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This page last update: 26 July 2014

FAQ / Rules
This Page last updated: 26 July 2014

Don't worry these are mostly guidelines and exceptions can be made if I'm in the mood.
All trades will be judged on their own merit.
The source codes and Quality Ratings are explained at the bottom of the page.

Main Rules (These will NEVER be broken)

Trading Rules. (basically these are guidelines to help things along!)

General Site FAQ

Source Codes

Code Short For Explanation



Good clean stereo sound direct from the mixing desk.

On some of these - those noted as "Pure Soundboard" -

the audience reactions will be very low, or unheard

due to there being no microphones in the auditorium.


 Radio Broadcast

(Usually Stereo
but could be Mono)

Similar to SB rating but may contain transmission errors

(flutter, hiss, static etc) overly talkative DJ's or Station ID's 

or edits / fades where those have been removed



Recorded from out front by one, or more, audience member/s.

Quality of these will depend on when they were recorded, 

the equipment used, and if they've been remixed since.

However, some audience recordings can be as good, 

if not better, than FM or SB ones due to the added atmosphere.


Show is in, or made 

from MP3 files.

I don't generally want to trade in MP3 sourced discs as,

after all, I could - and have - download them myself.

 Discs made from this format have titles marked in Red


Show is in, or made

 from Real Audio files 

I don't generally want to trade in RM sourced discs as,

after all, I could - and have - download them myself.

only I probably won't as they sound horrible.

Titles marked in Green. (most have been upgraded though)



Lossless file format

These shows were downloaded in the FLAC lossless file

format, and have been kept in that way

 mostly stored on a desktop drive, or data formatted CD/DVD..



Professional Video

A video that was filmed professionally, with multiple cameras

and then edited to give the best angles, etc. 

These should be the ultimate in video quality. (but not always!)



Either sourced from a broadcast somewhere in the world. 

Similar to a "Pro" rating (in fact most Pro shows come from TV broadcast)

but may include some sharp editing so advert breaks could be removed.

or on screen logos and/or other visible wording.


Video Camera

A video that was filmed by one camera

operated by a member or members of the audience



Multiple Audience
Video Cameras

A show that was filmed by more than one camera

operated by different people in the audience

and then edited together to show the performance

from several different angles.



Video Formats

Show was filmed in the American standard (NTSC)

or the one used by Europe / Australia and elsewhere (PAL)

Most DVD players should be able to show either

although that isn't the case older VHS players.


Video File

Video is stored in a AVI file compressed 
with either the DivX or Xvid codecs.
See the page for frame size, bit rate and other information.
that will have an effect on the quality.


Video File

Video is stored as either MPEG2 (DVD quality) or 
MPEG1 (VCD quality) file/s.


Video File

Video is in the Windows native multimedia file.
See the page for frame size, bit rate and other information.
that will have an effect on the quality.


Quality Rating
This is a basic guide to my rating system. 

The reasons for/or against these will be mentioned on the show's own page.

Ratings are dependent on the source of the show. 

A 9/10 audience show will not sound the same as a 9/10 soundboard one!!




Better than Perfect!!!! 

Usually a fully authored DVD whose picture quality matches its perfect audio



The dog's b*$£$*ks. Nothing short of Perfect.



Better than average soundboard or outstanding audience.


Very Good.

The standard for Soundboard / FM show. Good for an audience disc.



Either a SB / FM with some interference. Standard for an Audience show.



Usually audience with interference, too much crowd noise or likewise but still bearable.



Poor quality, not to be touched unless you really, REALLY want it.


Bad to Very Bad. 

You won't want anything rated this low. Trust me!

(or less)
Waste of disc.
Anything rated this low was thrown away and not even listed.