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The show is work-shoped during 2003 before heading to Bristol for tryouts. 

Workshops & Try Outs.
Bristol [Pre West End] Mary Poppins Hippodrome, Bristol, UK 2004 SB 10 MP3

Comments: Pure soundboard recording or the Bristol try outs for the West End revival of the show, featuring the West End cast. Although the exact date of this recording is unknown it was somewhere between 14th September to 6th November 2004. Some of the songs would later be changed so its probably early in the preview run. 

Cast: Laura Michelle Kelly as Mary Poppins, Gavin Lee as Bert, David Haig as George Banks, Linzi Hateley as Winifred Banks, Rosemary Ashe as Miss Andrew/Miss Smythe, Jenny Galloway as Mrs. Brill, Julia Sutton as Bird Woman, Kevin Williams as Park Keeper/Mr Punch, Gerard Carey as Robertson Ay, Louisa Shaw as Katie Nanna, Tim Morgan as Policeman, Claire Machin as Miss Lark , Ian Burford as Admiral Boom/Bank Chairman, Stuart Neal as Neleus, Alan Vicary as Von Hussler/Jack-In-The-Box, Nathan Taylor as Northbrook/Valentine, Melanie La Barrie as Mrs. Corry, Poppy Tierney as Annie/Doll, Savannah Stevenson as Fannie, Terel Nugent as William, Charlotte Spencer or Nicola Bowman or Faye Spittlehouse or Carrie Fletcher or, Poppy Lee Friar as Jane Banks,  Harry Stott or Jack Montgomery or Perry Millward or Ben Watton or Jake Catterall as Michael Banks

Track Listing: Act1, Prologue  / Chim Chim Cher-ee, Cherry Tree Lane, Mary's Arrival, Practically Perfect, Jolly Holiday, Let's Hope She Will Stay, Spoonful of sugar, The Bank, Feed the Birds,  Supercalifragilisticexpiallidocious , Bad News, Temper Temper, Chim Chiminey Act2 Brimstone and Treacle, Let's Go Fly a Kite, Good For Nothing, Winifred Despairs, Brimstone & Treacle Revisited, George Returns, I'll Stay Until the Chain breaks, One Step in Time, A Man Has Dreams, Anything Can Happen 1, Anything Can Happen 2, Anything Can Happen 3, I Love You Mary Poppins, Family Life, --bows--, Anything Can Happen / Supercali...

The show opened in London 15th December 2004 and closed 12th January 2008

West End
West End Mary Poppins Prince Edward Theater, London, UK 22/2/05 Cam 9 DVD

Tech: NTSC, Aspect ratio: Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, ACT1 =124mins / ACT2 = 106mins, Authored: Sort of!!  (title screen - each act is a title but no chapters)

Comments Single camera shooting from the balcony with a fairly clear view of the stage, although there are some heads (and a rail) visible whenever the actors move to stage lip. Audio is good and clear throughout although there is a  touch of distortion during the louder parts

Cast: (may be incorrect!), Mary Poppins: - Laura Michelle Kelly, Bert - Gavin Lee, George Banks -  David Haig, Winifred Banks - Linzi Hateley, Jane Banks - Charlotte Spencer, Michael Banks - Harry Stott,


West End

Mary Poppins

Prince Edward Theater, London, UK





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The show opened on Broadway on 16th November 2006

Broadway Mary Poppins New Amsterdam Theatre, New York, USA 29/11/06 AU 10 2CD

Cast: Bert: Gavin Lee, George Banks -  Daniel Jenkins, Winifred Banks - Rebecca Luker, Jane Banks -: Katherine Leigh Doherty, Michael Banks -: Matthew Gumley, Katie Nanna / Annie  - Megan Osterhaus, Policeman -: James Hindman, Miss Lark -: Ann Arvia, Admiral Boom / Bank Chairman - Michael McCarty, Mrs. Brill: - Jane Carr, Robertson Ay:-  Mark Price, Mary Poppins: - Ashley Brown, Park Keeper: - Nick Corley, Neleus:  -Brian Letendre, Miss Smythe / Queen Victoria / Miss Andrew:: - Ruth Gottschall, Von Hussler / Jack-in-a-Box - : Sean McCourt, Northbrook: -  Matt Loehr
Bird Woman - : Cass Morgan, Mrs. Corry - : Janelle Anne Robinson, Fannie -: Vasthy E.
Mompoint, Valentine: -  Tyler Maynard, William: - Eric B. Anthony, Mr. Punch -: James Hindman, Glamorous Doll -: Catherine Walker

The West End show went on a UK tour from 4th June 2008 until 18th April 2009

UK Tour 2008-9
UK Tour Mary Poppins Hippodrome, Birmingham, UK 2008 Cam 10 2DVD

Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 136 mins, Chapters every 16mins, Menu/s
Single camera filming from the front of the circle very slightly off centre Near perfect view of the entire stage, although lacking in any real close ups. except at the end when the lead practically flies directly into the camera!! The picture is clear throughout apart from a few occasions - normally at the end of the big numbers - when the camera drops below the rail.Sound is very good throughout.
Cast [best guess] Caroline Sheen as Mary Poppins, Daniel Crossley as Bert, Martin Ball as George Banks, Louise Bowden as Winifred Banks, Deryn Edwards as Miss Andrew/Miss Smythe, Shirley Jameson as Mrs Brill, Valda Aviks as Birdwoman, Mark Anderson as Robertson Aye, Ronald Markham as Admiral Boom/Bank Chairman, Kraig Thornberas Park Keeper/Mr. Punch, Christopher Dickins as Policeman, Sophie Katon as Katie Nanna, Jennifer Owen as Annie, Laura Medforth as Miss Lark, Stuart Winter as Neleus, Ian Caddick as Von Hussler/Jack-In-The-Box, Sam Archer as Valentine, Tania Mathurin as Mrs. Corry, Jamie Farr as Fannie, Rohan Pinnock-Hamilton as William, Maddy Allison, or Liberty Cheesman or Niamh Coombes or Chloe Jones or Molly Phillips or Isabella Sedgwick as Jane Banks, Charlie Callaghan or Tyler Fagan or Thomas Goodall or Max Griesbach or  William Pearce or George Spittle–McGuire as Michael Banks