Blaze Bayley

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Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Disc
Wolfsbane Wembley 91 Wembley arena, London, UK 20/1/91 SB 9 1CD

Comments: Blaze and the boys opening the metal night of "The Brits 91" with a short blistering set. I WAS THERE

See also: (Little Angels, Magnum & Thunder)

Line Up: Blaze Bayley - Vocals, Jase Edwards- Guitar, Jeff Hately - Bass, Steve Ellett - Drums

Track Listing: Tough as Steel, Loco, I Like it Hot, Man Hunt, Paint the Town Red

Blaze joins Iron Maiden, returning to a new solo band after his stint. 

Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Disc
Blaze Blazing Away +  Radio Sessions Limelight Club, Crewe, UK 18/12/00 AU & FM 7.5


Comments: Minor skip in "intro" and two in "The Launch"
Track Listing: CD1  Limelight Club:
Intro, The Launch, Futureal, Ghost in the Machine, The Evolution, Silicon Messiah, All hells Breaking Loose at Kathy Wilson's Place, Identity, Como Estais Amigos, The Brave, When Two World's Collide, Stare at the Sun, Tough as Steel, Born as a Stranger  CD2 Man on the Edge, Man Hunt,
Radio Show: Interview, Ghost in the Machine, Interview, Silicon Messiah, Interview, Hunger, Interview, Born as a Stranger

Blaze Big Bash 05 Big Bash, JB's Dudley, Scotland 17/12/05 AU 8 2CD

Taper: Caveman Ninja
Track Listing: CD1 Intro , Alive, Kill And Destroy, Ghost in the Machine, Silicon Messiah, Ten Seconds, Steel, Loco, I Like it Hot, Hollow Head, Life and Death, Stare At the Sun, Look For the Truth, Will to Win, CD2 Identity, Soundtrack of My Life, Blood and Belief, The Brave, Tenth Dimension, Sin by Sin, Regret, Man on the Edge, Born as a Stranger

Blaze Bayley  SOS Festival 2010 SOS Festival, Civic Hall, Radcliffe, UK 10/7/10 AU 9.5 FLAC

Lineage: Zoom H2 /Church Ca-14 Mics Via Mic In > Sd Card To Pc >  Edited In Sound Forge (Fade In / Out Only No Other Mastering Done) > Split Into Tracks And Convert To Flac
Comments: Blaze headlining the 4th SOS Festival but without two of his regular band who had visa issues, leading to Fury UK providing replacements. The bonus track was played at the end of Fury UK's main set on what would have been Ronnie James Dio's birthday, with Blaze providing lead vocals. 
Line Up: Blaze Bayley - Vocals, Jay Walsh - Guitar, Chris Appleton - Guitar (Fury UK), Luke Appleton - Bass (Fury UK), Claudio Tirincanti - Drums
Track Listing: 1. Madness And Sorrow, 2. The Man Who Wouldn't Die, 3. City Of Bones, 4. Faceless, 5. Blood And Belief, 6. The Brave, 7. Man On The Edge, 8. Letting Go Of The World, 9. Voices From The Past, 10. The Launch, 11. The Clansman, 12. Robot
Bonus Track: Fury UK with Blaze on lead vocals
- Heaven And Hell (Dio Tribute)