Wanted Shows / Bands
This Page last updated: 28 June 2015

Audio or DVD (but mostly DVD)
Obviously this isn't a complete list as there are things I want that I don't know about. :)

All requests are for live bootlegs
[That includes soundtracks people!]

Stage Musicals
West End, Broadway, other professional productions or good quality amateur shows. 

13 (Thirteen)
1] Regional US or other casts DVD (not Youtube ripped)

2] Recordings of the short lived UK cast.


Bare / Bare a Pop Opera

 Good quality DVD / Audio of any production. (even those I have in AVI/MP4)


Billy Elliot

Any 'special' performances (last/first nights, cast changes, etc) on DVD

(sorry but I am no long collecting 'regular' performances)


Bugsy Malone

Stage production/s not the movie with Jodie Foster.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Watchable DVD of London or any other production


 Finding Neverland

DVD (not from youtube) of the new Broadway show
and in particular the original in Leicester.


Les Miserables

DVD of 2014 Broadway revival.

[including the 2014-03-08 performance I have in mp4]


 DVD (not youtube rip) of the new staging in Dallas, 2014



DVD of original Papermill production or other productions (not Broadway)



Prince and the Pauper

Original off Broadway or other.



Opening Night on Broadway 29/4/96 (DVD upgrade)


Rock of Ages

1] Broadway w/ Dee Snider from 'Twisted Sister' - Someone must have this!!

2] DVD of the West End version.

3] Other performances


School of Rock: The Musical

DVD or Audio of  Andrew Lloyd-Weber's re-working of the Jack Black Movie




Bad 4 Good

 Produced by Steve Via & led by guitarist Tommy McRocklin circa 1992


British NWOBHM circa 1983-4


Brit 3-peice from mid 80s

Kissin' Dynamite (formally Blues Kids)

German Traditional Metal Band 2008 onwards


All requests are for live bootlegs