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Miss Saigon Demos  Workshop unknown 1988-9 SB 7 MP3

Comments: Soundboard recording featuring several early drafts of the show that has been through a few generations but is historic. No orchestrations just a piano and vocals.

Cast: Frances Ruffelle, Linzi Hateley, David Essex, Peter Kingsberry, Claire Moore),

Track Listing: The Movie in My Mind, Why God Why!, Sun and the Moon, What's This I Find, I Still Believe, IF You Want to Die in Bed, I'd Give My Life to You, Bui Doi, Too Much For One Heart, What If He Doesn't Come Back Home Tonight, American Dream, I Still Believe, Wedding Ceremony (Djo Vui Vai), You Will Not Touch Him, This Is the Hour, Last Night of the World, Morning of the Dragon, What If He Doesn't Come Back Home Tonight, Sun and the Moon, American Dream, Backstage Dreamland, The Movie in My Mind, Why God Why, I'd Give My Life For You (no hope, no regret), I'd Give My Life For You


London / West End Casts
The show had its world premier on 20th September 1989 at the Theater Royal.

Miss Saigon (Highlights)

West End [Original Cast]

Theatre Royal, London, UK





  Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, Chapters 5 Mins,
Single camera filming from the balcony more or less at center stage Picture is clearly from VHS, and not the master. so isn't as clear  as it could be, but this is historic Sound is good to great for the most part. Numerous cuts throughout the performance which is why this is more labeled as Highlights as around half an hour is missing in total. although most of the featured numbers are complete although the dramatic scenes (other than the helicopter) are missing. The bonus footage, although also showing the same signs of tape wear, is brilliant pro shot of the cast on  British TV at the launch of the show.
Cast: Jonathan Pryce as The Engineer, Lea Salonga as Kim, Simon Bowman as Chris, Peter Polycarpou as John, Claire Moore as Ellen, Keith Burns as Thuy 
Track Listing ACT ONE Backstage at Dreamland, The Heat is On in Saigon, The Movie in My Mind, The Deal / The Dance , Why God Why? ,  Sun & Moon, Last Night of the World, The Morning of the Dragon (brief extract), I Still Believe, Back in Town / If You Want to Die in Bed  ACT TWO Bui Doi, The Revelation, What A Waste, Please / Chris Is Here, Kim's Nightmare, Room 317,  Now That I've Seen Her , The Confrontation, The American Dream, Finale Bonus Footage (pro shot) Wogan (TV Show) - Miss Saigon Special: Sun and Moon, Bui Doi , I Still Believe
Miss Saigon West End

Theatre Royal, London, UK

1990 SB 8 MP3

Comments: Cold soundboard recording with no audience noise at all and with most of the original London cast plus the alternate 'Kim' and two understudies There's a touch of hiss and it's balanced slightly towards the left channel but otherwise pretty good although the track split 

is a touch on the unusual side but it does include the song "Kim and Tam" which was dropped from the show.

Cast: Monique Wilson as Kim: Claire Moore as Ellen: Keith Burns as Thuy: Peter Polycarpou as John Junix Inocian as Engineer (u/s)  Glynn Kerslake as Chris (u/s)


Royal Variety Show 1991


Victoria Palace Theatre, London, UK





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The show closed on 30th October 1999 and started a series of UK tours.
It would be revived in a slightly re-worked version for the 25th Anniversary in 2014
Miss Saigon West End Prince Edward Theatre, London, UK 15/1/15 CAM 9.5 2DVD
  Tech: PAL, AC3, 77+64mins, Menu, 45sec Chapters
Single camera filming from the centre balcony. Brilliant clear, and sharp picture, with great closeups, and no obstructions. Sound is equally as good for this reworked version of the show including the curtain call.
 Eva Noblezada as Kim, Jon Jon Briones as The Engineer, Alistair Brammer as Chris, Hugh Maynard as John, Ethan Le Phong as Thuy, Tamsin Carroll as Ellen


UK National Tours
Miss Saigon  [w/ Kerry Ellis] UK Tour Norwich, UK 30/4/05 AU/MP3 9 2CD

Comments: Good recording of the show, if a touch tinny and lacking in bass in places but some great performances especially from  Analin [unbelievably an understudy]  and, of course the Wicked  Kerry Ellis.

Cast: Analin Bantug as Kim [u/s], Jon Jon Briones as The Engineer, Steven Houghton as Chris, Hugh Maynard as John, Christian Rey Marbella as Thuy [u/s], Kerry Ellis as Ellen, Jacqui Sanchez as Gigi

Miss Saigon  UK Tour [unknown] UK 2006 Pro 8 DVD
  Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, MPEG, 137 mins,
Clearly an official 'producers' shoot.Single camera looking straight on with a view of the entire stage. So no close ups, but the stage is small so it's still possible to see everything going on. However, the white out from the stage lights does blur some of the details and faces. Sound is very good, probably from the soundboard although the piano is often a touch too high in the mix that is a little on the quiet side over all.. but you can hear the "Phantom.." and the future 'Eastenders' star, in full flow as "Chris" and "John".  Some between song scenes, and the entire curtain calls  appear to have had the sound muted and are silent.
Cast: Ima Castro as Kim, Ramin Karimloo as Chris, John Partridge as John, Jon Jon Briones as The Engineer, Christian Rey Marbella as Thuy, Lara Pulver as Ellen, Christine Sambeli-Marquez as Gigi
Miss Saigon UK Tour Birmingham, UK 25/04/06 AU 7 MP3

Comments: Slightly distant sounding recording that is interesting for featuring the future winner of the BBC's "Any Dream Will Do" and star of "Joesph, and the Technicolor Dream coat" Lee Mead, as an understudy. And the future star of 'Eastenders' as 'John'.

Line Up: Miriam Valmores Marasigan as Kim, Lee Mead as Chris (u/s), John Partridge as John, Jon Jon Briones as the Engineer, Christian Rey Marbella as Thuy, Lara Pulver as Ellen


 New York / Broadway Casts
The show has its Broadway debut on 11th April 1991
Miss Saigon Broadway [original cast]  Broadway Theater, New York, NY, USA 1991 SB/ MP3 9 2CD

Comments: Pure soundboard (no audience noise) but VERY heavily compressed causing  there to be some whine, and splashes in the sound. but if you can get used to those minor flaws then this is a good recording.

Cast: Lea Salonga = Kim, Jonathan Pryce= The Engineer, Willy Falk = Chris, Hinton Battle = John, Liz Callaway = Ellen, Barry K. Bernal = Thuy, Marina Chapa = Gigi

Miss Saigon Broadway  Broadway Theater, New York, NY, USA 7/1/01 Cam 8 DVD

Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 131 minutes, Authored

Comments Single camera shoot from the back of the stalls to stage left. Some heads in view whenever the actors move to the left side of the stage, but good clear view of center stage. Picture appears slightly generated, and has some tape wear evident presumably from when it was on VHS and isn't a sharp as it could be..Also some blank screen, when camera is hidden. Sound is mostly clear, although, again, there is some interference in places and crackle, plus an annoying fade in and out between stereo and mono.

Cast: Kim - Lea Salonga, Chris - Will Chase, Ellen - Ruthie Henshall

Various Broadway Casts Best of the Tony Awards 1990-93 Various Theatres, New York, USA 1990-93 Pro 9 DVD
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Miss Saigon: Final Performance Broadway  Broadway Theater, New York, NY, USA 28/1/01 AU/ WMA 10 2CD

Comments: Great recording that could be mistaken for soundboard if were not for the loud audience all around the taper. Great sound throughout, and a fairly energetic performances, and some mucking around, as you would expect from the last night of such a long run. Some gaps (silence) at the end of the files however.

Cast: Kim - Lea Salonga, Luoyang Wang - The Engineer, Chris - Will Chase, Ellen - Ruthie Henshall , J. Elaine Marcos - Yvonne 

The show closed on 28th January 2001.


USA Touring & Regional Casts 
Miss Saigon Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA, USA 1995 Cam 9 DVD
  Tech Details: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 127mins, Authored
Single camera shooting from the balcony high up to stage left. Good clear view throughout Some minor generation in picture but not so distracting Sound is generally very good to perfect  but only through left stereo channel.
Miss Saigon  (1st) National Tour [various] USA 2005 Multi-Cam 8 DVD

Picture format: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 210 minutes

Comments Touted as a "multi-camera" shoot this is really a compilations of various dates from the tour, put together to create a the full show. Consequently the various cameras have different angles on the stage but there is also various cast changes to deal with.Main camera is shooting straight on at the stage from the stalls Another from the balcony / box to stage left. Picture is slightly generated, with some tape wear and colour bleed Sound is good, but differs depending on which camera it is  taken from but is very listenable throughout.

Cast: Jennifer C Paz - Kim #1, Melanie Tojio-Lockyer - Kim #2, Melinda Chua - Kim #3, Kevin Gray - The Engineer, Peter Lockyer - Chris, Keith Byron Kirk - John #1, General McArthur Hambrick - John #2, Allen D Hong - Thuy, Tami Tappan - Ellen

Miss Saigon Fullerton Civic light Opera Plummer Auditorium, Fullerton, CA, USA 6/9/05 Pro 10 2DVD
  Tech Details: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 139 mins, Authored, Song Chapters, Menu/s
Single camera pro shoot over the crowd. Picture quality is perfect as is the sound. This production was nominated for 11 Ovation Theatre awards winning: Best Director, Large Theater Musical Best Lead Actor (Harwart), and Best lead Actress (Remigio)
Cast [best guess] Kristine Remigio - Kim, Franc-Anton Harwart - The Engineer, Blake Pullen - Chris, Maceo Oliver - John , Bonifacio Deoso Jr - Thuy, Kelly Lamont - Ellen


Philippines Cast
Miss Saigon:  (Making of) Manila Cast Manila, Philippines 2000 TV 8 DVD
  Tech Details: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 93 mins [Disc runs: 230mins] Chapters 15 mins
In depth documentary about the staging of the music in the Philippians, including behind the scenes footage, and a lot of pro shot footage from the performances as well as interviews with all concerned. Including a history of the show going right back to the start and Lea's initial  rehearsals for the London production in 1989!  Fronted by various members of the cast. Most of the sound is in English apart from a few interviews with some of the local cast members
Quality ; Although pro shot the image and sound are both a little generated and has clearly been compressed at some point in its history. It is still, however, VERY watch able.  just not as sharp as it could be.
Main Cast: Lea Salonga = Kim, Will Chase = Chris,  Leo Valdez = Engineer , Ronn Smith = John,  Lisa Capps = Ellen,  Robert Sena = Thuy
Track Listing: Intro [Casting, Rehearsals], Opening comments, History of the show, Interviews with original writers and producer, Interviews with cast members, Clips from UK, USA & Netherlands productions, News footage about the show coming to Manila, Building the Sets / Chorography, Production crew, Manila Auditions, Dance auditions, 'Tam' auditions, Transforming the theater , Orchestral rehearsals & problems, Sound & microphone set ups, Stage set & scenery, Rehearsals, 'The Engineer' , Dance rehearsals, Wardrobe department, Wig department, Living in Manila, Opening Night, Closing thoughts, Curtain Calls / End Titles


Miss Saigon  Manila Cast UPGRADE Cultural Centre, Manila, Philippines 24/12/00 Pro 10 2DVD
  Tech Details: NTSC, 720*480, LPCM,  77+68mins,
Comments: Multi-camera pro shoot, given to the cast. Great picture with "For Preview Purposes only. ot for Commercial use" permentaly on the bottom of the screen and occasional show logo in the top left corner. Nothing distracting. Sound is good but quiet and mono. Great performances, and unlike previous version of the show complete with finale, and encore of Christmas carols medley..
Cast: Lea Salonga as Kim, Will Chase as Chris, Leo Valdez as Engineer, Ronn Smith as John, Lisa Capps as Ellen, Robert Sena as Thuy