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Those boots listed in BROWN are my rips and may differ from other versions available.
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Fish leaves Marillion to go solo.

Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Discs
Fish State of Barrowland Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow, Scotland 30/10/89 AU 10 2CD

Track Listing: CD1 Faith Healer, The Voyeur (I Like To Watch), Geesabun/Punch And Judy, State Of Mind, The Company, Script For A Jester's Tear, Family Business, Warm Wet Circles, Slainte Mhath, CD2 Vigil, Big Wedge, Fugazi, Kayleigh, Lavender, Heart Of Lothian, Internal Exile 



Plenty of Fish in the Sea
The Compelte BBC Sessions

Town & Country Club, London, UK





Fish Live Germany Hamburg, Germany 1990 AU/MP3 7 CD

Track Listing: The Company, Kayleigh, Lavender, Heart of Lothian, Cliché, Fugazi

Fish Pigpen's Birthday Hammersmith, London 2/4/90 Official - - 2CD
Fish For Radio Forth  Buster Brown's Nightclub, Edinburgh, Scotland 7/4/90 Cam 9 DVD

Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital AC3, 25 minutes, Authored, Menu / Title -  Chapters

Comments Interesting single camera shoot of Fish's live performance on Scottish radio Forth Shot over the heads of the fans possibly by Mrs. Fish herself

The camera is very steady, although Fish does vanish occasionally due to the small nature of the venue. The audio comes from the broadcast itself so is very good.

Track Listing: A Gentleman's Excuse Me, Sugar Mice, The Company, Internal Exile



Derek Dick and his 

Amazing Electric Bear

Corn Exchange, Haddington, Scotland







Uncle Fish & 

Crypt Creepers

Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany






Fish Edinburgh Play House Play House, Edinburgh, Scotland 31/12/91 SB/MP3 9 2CD

Comments: Very similar to the official released "For Whom The Bells Toll" but this is the complete New Year's eve show without "Fugazi" and with the final three tracks replaced on "For Whom..." by versions from Paris.  

Line Up: Fish - Vocals, Frank Usher - Guitar, Robin Boult - Guitar, Mickey Simmonds - Bass, Kevin Wilkinson - Drums

Track Listing: CD1 Vigil, Credo, Tongues, Family business, Incubus, Giz a bun, The company, Shadowplay, CD2 Dear friend, The bells - happy new year, Lucky, Big wedge, Heart of Lothian, Forgotten sons, Flower of Scotland*, Internal exile*, Market square heroes*

Fish Fish Raw Meet Hamburg, Germany 23/6/92 SB 9 2CD

Track Listing: CD1 Credo, Voyeur, Punch & Judy,  Just Good Friends , Pipeline, Out of My Life, Incubus, CD2 Raw Meat, Something in the Air, Lady Nina, The Company, Lucky, Big Wedge

Fish Sushi Utrecht, Holland 18/3/93 Official - - 2CD
Fish Parkpop 93  Park Pop, Zuiderpark, Den Haag, Holland 27/6/93 2Cam 9 DVD

Techs: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 60 minutes
Shot from the ground looking up at the stage but VERY steady, with some great close ups of the big man and very little tape wear Sound is very good.

Track Listing: Boston tea party, big wedge, view from a hill / he knows you know / kayleigh, vigil, credo, hold your head up, lucky, internal exile, market square heroes, roadhouse blues, five years

Fish I Don't Wanna Be Me HMV, Liverpool, UK 7/4/94 Cam 10 DVD

Filmer: Jakefish
Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 53 minutes, Authored: YES
Very well shot from a high tripod. Quality is near perfect and very close. with very few heads, in a very small in store performance. Fish is on great form, cracking jokes and wondering around as he sings stripped down versions of his songs with just two guitars.
Line Up: Fish - Vocals, Robin Boult  - Guitar, Frank Usher - Guitar,
Track Listing:
[Setting up], Lady Let it Lie, Out of My Life, Somebody Special, Lucky, Sugar Mice, Internal Exile, The Company

Fish Fortune of War Various 21-9/6/94 Official - - CD
Fish Krakow Krakow, Polland 24/10/95 Official - - 2CD
Fish Rock for Bosnia 96 Dortmund, Germany 18/8/96 Pro 10* DVD

Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital AC-3, 65 minutes, Menu / Title -  8 Song Chapters

Track Listing: big Wedge, Emperor's Song, Lady Let it Lie, Credo, Incommunicado, Internal Exile, Lavender, Lucky

Fish Tales From the Big Bus Koln, Germany 20/11/97 Official - - 2CD
[Marillion reunion]
Hobble on the Cobbles Market Square, Aylesbury, UK 26/8/07 Cam 8 DVD

Filmer: Jakefish
Lineage: Sony camcorder > standalone > DVD recorder > Menu added in Nero
Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 80 mins, Authored, Song Chapters, Menu/s
Single camera mostly filming from the back of the crowd shooting with a clear view over the heads of the audience. Picture quality is very good, although it shakes a bit in during the close ups. Sound is very good.  Playing not only in his (adopted) home town, but in the very Market Square he wrote a song about Fish pulls out all the stops up to, and including, taking a walkabout  in the crowd during "Vigil..." and, popping into the crowd for a smoke!! Then, of course, there's the first Marillion re-union to perform, what else, but Market Square Heroes.. Unfortunately, this was only filmed right from the back with no close ups. and it is cut up due to the filmer's battery running out. But, he's managed to put on a full version of the song, plus all of Fish's intro, as a separate title at the end from a second camera that was, it has to be said, even further back than the main one!!!
Line Up: Fish - Vocals, Frank Usher - Guitar, Chris Johnson - Guitar, Steve Vantsis - Bass, Gavin John Griffiths - Drums, Foss Paterson - Keyboards Guests (final track): Steve Rothery - Guitar, Ian Mosly - Drums, Mark Kelly - Keyboards, Pete Trewavas - Bass
Track Listing Title One Slainte Mhath, Circle Line, So Fellini, Manchmal, Hotel Hobbies, Warm Wet Circles, That time of the Night, Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors, White Russian, Cliche, Incommunicado, --encore break-- Market Square Heroes [cut] Title Two Market Square Heroes [complete]

Fish Tavistock 08 The Wharf, Tavistock, England 16/3/08 AU 9 2CD

Taper: Pepper2004
Lineage: Recorded Using Sony Mz-Nh 700 Minidisc Sound Professionals Sp-Bmc-2 Mics Good Audio 9v Battery Box
Comments: Great recording of the Big man on excellent and chatty, form.
Track Listing CD1 Fish Talks/Band Intros, Slainte Mhath, Circle Line, Square Go, Openwater, So Fellini, Dark Star, Hotel Hobbies, Warm Wet Circles, Warm Wet Circles (cont) / At That Time Of The Night, Zoe 25, Arc Of The Curve CD2 The Faith Healer, Manchmal, White Russian, Cliche, 13th Star, Incommunicado