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Lynyrd Skynyrd
Lyve From the Fox

[edbangor version]

Date 19th February 1993
Location Fox Theater, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Source TV Broadcast
Rating 9.5/10


Picture format: NTSC

Aspect ratio: 4:3

Running times: 141mins

Disc was authored by me from 3xMPEG files

(spliced together, re-encoded to DVD standard.)

Full menus, title screens, 22 chapters/songs

Plus bonus track playing over the menus!!

Brilliant Pay-per-view TV Special.

Some tape wear shows in place plus some hiss

but otherwise as good as it gets from an old VHS source

Audio version: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Still Burning Strong

Line Up:

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Johnny Van Zant - Vocals
Gary Rossington - Guitar
Ed King - Guitar
Randall Hall - Guitar
Leon Wilkeson - Bass
Billy Powell - Piano, Keyboards
Custer - Drums
Dale Krantz-Rossington - Backing Vocals
Debbie Davis - Backing Vocals


Travis Tripp - Guitar / Vocals
Brett Michaels - Vocals
Peter Frampton - Guitar
Charlie Daniels - Fiddle

Donnie Van Zant - Vocals

Track Listing:

Intro [0:45] 
Working For MCA [4:57]
Saturday Night Special [5:55]
Swamp Music [4:07]
What's Your Name? [4:18]
Tuesday's Gone [9:12]
That Smell [6:24]
I Know a Little [4:24]
One Thing [5:18]
Good Lovin's Hard to Find [3:47]
Outta Hell in my Dodge [4:30]
The Last Rebel [8:25]
Don't Misunderstand Me 

(Travis Tripp & Dale Krantz-Rossington) [5:10]
Keeping My Faith [6:39]
Born to Run [8:11]
Simple Man [7:29]
Gimme Three Steps (w/ Bret Michaels) [6:13]
Call Me the Breeze 

(w/ Peter Frampton & Charlie Daniels) [6:13]
Sweet Home Alabama 

(w/ Johnie & Donnie Van Zant)[7:44]
Encore Break Tributes [8:5]
Free Bird [14:43]
Closing Titles [5:20]


Bonus Audio track (over menu screens)

Peter Frampton - Ballard of Curtis Loew