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Shows are listed in Chorological order starting with the oldest.
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Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Disc
Blackfoot Indian World   Monsters of Rock, Donington, UK 22/8/81 SB 10 CD

Track Listing: 01. On the Run (4:36), 02. I've Got a Line on You (4:60), 03. Everyman Should Know (5:06), 04. Good Morning (3:33), 05. Too Hard to Handle (4:49), 06. Train Train (6:51), 07. Highway Song (10:14)

Blackfoot Zurich 82 Zurich, Switzerland  1982 Pro 10 DVD

Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, 2 channel, 53 minutes, Menu / Title -  Song Chapters
Line Up:
Rickey Medlocke - Guitar / Vocals, Charlie Hargrett - Guitar, Greg T Walker - Bass, Jakson Spires - Drums
Track Listing:
Rattlesnake Rock n' Roller, Gimmer Gimme Gimme, On the Run, Train Train, Wishing Well, Every Man Should Know, Dust My Broom, Fly Away, Too Hard to Handle, Highway Song  Bonus Tracks ("Rock Pop" German TV) Street Fighter, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Blackfoot KBFH King Biscuit Flower Hour, USA 1983 Official --- --- CD
Blackfoot Knebworth 85 Knebworth Festival, UK 22/6/85 FM 9 CD
Edbangor Master: For More Details: Click Here

Blackfoot break up and Rickey Medlocke heads back to Lynyrd Skynyrd
However, a few years later the band are back, albeit without Rickey.

Blackfoot Rock n Blues 05 Pentrich Rock And Blues Fest, UK. 29/7/05 CAM 9 DVD

Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 85 minutes, No Chapters/ menus

Comments: Single camera shoot with a fairly good view of the stage over the heads of the crowd. Most footage is mid, to wide range with only a few close ups. Picture is very clear however. Sound distorts slightly and there's some crackle. Good show with a new song, written for the recently  deceased original drummer. Jackson Spires

Line Up: Bobby Barth - Vocals / Guitar, Greg T Walker - Bass / Vocals, Charlie Hargrett - Guitar, Christoph Ulman - Drums,
Track Listing:
Intro, Good Morning, Wishing Well, Got a Line on You, Blues Jam / Guitar Solo (Bobby), Baby Blue, Song For Jackson, Every Man Should Know Queenie, [Unknown song], Left Turn on a Red Light, Bass Solo / Jam, On the Run, Feelin' Good, Guitar solo (Charlie) / Jam, Flyaway, Train Train, Highway Song, --encore break--, Crossroads