School, Blue Collar Man, Too Much Time on My Hands, Kiss Me Hello, Crystal Ball, Heads Up, Instrumental, Renegade, You Can Lead a Horse to Water, Girls With Guns

S.M.F. See: Twisted Sister
Snakecharmer Weyfest 2012 Weyfest, Farnham, Surrey 2/9/12 AU 9 FLAC
  Taper: EBR
Lineage: Sonic Studios DSM-6>PA6-XP>M Audio Microtrack>Wavelab>CD Wave Editor>FLAC Level 8
Great sounding recording of a relaxed show.
Line Up:
Chris Ousey - lead vocals, Micky Moody - guitar, slide guitar, vocals, Laurie Wisefield - guitar, vocals, Neil Murray - bass, Harry James - drums, vocals, Adam Wakeman - keyboards, vocals
Intro, Walkin' In The Shadow Of The Blues, Ready And Willin', Intro, Accident Prone, Intro, Micky Slide, Slow & Easy, Introductions, Ain't No Love In the Heart Of The City,  Here I Go Again, Fool For Your Lovin', Outro
Snakecharmer Kidderninster 2013 Town Hall, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, UK 22/6/13 AU 9   FLAC
  Lineage: Sony Ecm102 Mic>Tascam Dr05 16 Bit/44.1 Hz/Low Cut Filter 120 Hz>Wav>Audacity (Track Splitting/Amplified By 8.2 Db>Bass Boost 130 Hz/4 Db>Tlh (Sector Alignment)>Flac Level 6.
Line Up: Chris Ousey - lead vocals, Micky Moody - guitar, slide guitar, vocals, Laurie Wisefield - guitar, vocals, Neil Murray - bass, Harry James - drums, vocals, Adam Wakeman - keyboards, vocals
Track Listing: Disc One; Intro>Guilty As Charged, A Little Rock N Roll, Ready & Willing, Cover Me In You, Accident Prone, My Angel, Falling Leaves, Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues, Smoking Gun.  Disc Two: Nothing To Lose, Micky Moody & Harry James, Slow & Easy, Here I Go Again, Take Me With You, Fool For Your Loving, Outro - What A Wonderful World.
Dee Snider See: Twisted Sister
Stratovarius Visions of Destiny Tavista Club, Helsinki, Finland 31/3/99 SB 10 CD

Comments: Great sounding show.

Line Up: Timo Kotipelto - vocals, Timo Tolkki - guitars, Jens Johansson - keyboards, Jari Kainulainen - bass, Jörg Michael - drums

Track Listing: Destiny, Paradise, Speed Of Light, SOS, Anthem Of The World, Forever Free, Black Diamond, The Kiss Of Judas, Distant Skies, Forever

Stratovarius Travisista 99 Tavista Club Helsinki. Finland 31/3/99 Pro 10 DVD

Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 58 minutes, Authored, Menu / Title -  Chapters

Comments Great looking and sounding show.

Line Up: Timo Kotipelto - vocals, Timo Tolkki - guitars, Jens Johansson - keyboards, Jari Kainulainen - bass, Jörg Michael - drums

Track Listing: Destiny, Paradise, Speed of Light, SOS, Forever Free, black Diamond, Kiss of Judas, Distant Skies, Forever

Stratovarius Tuska 03 Tuska Festival, Finland 11/7/03 Pro 10 DVD

Tech Details: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 32minutes, Authored, Menu / Title -  Chapters

Comments Great show from TV.

Track Listing: Hunting High And Low, Against The Wind, Forever Free, Visions, Black Diamond

Stratovarius Raunma 04 RMJ Festival, Rauma, Finland  12/9/04 Pro 10* DVD

Tech Details: PAL, Dolby Digital, 42 minutes, Menu / Title -  8 Song Chapters

Comments Perfect quality transfer of the Finish TV special Intros are, of course, in Finish. Strangely the interview is in English with Finish subtitles.

Track Listing: TV Intro, Speed of Light, Hunting High and Low, Forever Free, Eternity, [Interview with Jen Johansson], Forever, [interview with Jens Johansson continued], Black Diamond

Michael Sweet See: Styper
John Sykes 20th Century in the East Tokyo, Japan 25/7/98 SB 9 2CD

Line Up: John Sykes - Vocals / Guitar, Tommy Aldridge - Drums

Track Listing: CD1 Look in His Eyes, Sole Stealer, System Ain't Working, Billy, Cautionary Warning, I Don't Wanna Live My Life Like You, Jelly Rock, Hold the Line  CD2 She Knows, Defcon 1, Drum Solo, Cold Sweat, We All fall Down, Thunder and Lightning, Still of the Night

Threshold Hard Rock 2013 Hard Rock Festival, Amphitheatre, Gelsenkirchen, Germany 19/5/13 Pro 10 DVD
  Tech: PAL, MP2, Widescreen/16:9, 55mins, Fully Authored, Menus, Song Chapters
Authored by:
Comments:   Great version of the TV broadcast with Damian Wilson in great form.
Line Up:   Damian Wilson - lead vocals, Karl Groom - lead and rhythm guitars, Richard West - keyboards, Steve Anderson - bass, Pete Morten - rhythm guitar, Johanne James - drums,
Chapters: Mission Profile, Don’t Look Down, Ashes, The Rubicon, Light and Space, Pilot in the Sky of Dreams
Tokio Hotel Cologne 2005 Palladium, Cologne, Germany 12/12/05 Pro 10 DVD
Tokio Hotel Trabendo Session Le Trabendo Theatre, Paris, France 9/5/07 Pro 10* DVD
Tokio Hotel Hollywood 08

Avalon, Hollywood, CA, USA

31/5/08 Pro 10* DVD

Filmer: Control Room Productions 
Lineage: Vision VDC8800B-Transferred raw file to PC - ProjectX v0.90.04.00.b24 - TMPGEnc 2.525.64.184 - DVDAuthorGUI 1.014
Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, MPEG, 52 mins,
Great quality recording of the German band playing in the USA Naturally they showcase the English language version of their songs
Line Up: Bill Kaulitz - Vocals, Tom Kaulitz - Guitar, Georg Listing - Bass, Gustav Schafer - Drums
Track Listing: Ready Set Go, Final Day, Don't Jump, Totgliebt, Monsoon, Break Away, Black, On The Edge, Raise Your Hands, By Your Side, Durch Den Monsun, Scream

Trapeze See: Glenn Hughes
Van Helsing's Curse NYC 04 Patchogue Theater, New York, NY, USA 15/10/04 AU 9 CD

Comments: Orchestra gothic horror rock. Dee Snider's side project featuring the TSO East's  orchestral leader, Mark Woods, in all its Halloween glory. Twisted Sister, this ain't!!!!

Track Listing: Intro, Patience, Tubular Hell, All Fall Down, Let Me Prey, The Child, The Tortured Soul, Mark Woods Solo, Revenge, War, Let the Pain Begin, The Curse, Alan's Piano Solo, Halloween Theme, Band Intros, Nest of Vipers, Mountain King / Munster's Theme

Van Helsing's Curse Philly 05 Keswick Theater, Philadelphia, PA, USA 28/10/05 AU 9 CD

Comments: Early Show. This show was filmed for a DVD. Outstanding orchestral gothic horror rock.

Line Up: Dee Snider: Narration, Joe Franco: Drums & Sound Design, Mark Wood - Lead Violin & String Ensembles, Carl Cockaran - Guitar, Deddy Cult (SP) - Guitar, Derek Taylor - Bass, Malisha - Featured Vocals, ? - Druids, Usher - Viper, Jenifer ? - Viper, Heather Church - Viper, David Finch - Viper, Peter Sacin (SP) - Cello

Track Listing: Patience, Tubular Hell, All Fall Down, Let Me Pray, The Child, The Tortured Soul, Mark Wood's Solo, Revenge, War Let the Pain begin, The Curse, Piano Solo, Halloween Movie Medley, Band Intros, Next of Vipers, Mountain King / Munster's Theme

Johnny Van Zant Last of the Wild Ones [unknown venue] Illinois, USA
or........Los Angeles, CA, USA
-/-/8- SB 10 CD

Comments: Although the covers claim this was recorded in Illinois, Johnny clear says "Los Angeles" & "LA" several times during the show. Radio broadcast for King Biscuit Flower Hour but not the officially release one from Jacksonville 1985.

Track Listing: Who's Right or Wrong, Can't Live Without Your Love, Last of the Wild Ones, It's You, Good Girls Turning bad, Hard Lick Story, No more Dirty Deals, Only the strong Survive, Standing in the Darkness
Bonus Tracks: Rossington / Collins Band Freebird (instrumental) Lynyrd Skynyrd (Farm Aid 1992) Call Me the Breeze, Sweet Home Alabama

Johnny Van Zant KBFH 85 Florida Theater, Jacksonville, FL, USA 30/6/85 Official - - CD
Vixen Hammersmith 89 Odeon, Hammersmith, London, UK 24/2/89 FM/MP3 8.5 CD

Track Listing: Love Made Me, Crusin', Cryin', Edge of a Broken Heart, Hell Raiser, Drum Solo, Bass Solo, Rock Me



Donnington 1984 Monsters of Rock Festival, Donnington, UK 1984 FM 9 CD
Warlock Koln 85 Palladium, Koln, Germany 11/12/85 SB 10 2CD

Track Listing: CD1 Intro, Hellbound, Homicidal Rocker, Wrathchild, Evil, Shout It Out, Metal Racer, Out of Control, Drum solo, All Night  CD2 Signs of Satan, Turn It On, Without You, After the Bomb, Burning the Witches, Time to Die, Down and Out, Earthshaker Rock

Widowmaker The Spit 93 The Spit, Levittrown, NY, USA 12/11/93 Cam 9 DVD

Tech Details: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby AC-3, 90minutes, Menu / Title -  15 Song Chapters

Authored by HarleyGuy

Comments Single cam audience shoot with good sound and vision

Line Up: Dee Snider - Vocals, Al Pitrelli - Guitar

Track Listing: Intro, Blood and Bullets, Gone bad, Shoot 'em Down, Snot nose Kid, Evil, The Widowmaker, Reason to Kill, I Wanna Rock, Stand By For Pain, Emahee Vul, I'm a Real Wild One, You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll, [backstage footage], Bonus Videos The Widowmaker, Long Gone


Snowy White
& Bernie Marsden

Notodden Blues Notodden Blues Festival, Norway 11/8/96 SB 9 CD

Line Up: Bernie Marsden - Vocals / Guitar, Snowy White - Guitar /Vocals (*),

Track Listing: Funny People, Torn Down, Down Home Blues, Love the Hurt, Watch Out, Looking For Something (*), [unknown song] (*), Look Out (*), Oh Well


Within Temptation

Entering Tilburg

Queen of Tilburg

013 Club, Tilburg, Netherlands






Track Listing: Deceiver of Fools, Ice Queen, Caged, Restless, Enter, The Dance, Mother Earth, The Promise, Our Farewell, The Other Half (of Me)

Within Temptation Rock am Ring 05 Rock am Ring, Germany 3/6/05 Pro 10* DVD

Tech Details: PAL, Letterbox / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 49 minutes, 4 Chapters

Comments Great quality, as you'd expect from Rockpalast. Shame about the lack of authoring however.

Track Listing: Rockpalast TV Intro, See Who I Am, Jillian (I'd Give My Heart), Stand My Ground, Angels, Forsaken, Running Up the Hill, Memories, Mother Earth, Deceiver of Fools, Ice Queen

Within Temptation Sweden Rocks 05

Sweden Rock Festival, Sölvesborg, Sweden

Hilversum, Finland



FM 10 CD

Track Listing: radio intro, Jillian, Stand My Ground, Angels, The Promise, Pale, Forsaken, Memories, Running Up That Hill, Mother Earth, Aquarius, Ice Queen , Bonus Tracks: Hilversum, Finland - 15/1/02 Ice Queen,  Our Farewell

Wolfsbane See: Blaze (Bailey)
Yes Orchestral Artpark Artpark, Lewiston, NY, USA 22/8/01 SB 10 2CD

Comments: Originally a three CD set (as noted on the artwork)

Line Up: Jon Anderson - Vocals, Steve Howe - Guitars, Chris Squire - Bass, Alan White - Drums, Tom Brislin - Keyboards, Vocals Guest Buffalo Symphony Orchestra

Track Listing CD1 Give Love Each Day, Close To The Edge, Listen To Your Heart/Long Distance Runaround, Don't Go
In The Presence Of
, Gates Of Delirium, Corkscrew/Mood For A Day, CD2 Wonderous Stories, Perpetual Change, And You And I, Ritual, I've Seen All Good People, Starship Trooper, Roundabout

Yes Live in Lugano Jazz Festival, Lugano 8/7/04 SB 10 2CD

Line Up: Jon Anderson - Vocals, Steve Howe - Guitars, Chris Squire - Bass, Rick Wakeman - Keyboards, Alan White - Drums

Track Listing: CD1 Firebird Suite, Going For The One, Sweet Dreams, I've Seen All Good People, Mind Drive/South Side Of The Sky, Foot Prints, Mind Drive (Conclusion), Yours Is No Disgrace, CD2 Second Initial, Wakeman Solo, Long Distance Runaround / Whitefish / On The Silent Wings Of Freedom, Owner Of A Lonely Heart, Rhythm Of Love, And You And I, Starship Trooper, Roundabout 

ZZ Top Rockpalast 80 Rockpalast, Essen, Germany  2/5/80 Pro 10 DVD

Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 86 minutes, Authored,  

Comments Very good, TV special in remarkable quality given  how old the source footage is.

Track Listing: I Thank You, Waiting for the Bus, Jesus Just Left Chicago, I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide, Precious and Grace, Manic Mechanic, Low Down in the Streets, Heard it on the X, Fool For Your Stockings, Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings, El Diablo, Cheep Sunglasses, Arrested for Driving While Blind, Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers, La Grange, She Loves My Automobile, Hi-Fi Mama, Dust My Broom, Jail House Rock, Tush, Tube Snake Boogie, Just Got Paid

ZZ Top Fuego A El Paso 
She Loves My Automobile
Capitol theatre, Passaic, NJ, USA 15/6/80 SB/MP3 9 CD

Track Listing: I Thank You, Waiting for the Bus, Jesus Just Left From Chicago, I'm Band, I'm Nationwide, Low Down in the Street, A Fool for Your Stockings, Cheap Sunglasses, Hi Fi Mama, Dust My Broom, Jailhouse Rock, Tush

ZZ Top
[& Gary Moore]
Beer, Beards & Moore Jahrhunderthalle Hochst, Frankfurt Germany 12/10/02 AU 9 2CD

Comments: Great sounding show, which may have been the first the Tops had played without all three original members, due to Frank Beard being ill and his drum tech sitting in instead. Meanwhile, Gary Moore had his short lived Scars band, supporting them with tracks from their only album as well as blues numbers. 

Line Up: Gary Moore Scars Band Gary Moore - Vocals / Guitar, Cass Lewis - Bass , Darrin Mooney - Drums

Track Listing CD1(76:15) ZZ Top: Ross Mitchell Intro, Tube Snake Boogie, I Thank You, Pincushion, Got Me Under Pressure, Waitin' for the Bus, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Future Blues, I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide, Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers, Rough Boy, Mexican Blackbird, Cheap Sunglasses, Just Got Paid, I Loved a Woman, Bang Bang & Shang Alang, Gimme All Your Lovin', Sharp Dressed Man, CD2 (78:17) ZZ Top (cont)  Legs, LaGrange, Tush
Gary Moore/Scars
Pretty Woman, When The Sun Goes Down, World Of Confusion, Stormy Monday, Walking By Myself, Still Got The Blues, Since I Met You Baby, Bullet Train, Fire (Hendrix Cover), My Baby (She's So Good To Me), Happy Birthday 


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