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Glenn Hughes You Keep on Moving TV Show Compilation 93-99 TV 10 DVD
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Trapeze High Wired Act

Dallas & Austin, Texas, USA

1971-2 SB 9.5 CD

Track Listing: Way back to the Bone, You Are the Music, Jury, Sea Full, Your Love is Alright, Medusa, Black Cloud, Touch My Life

Glenn joins Deep Purple in June 1973 until March 1976. Six years later, Glenn is back with Pat Thrall.

Hughes / Thrall
Hughes Thrall Highway Star Lubbock, Texas, USA 29/10/82 FM 7.5 CD

Track Listing: LIVE: Introduction, I Got Your Number, Hold Out Your Life, Beg, Borrow or Steel, The Look in Your Eyes, First Step of Love, Muscle and Blood, Drum Solo, Highway Star  Demos for 2nd Album: Pay the Price, Try and Take My Love, Still the Night, Searching Love, You Were Always There, It's Not Too Late

Glenn joins Black Sabbath in 1985 to 23rd March 1986. Three years later, Glenn is back for a Trapeze reformation.


Glenn Hughes & Friends

Spice Club 92

Spice Club, Los.Angeles, CA, USA





Comments: The "voice of Rock" and some friends play a show following the Trapeze tour....

Line Up: Glenn Hughes - Bass/Vocals, Warren DiMartini, Frankie Banali, Rudy Sarzo, Ray Gillan,
Track Listing:
Superstition, You Got the Love, Let's Stay Together, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Alright Now, Looking For Love

Glenn performs on his first solo tour.

Glenn Hughes
Glenn Hughes Burn in Europe Borelange, Sweden 17/6/93  AU 7 2CD

Line Up: Glenn Hughes - Vocals, Thomas Larsson - Guitar, Eric Bojfeldt - Guitar, John Levin - Bass, Ian Haugland - Drums

Track Listing: CD1 Burn, Muscle & Blood, A Right To Live, So Much Love To Give, You Are The Music We Are Just The Band , House Of The Risin' Sun, Coast To Coast, This Time Around, CD2 Getting Tighter, Smoke On The Water, Georgia On My Mind, The Man Can Sing The Blues,
I Got Your Number 

Glenn Hughes Burning Japan Citta Club, Kawasaka, Japan 24/5/94 Pro 10 DVD

Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, Authored

Comments One of several shows official recorded for the DVD version of the live album of the same title. That DVD never happened though This is the complete performance of one show including several tracks that aren't on the audio CD

Line Up: Glenn Hughes - Vocals, Thomas Larson - Guitar, Eric Bojfeldt - Guitar, John Leven - Bass, Ian Haughland - Drums, Mic Michaeli - Keyboards

Track Listing: Burn, The Liar, Muscle and Blood, Walk on the Water, From now On, Lay My Body Down, Into the Void, Still in Love With You, This Time Around, Getting Tighter, You Keep on Moving, Lady Double Dealer, Kiss of Fire, I've Got Your Number, Picking Up the Pieces, Storm bringer

Glenn Hughes Schuttorf & Other Stories Vechtewiese Open Air Festival,  Schüttorf Open Air, Germany  2/7/94 AU/SB 7.5 CD

Comments: Factory Pressed Silver Disc
Line Up: Glenn Hughes - Vocals, Thomas Lawson - Guitar, Eric Boifeldt - Guitar, John Leven - Bass, Ian Haugland - Drums, Mic Michaeli - Keyboards
Track Listing: Schuttorf Open Air Festival: Burn, Liar, Muscle and Blood, Lay My Body Down, Into the Void, Getting Tighter, Stormbringer - Japan Unplugged 94 From Now On, You Keep Me Moving, Lay My Body Down, TV4 Swenden Unplugged 93 So Much Love to Give US Radio 92 Goodbye to Romance, 12-Bar Blues

Glenn Hughes Funky Business Zaal Struik, Heino, Holland  14/7/95 SB 9 CD

Line Up: Glenn Hughes - Vocals, George Nastos - Guitar, Dave Patton - Guitar, Paul Kirkham - Bass, Mike Patto - Keyboards, Richard Newman - Drums
Track Listing: Strombringer, The Liar, You Fool No One, Muscle & Blood, Push, This Time Around, Coast to Coast, You're the Music, Your Love is Alright, Getting Tighter, Vocal intro, You Keep on Moving, Burn

Stuart Smith Heaven & Earth Live Hollywood, California, USA 28/1/98 AU 8 CD

Comments: "Stone Cold" appears to cut early although they may have just stopped playing. A touch of digi-noise here and there.

Line Up: Joe Lyn Turner - Vocals, Stuart Smith - Guitar, Guests: Paul Shertino - Vocals (#), Glenn Hughes - Vocals (*)

Track Listing: Don't Keep Me Waiting, I Hate You So Much, Stone Cold, Heaven and Earth, Street of Dreams, Day of the Eagle (#), See That My Grave is Kept Clean (*), Burn (*)

Glenn Hughes Monster Of Rock Sao Paulo, Brazil 25/11/99 SB 9.5 CD

Comments: These tracks have been official released on Glenn's b"Return of Crystal Karma & Live" CD. Therefore they are not for trade.

Track Listing: You Kill Me, Never After, First Step of Love, No Stranger to Love, Coast to Coast, Your Love is Alright

Glenn Hughes London Astoria 2000 Astoria, London, UK 22/11/00 AU 8 2CD

Comments: Back as a three-piece and Glenn is having the time of his life.

Track Listing: CD1 State I'm In, Midnight Meditated, Gone, Might Just Take Your Life, Muscle and Blood, You Kill Me, Medusa, Coast to Coast, You Are the Music, Your Love is Alright, Purple Melody, Getting Tighter CD2 You Keep On Moving, --encore break--, Burn

Glenn Hughes (w/ David Coverdale) Mark & Brian's Xmas Show Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA 15/12/00 SB 8 CD

Comments: For the first time in 24 years the two voices of  Deep Purple Mk3 & 4 combine for a  blistering version of their finest hour in this live radio special.
Track Listing:
1. Intro David Coverdale: 2. Give Me All Your Love, 3. Here I Go Again, 4. Merry Christmas  Glenn Hughes: 5. The Resurrection Shuffle, David Coverdale & Glenn Hughes: 6. Burn  Glenn Hughes: (with Mark Bonilla & Ronnie Montrose) 7. Gimme Some Lovin'

Glenn Hughes Voices of Rock

Alexandria, Virginia, USA

13/6/03 Cam 9 DVD

TECH: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 100 minutes, Authored

Comments: Single camera Tripod shoot over the heads of the crowd Picture is a little washed out during wide shots but great during mid shots or close ups. Sound is excellent. Track 13 is incorrectly titled "Storm bringer"  on menu screens and cover art.

Line Up: Glenn Hughes - bass / vocals ($), Peter Rivera (Rare Earth) - drums / vocals (*), Jerry Riggs - guitar, Alex Ligertwood (Santana)- vocals (#), Jimi Jamison (Survivor) - vocals (+), Barry Dunaway - bass, ? - Keyboards

Track Listing: Superstition, Get Ready (*), Hey Big Brother (*), I'm Losing You (*), I Just Want To Celebrate (*), Winning (#), Hold On (#), Black Magic Woman (#), Oye Como Va (#), Hush ($), Whiter Shade Of Pale ($), Sunshine Of Your Love ($), Burn  ($) (#), Eye Of The Tiger (+), Smoke On The Water ($) (#) 

Glenn Hughes & California Jam Arenzano 04 Rock in the Park Festival, Arenlano, Italy 17/7/04 Cam 10 DVD

Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 105 mins, Song Chapters, Menu/s
Single camera, tripod mounted over the heads of the crowd with clear, unobstructed view of the small stage. Focus usually remains on Glenn when he's on stage even if he's just chatting to someone at the side. Picture is perfect, as is the sound. Glenn Hughes performs with the Italian tribute Deep Purple, tribute band California Jam
Track Listing: Opening S.E.: Halleluja, Storm bringer, Might Just Take Your Life, Sail Away, Muscle & Blood, Coast To Coast, Keyboard Solo, You Fool No One, Guitar Solo incl. Blues, Drums Solo, MC About Tommy Bolin, Lady Double Dealer, Mistreated, Gettin' Tighter, You Keep On Moving, Burn, Smoke On The Water, Georgia On My Mind

Glenn Hughes My Very Gay Orchestra KD Serikova, Plzen, Czech Republic 10/3/05 AU 8 2CD

Track Listing: CD1 Intro, Soul Mover, Orion, Land of the Living, Mistreated, Can't Stop the Flood, CD2, Let it Go, High Road, Medusa, Don't Let Me Bleed, Wherever You Go, Seventh Star

Glenn Hughes [w/ Jimmy Barnes] Acoustic in the Basement the Basement Club, Sydney, Australia 17/6/06 AU 10 2CD

Comments: Incredible sounding show, from Glenn's short promo tour down under, where he didn't have his band with him, but performed this show, for his fans and friends in a small club the day before he recorded a TV special in Melbourne. The sound is outstanding, as is Glenn's voice. You may want to put away any glass items, and put your dog out, because Glenn hits some notes that could serious damage them, whilst proving that he is, truly THE VOICE OF ROCK!. Most of this show is just Glenn's voice and JJ Marsh's guitar, until the string section join them. Then, Glenn plugs in his bass, but has some problems with it at the end of disc 1 - after the OUTSTANDING "White Shade of Pale" - so he fills in by taking questions from the audience. Then comes, the highlight, with "Mistreated", complete with the audience filling in the backing vocals.

Line Up: Glenn Hughes - Vocals / Bass, JJ Marsh - Guitar, ? - Keyboards, ? - String Section Guest Jimmy Barnes - Vocals (*)

Track Listing: CD1 Intro, Coast to Coast,, I Found a Woman, This Time Around, Nights In White Satin, Last Mistake, This House, Frail, The Devine,
This is How I feel, Whiter Shade of Pale / Bass tuning / Questions from Audience 
CD2 Mistreated, Soulmover, Gettin Tighter (*), --encore break-- Keep on Moving, Phoenix Rising

Glenn Hughes Tonight the Award Goes To.. Empire, Sheppard's Bush, London, UK 25/3/07 AU 9 2CD

Line Up: Glenn Hughes: Vocals / Bass Guitar, Jeff Kollman: Guitar, Mark Mondesir: Drums, Anders Olinder: Keyboards

Track Listing: CD1 The Valiant Denial, Orion, Land Of The Livin’, Guitar Intro, Mistreated, You Got Soul, This Time Around, Getting’ Tighter (incl Drum Solo), Band Intros,  CD2 Don’t Let Me Bleed, Steppin’ On, You Keep On Moving, Soul Mover, Burn

Glenn Hughes Perfection in Rio Disco Voador, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 28/10/07 AU 10 2CD

Line Up: Glenn Hughes - Vocals/ Bass, JJ Marsh - Guitars, Stephen Stephens - Drums, Ed Roth - Keyboards

Track Listing: CD1 Stormbringer, Might Just Take Your Life, Land Of The Living, Mistreated, You Get Soul, Dont Let Me Bleed CD2 Gettin´ Tighter, Steppin´on, You Keep On Moving, Soul Mover, Burn

Glenn Hughes An Evening With domicil jazz club, Dortmund, Germany 22/9/08 AU 10* 2CD

Taper: Catweazle
Lineage: Sony ECM-CS10 -> Zoom H2 -> WaveLab 3.0 (track splitting) -> Traders Little Helper > flac 
This is truly outstanding. The recording is perfect and the performance is better. This is with just a single guitar and piano behind his voice  'the voice of rock' shines with some wonderful vocals especially during the stripped down "Mistreated". When he breaks a string during "Seafull" he takes questions from the audience while it is fixed, including about the possibility of a  Mk3 reunion. elsewhere Glenn speaks candidly about his past, Coverdale, Purple and more with a very nice tribute to Mel Galley.
Line Up: Glenn Hughes - guitar, vocals, Anders Olinder - piano
Track Listing  CD1 Coast To Coast, Nights In Whie Satin,  I Found A Woman, Mistreated, It's About Time, Will Our Love End?, Sail Away, CD2  Imperfection, Satellite, This Time Around, Seafull, [broken string Q & A], Holy Man, You Keep On Movin'

Various Childline in Rock 09 London, UK 1/6/09 Cam 10 DVD
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Heaven & Hell RJD Tribute High Voltage Festival, UK 24/7/10 AU 9 FLAC

Lineage: Core Sound Stealths -> MicroTrack II (wav) -> Audacity (track splitting, normalization) -> xACT (FLAC8) 
Comments: The final show 'Heaven & Hell' will ever play  and it's a tribute to Ronnie with guest vocalists filling in.
Line Up: Tony Iommi - guitar, Geezer Butler - bass, Vinnie Appice - drums, Guests: Jorn Lande - vocal (1), Glenn Hughes -vocal (2), Phil Anselmo - uninvited vocal track 14
Track Listing E5150, Mob Rules (1),  I (1), Country Girl (2), Children of the Sea (2), Turn Up the Night (1), Voodoo (1), Bible Black (2), Falling Off the Edge of the World (2), Tony Iommi's solo, Die Young (1), Wendy Dio's speech, Heaven and Hell (1)+(2), Neon Knights (1)+(2)

Glenn forms 'Supergroup' Black Country Communion

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