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Shows are listed in Chorological order starting with the oldest.

Those boots listed in BROWN are my rips and may differ from other versions available.
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After eleven years Dennis leaves Styx to go solo in 1984.

Dennis returns to Styx in 1990 staying until 1997 while finding time for some Musical theatre.

Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Disc
AD Tour Cast
[w/ Dennis DeYoung]
Jesus Christ Superstar O'Keefe Center, Toronto, Canada 14/8/93 AU 10 2CD

Comments: Said to be the "Holy Grail" of JSC shows, the cast list for this is something special, with two of the original artists, plus two better known for other things. Irene Cara (from the movie Fame) and Dennis De Young (from the rock band Styx.) This outstanding recording features the complete show, 

although some of the tracks are titled differently from other versions. 

Cast: Jesus - Ted Neeley, Judas - Carl Anderson, Mary - Irene Cara , Pilate - Dennis DeYoung , Annas - Danny Zolli,
Track Listing:
CD1 - Act 1  Overture,  Heaven On Their Minds, What's The Buzz, Strange Thing, Mystifying, Everything's Alright, Jesus Must Die, Hosanna, Simon Zealotes, Poor Jerusalem, Pilate's Dream, The Temple, Gethsemane (foreshadow) / Heal Yourselves, Everything's Alright / I Don't Know How To Love Him,  Damned For All Time / Blood Money  CD2 - Act 2 The Last Supper, Gethsemane,  Betrayal (in the Garden), Betrayal (in the temple), Betrayal by Peter (Peter's Denial), Before Pilate, Before Herod (Herod's Song), Could We Start Again Please?, Judas's Death, Trial & 39 Lashes, Superstar, Crucifixion , John 19:41

Finally leaving Styx Dennis goes solo with various projects.

Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Disc

Dennis DeYoung

TV Special

Chicago, IL, USA





Tech: NTSC, Full Screen (4:3), LPCM Stereo, 61mins

Comments: Beyond perfect transfer of the original TV broadcast of Dennis' orchestral special which would, be expanded into his first official solo DVD release.

Line Up: Dennis DeYoung - Vocals, Dawn Marie Feusi - Vocals (#), Kyle Woodrey - Drums, Carrieann DeYoung - Backing Vocals, Susanne DeYoung - Backing Vocals

Track Listing: Intro, Grand Illusion, Lady, Best of Times, Ava Maria , With Every Heartbeat, Mister Roborto, Claire de Lune (orchestral), Don't Let it End, Eine Klein Nachtmusik (orchestral), Lorelei, Babe, Come Sail Away , Show Me the Way (acapella) / Closing Titles

Dennis DeYoung NYC 04 Beacon Theatre, New York, USA 31/5/04 AU 10* CD

Comments: This is outstanding!! Recorded a month after the officially released live CD This has some different tracks and will make shivers run down you spine, its THAT good. Penultimate night of the tour.

Line Up: Dennis DeYoung - Vocals, Amick Byram - Vocals (*), Dawn Marie Feusi - Vocals (#), Kyle Woodrey - Drums, John ? - Keyboards, New York Pops Orchestra

Track Listing: CD1 Orchestral Prelude to Set #1, Grand Illusion, Lady, [Hello & Welcome], Desert Moon, [Band Introductions], Eine Klein Nachtmusik / Lorelei,  [9/11 & My God (Can Beat Up Your God)] , Hello God, [Hunchback & Amick Byram introduced], Who Will Love This Child (*), [Mathew DeYoung & Gulf War], Show Me the Way (acapella), Suite Madame Blue, Light Up, [Intro], Claire de Lune (orchestral), Don't Let It End, CD2  Orchestral Prelude to Set #2 , Mr. Roboto,  [Suzanne DeYoung's Sales Pitch] , Black Wall, [Hunchback Intro #2], Esmerelda (*), With Every Heartbeat (*) (#), Castle Walls,  [Suzanne's dedication / story of Babe] , Babe, Rockiní the Paradise, Best of Times, --encore break--, [words of encouragement], Come Sail Away 


Dennis DeYoung 

[w/ Glenn Burtnik]

Lost Treasures

House of Blues, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA





Comments: (#) songs from Styx's "Son of Edge" demos. 

Line Up: Dennis De Young - Vocals, Glen Burtnick - Vocals (*)

Track Listing: CD1 Intro The Grand Illusion, Lady, Lorelei, Desert Moon, Pieces of Eight, Show Me The Way (Acapella), We Can Work It Out (*),  All In A Days Work (*), Watching the World Go By (#) (*), All For Love (#) (*), CD2 Mr. Roboto, Don't Let It End, Light Up, Castle Walls, Edge of the Century (*), Rockin The Paradise, Suite Madame Blue, Babe, The Best Of Times, Come Sail Away


Dennis DeYoung

[w/ Orchestra]

Orchestral Toronto Hummingbird Performing Arts Centre, Toronto, Canada





Comments: Excellent recording, even if Dennis is performing the same songs and most of the same monologues from previous years!

Track Listing: CD1 Orchestral Medley of Styx tunes, The Grand Illusion, Lady, Desert Moon, Band intros, Lorelei (Mozart intro), Pieces of Eight, Show Me The Way (acapella), Ave Maria, Castle Walls, Don't Let It End (Debussy intro), CD2 Light Up, Mr. Roboto, Black Wall, With Every Heartbeat, Tommy Dziallo guitar solo, Rockin' The Paradise, Suite Madame Blue (Prelude 12 intro), Babe, The Best of Times, Come Sail Away

Dennis DeYoung

[w/ Glenn Burtnik]

BB King's  BB King's Club, New York City, NY, USA 11/5/07 AU 10 2CD

Taper: TT
Lineage: HEBs (DPA 4061's) > CS batt box > Edirol R-09 WAV file > Sound Studio > xACT > FLAC 
Dennis plays NYC in an intimate club setting. Special guest Glen Burtnik plays on all songs and sings lead on several,  including the 1992 hit "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" 
Line Up: Dennis DeYoung - Vocals, Glenn Burtnik - Vocals
Track Listing CD1 (52:25) Intro>, The Grand Illusion, Lady, Lorelei, Don't Let It End, Show Me The Way, Light Up, Mr. Roboto, All In A Day's Work (GB lead vocal), Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough (GB & Kate Milan), Rockin' The Paradise, CD2 (63:23) Dennis tells Castle Walls story, Castle Walls, Desert Moon, Edge Of The Century (GB lead vocal), Suite Madame Blue, Babe, The Best Of Times, Come Sail Away

Dennis DeYoung 
(w/ Orchestra)
Orchestral Florida Broward Center For The Performing Arts, 
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
18/1/08 AU 10 2CD

Taper:  TT
Lineage: Source: HEB (DPA 4061) > CS batt box > R-09 (24bit, 44.1kHz) >  Sound Studio 3.5.2 (hpf, track splits, fades, normalization, dither 16bit)
 > xACT 1.62 > FLAC
Comments: Another great recording from TT and another great performance from DDY. There's even a new song in the set list.:
Line Up:
Dennis DeYoung: Vocals, keyboards, Tommy Dziallo: Guitar, Jimmy Leahy: Guitar, vocals, Hank Horton: Bass, vocals, Rick Snyder: Keyboards, Kyle Woodring: Drums, Amick Byram: Vocals (*), Kate Milan: Vocals (#), Suzanne DeYoung: Vocals
Track Listing CD1 Intro > The Grand Illusion, Lady, Desert Moon, Eine Kleine Nachtmusic intro / Lorelei, 100 Years From Now, Ave Maria (*), Show Me The Way, Light Up, Castle Walls, Claire de Lune intro / Don't Let It End CD2 Mr. Roboto, Private Jones, With Every Heartbeat (*) (#), Pieces Of Eight, Rockin' The Paradise, Suite Madame Blue, Babe, The Best Of Times, Come Sail Away

Outside of Styx, Dennis wrote musicals which were staged around the USA

Dennis' musicals performed without Dennis.


Dennis De'Young's

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Baliwyck Repertory, Chicago, IL, USA





Cast: George Andrew as Quasimodo, Dana Tretta as Esmeralda, Jeremy Rill as Frolo, Jim Rank as Phoebus, Liz Pazik as Mahiette, Michael Hawnchair as Sgt. Gudule

Track Listing: Act1 Theatre Announcements, Prologue, Who Will Love This Child, Baptism, King of Fools, Hail, Quasimodo, By the Grace of God, Quasimodo Repents, In My Silence, Maheitte Introduces Esmeralda, When I Dance For You, Arrest, Did You See That Priest, Gypsy Court, Come, Behold, Ave Maria, When I Dance For You (reprise), A Votre Service, Glory, Honor, Victory, Paradise, Bless Me Father, Water Interlude, With Every Heartbeat  Act2 Intro, Beneath the Moon, Ave Maria (reprise), Swords of the King (opening), Swords of the King, Phoebus Woos Esmerelda, While There's Still Time, Murder, Answer Me, If I Die, In Prison, This I Pray, Quasiomodo & Esmerelda, Esmerelda, Sanctuary, An End to Witchcraft, Confrontation, Sanctuary, Requiem, With Every Heartbeat, Epilogue, --bows--