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Lynyrd Skynyrd
Still Burning Strong
[edbangor version]
Covers Front Back
Date 19th February 1993
Location Fox Theater, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Source Soundboard
Rating 10/10
Comments: Brilliant Pay-per-view TV / Radio broadcast.
Covers come from a different source.
DVD version: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Lyve at the Fox (DVD)
Ripped from audio tape of the USA radio broadcast.
Line Up: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Johnny Van Zant - Vocals
Gary Rossington - Guitar
Ed King - Guitar
Randall Hall - Guitar
Leon Wilkeson - Bass
Billy Powell - Piano, Keyboards
Custer - drums
Dale Krantz-Rossington - Backing Vocals
Donnie Van Zant - Vocals
Zak Wilde - Guitar
Brett Michaels - Vocals
Tom Kieffer - Vocals
Travis Tripp - Guitar / Vocals
Peter Frampton - Guitar / Vocals
Charlie Daniels - Fiddle / voocals
Track Listing: CD1
Acoustic Set
 Friends Intro
 Coming Home (Zakk Wykde) 
 Good Friends (Charlie Daniels) 
 Down South Duking (Bret Michaels) 
Alabama Bound (Tom Keifer) 
 Things Going On (Donnie Van Zant)
 Made in the Shade (Travis Tritt) 
 Ballard of Curtis Lowe (Peter Frampton)
Lynyrd Skynyrd
 Intro - Al Cooper [2.20]
 Working For MCA [5.20]
Saturday Night Special [5.31]
Swamp Music [4.07]
 What's Your Name? [4.13]
 Tuesday's Gone [9.21]
 That Smell [6.40]
 I Know a Little [3.58]
One Thing [6.00]
Good Lovin's Hard to Find 
Outta Hell in my Dodge 
Lynyrd Skynyrd

The Last Rebel [8.07]
Don't Misunderstand Me 
(Travis Tripp/Dale Krantz-Rossington)
 Keeping My Faith
 Born to Run 
 Simple Man 
 Gimme Three Steps (Bret Michaels)
 Call Me the Breeze
(Peter Frampton, Charlie Daniels) 
 Sweet Home Alabama
(Johnie & Donnie Van Zant) 

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