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Artist Title Venue Title Source Rate Art Format
Shadow of the Moon - 1997
Blackmore's Night
(without Candice)
The Secret Gig Hotel Saray, Granada, Spain 10/12/97 AU 8 CD

Comments: Now this is something  you don't get everyday. BN were due to play a large arena on the night of 10th December 1997 but Candice came down with food poisoning so the show was cancelled. However, Ritchie and the boys then camped in the hotel bar, along with around 30 fans and played this set of anything they could think off.  Thankfully, one of the 30 people there had a recorder...

Line Up: Ritchie Blackmmore - Guitar, Jessie Haynes - Guitar, Vocals (*), Mick Cervino - Bass, John O'Reilly - Percussion, Joseph James - Keyboards, Vocals (#), Various Spanish guys - All other Vocals

Track Listing: 01.Memmingen, 02.Mond Tanz, 03.Renaissance Faire (*), 04.Street Of Dreams, 05.Sixteenth Century Greensleeves (*), 06.Improvisation, 07.White Christmas, 08.Minstrel Hall, 09.That'll Be The Day (#), 10.Trad Song, 11.Ritchie's Tune, 12.Play Minstrel Play (*)

Blackmore`s Night Berlin Night Passionskirche, Berlin, Germany 17/12/97 AU 8 2CD

Line Up: Ritchie Blackmore - Guitars / Mandolin, Candice Night - Vocals / Penny Whistle / Recorder, Joseph James - Keyboards / Vocals / Recorder, Jessie Haynes - Guitar / Vocals / Recorder, Mick Cervino - Bass, John O. Reilly - Drums / Percussion,
Track Listing CD1 
Opening, Shadow of the Moon, Be Mine Tonight, Play Minstrel Play, St Teresa, Minstrel Hall, Under A Violet Moon, Temple of the King, 18th Century Greensleeves, Mmmingen, Renaissance Faire, Mondtanz, No Second Chance  CD2  Ariel, Band Introductions, The Clock Ticks on, Still I'm Sad / Difficult to Cure / Keyboard Solo, Writing on the Wall, Man on the Silver Mountain, Spirit of the Sea

Bonus Tracks Maine, Germany 11/12/97 No Second Chance, Writing on the Wall   Koln, Germany - 16/12/97 Man on the Silver Mountain, Black Night

Under a Violet Moon - 1999
Blackmore's Night

London 2000

Cambridge Theater, London, UK 25/5/00 AU/MP3 7 2CD

Comments: Rare show from the line up that only played six times live. Sound is good although Candice appears to be whispering between the songs for some reason.

Line Up: Ritchie Blackmore - Guitars / Mandolin , Candice Night - Vocals / Penny Whistle / tambourine / castanets , Mick Cervino - Bass , Jim Hurley - violin / guitar / manolin , Marci Gellar - vocals , Albert Dannermann - Flute / Pipes / vocals , Carmine Giglio - Keyboards / Vocals , Mike Sorrentino - Drums / Percussion

Track Listing: CD1 Intro, Shadow of the Moon, Morning Star, Play Minstrel Play, Minstrel Hall, Avalon, Under a Violet Moon, Soldier of Fortune, 18th Century Greensleeves, Past Times with Good Company, No Second Chance,  CD2 Mond Tanz, Catherine Howard's Fate, Renaissance Faire, Spanish Nights, Writing on the Wall, Wish You Were Here, Spirit of the Sea, Mr. Tambourine Man, I Think it's Gonna Rain Today

Fires At Midnight - 2001
Blackmore's Night Beyond the Sunset Schoss-Burg Bolingen, Germany 25/7/02 Official   - DVD
Ghost of a Rose - 2003
Blackmore's Night Norway 03 Festiviteten, Hauegesund, Norway 4/6/03 Cam 8.5 DVD

Tech - PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 132 minutes, Not Authored

Comments: Single camera shooting from the back of the balcony to the left hand side of the stage. View is mainly clear with some good mid shots of mainly Candice However, it does become obstructed towards the end of the show when those directly in front of the camera decide to stand up. Sound is mostly good but does have some crackling.  Tape SNAFU after "Durch..." (no music is lost)

Line Up: Candice Night - Vocals / Penny Whistle / Tambourine / Recorder/ Shawm, Ritchie Blackmore - Guitar / Mandolin / Hurdy-Gurdy, Bard David - Keyboards / Vocals, Bob Curiano - Bass / Vocals / Guitar, Malcolm Dick - Drums / Percussion, Marnen Laibow-Koser - Violin / Flute / Recorder, Madline Posner - Vocals, Nancy Posner - Vocals

Track Listing: Cartouche, Play Minstrel Play, Under A Violet Moon, Minstrel Hall, Past Times With Good Company, Soldier Of Fortune, 16th Century Green sleeves, Diamonds And Rust, Mr. Peagram's Morris And Sword, Village On The Sand, Durch Den Wald Zum Bachhaus, Queen For A Day, Home Again, Ghost Of A Rose, Fires At Midnight, Renaissance Faire, I Still Remember, --Encore break--, Writing On The Wall (incl Burn), Difficult To Cure, Self Portrait, Rainbow Blues, Beyond The Sunset

Beyond the Sunset - 2004
Blackmore's Night Ran A Stream Shibuya kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 23/10/04 AU 8 2CD

Comments: Final show of the Japan tour comes complete with an Earthquake break!!!!! That stops the show for a few minutes while the equipment is checked and the band find their feet Strongly it seems to encourage the band who proceed to play a blinding show.

Line Up: Ritchie Blackmore - Guitars / Mandolin / Hurdy-Gurdy , Candice Night - Vocals / Penny Whistle / Tambourine / Recorder / Shawm , David Baranowski - Keyboards / Vocals , Malcolm Dick - Drums / Percussion , Bob Curiano - Bass / Vocals / Guitar , Tina Chancey - Violin / Recorder , Madeline Posner - Vocals, Nancy Posner - Vocals

Track Listing: CD1 Opening SE : Susatissimo, Dome Epais Le Jasmin A La Rose S'Assemble , (by Sister of The Moon), Cartouche, Queen For A Day
 Under A Violet Moon, Minstrel Hall, Past Time with Good Company, Soldier of Fortune --- Earthquake ---  Praetorius (Courrante),  Diamonds and Rust , Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus - , Violin Solo (incl. Japanese Folk Song "Shojoji"),  Home Again - , Woman from Tokyo -,  Home Again (reprise),  Fires at Midnight,  Nur Eine Minute, Hanging Tree 
CD2   Renaissance Faire,  Hurdy Gurdy Solo - The Clock Ticks on,  I Still Remember, -encore-, All for One, Rainbow Blues, Difficult to Cure , Self Portrait,  Blues,  The Temple of The King,  Purple Haze,  Since You Been Gone -encore-  Sixteenth Century, Greensleeves,  Piano Solo ,  Violin Solo "Swan Lake" , Writing on the Wall , Burn, Writing on the Wall (rep.),  The Times They are A Changin' , Mid-Winter's Night , Dandelion Wine

Village Lantern - 2006
Blackmore's Night Summer Christmas Eve Burg Trausnitz, Landshut, Germany  11/8/06 AU 9 3CD

Comments: Great relaxed, and long show at the end of which the band recorded the video for their upcoming Christmas single.

Line Up: Ritchie Blackmore - Guitars / Mandolin / Hurdy-Gurdy , Candice Night - Vocals / Penny Whistle / Tambourine / Recorder / Shawm , David Baranowski - Keyboards / Vocals, Malcolm Dick - Drums / Percussion, Bob Curiano - Bass / Vocals / Guitar, Tina Chancey - Violin / Recorder, Madeline Posner - Vocals, Nancy Posner - Vocals

Track Listing: CD1 (60:45) 1. Tape Intro, 2. Waiting Just For You, 3. Past Time With Good Company, 4. Rainbow Blues, 5. Play Minstrel Play, 6. Faerie Queen - Faerie Dance, 7. Under A Violet Moon, 8. The Times They Are Changin, 9. Soldier Of Fortune, 10. Durch den Wald Zum Bachhaus, 11. World Of Stone, 12. Home Again  CD2 (60:01) 1. Diamonds And Rust, 2. Mondtanz incl. Child in Time, 03. Piano Solo, 04. Ariel, 5.  Guess It Doesn't Matter Anymore, 6. Woman From Tokyo Intro, 7. Loreley, 8. Renaissance Faire, 9. I Still Remember, 10. The Clock Ticks On  CD 3 (38:17) 01. Smoke On The Water, 02. Difficult To Cure Intro, 03. St. Teresa, 04. Old Mill In (German Vsn.), 05. The Village Lanterne, 06. Midwinters Night, 07. Dandelion Wine, 08. Announcement For Video Special, 09. Christmas Eve (Playback for Video-Production), 10. Outro 00:13
Bonus Video Old Mill Inn (German) Live at ZDF-Fernsehgarten, 13.08.2006 (WMV) 04:32

Blackmore's Night Back Home Again Krizanke Theatre, Ljubljana, Slovenia 22/4/07 AU/MP3 10 2CD

Line Up: Ritchie Blackmore - Guitars / Mandolin / Hurdy-Gurdy , Candice Night - Vocals / Penny Whistle / Tambourine / Recorder / Shawm , David Baranowski - Keyboards / Vocals, Malcolm Dick - Drums / Percussion, Barry Waller - Bass / Vocals / Guitar, Madeline Posner - Vocals, Nancy Posner - Vocals

Track Listing: CD1 1.Past Time With Good Company, 2.Play Minstrel Play, 3.Soldier Of Fortune, 4.Durch Den Wald Zum Bach haus, 5.World Of Stone, 6.Diamonds And Rust, 7.Child In Time, 8.Renaissance Faire, 9.Minstrel Hall  CD2  10.Avalon, 11.Under A Violet Moon, 12.Wind In The Willows,
13.Windmills, 14.Home Again / "Drink'', 15.The Clock Ticks On, 16.Encore, 17.Now and Then, 18.outro Music

Secret Voyage - 2008/9
Blackmore's Night Honeymoon in Krefeld Krefeld, Burg Linn, Germany 19/7/09 AU 10 2CD
  Taper: Catweazle
Lineage: Zoom H2 recording with external Sony ECM-CS10 mic.
Comments: Very nice recording of the now married couple.
Line Up: Candice Night - Vocals, Ritchie Blackmore - Guitar etc, Elizabeth Carn - Violin, Mike Clemence - Bass etc, Malcolm Dick - Drums, Daivd Barnowski - Keyboards
Track Listing  CD1 
01 God Save The Keg (intro tape), 02 Locked Within The Crystal Ball, 03 Queen For A Day, 04 Under A Violet Moon, 05 Soldier Of Fortune, 06 The Temple Of The King, 07 Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus, 08 Introduction Of The Band, 09 Renaissance Faire , 10 World Of Stone, 11 Peasants Promise, 12 Far Far Away, 13 Toast To Tomorrow, 14 Keyboard And Drum Solo  CD2  15 Ariel, 16 The Circle, 17 Diamond And Rust, 18 Home Again, 19 Drink Song, 20 ?, 21 Ghost Of A Rose, 22 Fires At Midnight, 23 ?, 24 ?
Autumn Sky - 2011/12
Blackmore's Night Moscow 2012 Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia 23/9/11 AU 9.5 2CD
  Taper: Jacob "Rocktrades"
Lineage: AT943 cardioid --> Naiant Tinybox --> Sony PCM-M10 (Line-in 24bit/48kHz)  USB transfer to PC -> Adobe Audition v.3.0 (slight EQ applied, amplified, dithering to 16bit/44kHz) ->  CDWave for track splits -> Flac Frontend (level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)
Line Up: Candice Night - Lead vocals, Ritchie Blackmore - acoustic & electric guitars, Bard David Of Larchmont - keyboards, Earl Grey Of Chamay - bass, mandolin, Squire Malcolm - drums, percussion, Gypsy Road - violin, The Minstrel Albert - reed instruments, bagpipes, and the Hurdy Gurdy
Track Listing CD1 (75:49), 01. Locked Within The Crystal Ball, 02. Queen For A Day, Part I, 03. Queen For A Day, Part II, 04. Under A Violet Moon, 05. Soldier Of Fortune, 06. Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus, 07 Band Introduction, 08 World Of Stone, 09 All The Fun Of The Fayre, 10 25 Years, 11 Diamonds And Rust, 12. Keyboard Solo, 13. Carmina Burana / Drum Solo , 14. Highland, 15. Journeyman (Vandraren)  CD2 (52:46) 01. Greensleeves, 02. Barbara Allen , 03. Toast To Tomorrow, 04. The Clock Ticks On, 05. Strawberry Girl, 06. The Times They Are A-Changin', 07. Hanging Tree , 08. Home Again, - Encore - 09. Difficult to Cure (snippet) 10. St. Teresa
Blackmore's Night Stoudsburg 2012 The Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg, PA, USA 26/10/12 AU 10 2CD
  Taper: Drgiggles1
Lineage:  CA-14 omni-directional mics -> CA-9100 pre-amp -> 6" custom GAKables mini star quad cable -> Sony PCMM10 (Line In) Transfer: Sandisk 16GB Class 4 micro mobile ultra, 24bit 96kHz -> HDD  iZotope RX II Advanced (10.57 dB gain, 64 SRC, MBIT+ dither) -> CDWAV (tracking) -> TLH -> Flac level 8
Comments: Great sounding recording from the short USA tour with the band on great form, despite some technical issues that force the band from the stage for a few minutes after "Home Again" (the gap was edited out of this recording) Especially noted for being the first time in many years Ritchie plays "Smoke..." as a tribute to Jon Lord. to close a show that runs for 2.5hours.
Line Up:  Ritchie Blackmore - guitars, mandolin, domra, hurdy gurdy, Candice Night - vocals, chanter, cornamuse, shawm, rauschpfeife, tambourine, Bard David of Larchmont (David Baranowski) - keyboards, Earl Grey of Chimay (Mike Clemente) - bass, mandolin, rhythm guitar , Troubadour of Aberdeen - percussion, Lady Kelly De Winter (Kelly Morris) - French horn, harmony vocals , Scarlet Fiddler - violin
Track Listing  CD1  01 God Save the Keg, 02 Locked Within the Crystal Ball, 03 Queen for a Day, Part I, 04 Queen for a Day, Part II, 05 Under a Violet Moon, 06 Soldier of Fortune (Deep Purple cover), 07 Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus - Band Intros, 08 World of Stone, 09 All the Fun of the Fayre
10 Diamonds and Rust (Joan Baez cover), 11 Toast to Tomorrow, 12 Bad Romance (Lady Gaga cover), 13 Toast to Tomorrow reprise, 14 Greensleeves, 15 Peasant's Promise
   CD2  16 Band Solos, 17 Journeyman (Strat), 18 Loreley, 19 Difficult to Cure (Rainbow cover) (Strat), 20 Fires at Midnight, 21 Home Again (with drinking songs), --tech trouble issues --- 22 Village Lanterne , 23 The Circle (Strat), 24 Smoke On The Water, 25 Snoopy Versus The Red Baron
Dancer and the Moon - 2014
Blackmore's Night Here In The Twilight  Vol1 Burg Linn, Krefeld, Germany 1/8/14 AU 9 2CD
  Taper: Kenji
Comments: First show of the German tour, with the first performed version of "Carry on Jon".
Line-Up: Ritchie Blackmore guitars, Candice Night vocals, Bard David of Larchmont - keyboards & vocals, Lady Lynn - backing vocals & flute, Troubador of Aberdeen - drums, Scarlet Fiddler - violin, Earl Grey of Chimay - bass & guitars
Songs: CD 1: Do You Hear the People Sing? (intro), Dancer and the Moon, Darkness , Dance of the Darkness, Queen for a Day, Part II, Under a Violet Moon, Soldier of Fortune, Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus, World of Stone, All the Fun of the Fayre, All Because of You, Gilded Cage, Benzai-Ten, Shadow of the Moon, Diamonds & Rust   CD 2:  Toast to Tomorrow, Ghost of a Rose, Keyboard Solo, Carmina Burana, Drum Solo, The Moon Is Shining (Somewhere Over the Sea), Loreley, Difficult to Cure, St. Teresa, Home Again, Renaissance Faire, Carry on Jon, A Whiter Shade of Pale, Snoopy Outro