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Yesterday & Today
Dave Meniketti - Vocals / Guitar, Joey Alves - Guitar, Phil Kennemore - Bass / Vocals, Leonard Haze - Drums / Vocals

Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Disc
Yesterday & Today Record Plant Record Plant Studios, New York, USA 09/11/74 FM 8 CD

Comments: Incredibly early broadcast from the band that was to become Y & T

Track Listing: Tonight, Beautiful Dreamer, [unknown song], Stargazer, My Heart Plays Too, Alcohol, Guitar Solo, Game Playing Woman, Road, Baby Blue

Yesterday & Today San Francisco 80 Old Wardolf, San Francisco, CA, USA 21/9/80 AU 7 2CD

Comments: This comes from shortly before the band shortened their name, to release "Earthshaker" and were playing two sets - one on each disc - every night.

Track Listing  CD1 Earthshaker, Back in town, Struck Down, Do You Go All the Way, I Believe in You, Queen of the Night, Hurricane, Beautiful Dreamer, Rock n' Roll Medley  CD2  25 Hours a day, Sentimental Fool, Nasty Sadie, Hurricane, Stargazer, Roba Bye Baby, Hungry For Rock, Alcohol, Call My Name

The band shorten their name and release one of the best albums in the world, ever.

Y & T
Dave Meniketti - Vocals / Guitar, Joey Alves - Guitar, Phil Kennemore - Bass / Vocals, Leonard Haze - Drums / Vocals

Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Disc
Y & T Old Waldorf 81

Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA, USA

2/5/81 Pro 9 DVD
  Tech Details: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 65 mins, Chapters 6 mins
Good quality (for it's age) single camera shooting from the just right of the center. Totally unobstructed view of the stage. Some generation in the picture leaves it a touch grainy but over all really rather good despite a touch of tape role here and there. Sound is direct soundboard but mono. Overall a really great and early show to celebrate their A&M record deal, and the then forthcoming "Earthshaker". Focus is mostly on Dave, with occasionally Phil, and Joey,  while Leonard is somewhat hidden in the dark behind the kit.
Track Listing: Shake It Loose, Earthshaker, Dirty Girl, Hungry For Rock, I'm Gonna Knock You Out, I Believe In You, Nasty Sadie, Rescue Me, Hurricane, Beautiful Dreamer, Squeeze (*) / Drum Solo, Alcohol (#)
Y & T Young And Tough Pink Pop Festival, Geleen, Netherlands 31/5/82 SB 9 CD
  Track Listing: Hurricane, Dirty Girl, Don't Want to Lose You, Black Tiger, I Believe in You, Knock You Out, Rescue Me, Earth shaker, Squeeze (*)

Y & T

Reading 82

Reading Festival, UK






Tech: NTSC, Full Screen / 4:3, 44mins, Title / Menus & song Chapters

Comments Allegedly shot by the band's road crew, the show is filmed from the wings on both sides plus occasions shots from the front. In remarkable quality given when it was done. Sound is very clear Same show as on the official released "Live on the Friday Rock Show" CD  but in a different order

Track Listing: Black Tiger, I Believe in You, Open Fire, Guitar Solo, Rescue Me, Squeeze [*], Drum Solo, Squeeze (cont) [*], --encore break --, Forever, Knock You Out

Y & T Salinas 83 Sherwood Hall, Salinas, CA, USA 1/10/83 FM 10 CD
  Track Listing: Hang 'Em High, Barroom Boogie, Take You To The Limit, Midnight In Tokyo, Straight Thru' The Heart, I Believe In You, Down And Dirty, Mean Streak, Hell Or High Water
Y & T London '83 Dominion Theatre, London, UK  23/11/83 SB 9 CD

Comments: I WAS THERE so the rating is a little biased but  it was a great show both then and now. Some small fades here and there but who cares

Track Listing: Take You To The Limit, Midnight In Tokyo, Black Tiger, Hungry For Rock, I Believe In You, Down & Dirty, Mean Streak, Straight Thru` The Heart, Rescue Me, ---encore break---, Dirty Girl, Hurricane

Y & T   :San Francisco, CA, USA 25/8/84 Official ---- --- DVD
Y & T Midnight in USA [Various], California, USA  1983-5 SB 9 CD
  Track Listing:  California - 1983 Hang 'em High, Barroom Boogie, Take You to the Limit, Midnight in Tokyo, Straight Through the Heart, I Believe in You, Down & Dirty, Mean Streets, Hell or High Water, San Francisco - 1984 Black Tiger  Arlington Theater, California - 1985, Open Fire, Forever, Mean Streak, Black Tiger
Y & T Santa Barbara Biscuit Santa Barbara, California, USA 22/10/85 SB 9 CD

Comments: Recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour while playing support for Motley Crue

Track Listing: Open Fire, Lipstick and Leather, Don't Stop Running, Go for the Throat, 24 Hours a Day, Summertime Girl, Forever, Guitar Solo / Jam, Mean Streak, Black Tiger

Y & T Live in the East Shibuya Koukaido. Tokyo, Japan 25-6/1/86 SB 9.5 CD
  Track Listing: From the Moon, Open Fire, Lipstick & Leather, Don't Stop Running, I Believe in You, Midnight in Tokyo, Forever, Rock n' Roll Gonna Save the World

Leonard Haze leaves and in comes Jimmy Degrasso

Y & T
Dave Meniketti - Vocals / Guitar, Joey Alves - Guitar, Phil Kennemore - Bass, Jimmy DiGrasso - Drums

Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Disc
Y & T Kansas City 87 Memorial Auditorium, Kansas City, Kansas, USA 29/8/87 Pro 9.5 DVD

Tech: PAL, 4:3, Running time: 69mins 

Comments Disc is broken in chapters for the songs. Multi camera shoot - VHS master Mono but very clear sound. Slight cut in "Contagious" due to source VHS tapes being changed.  footage does roll back slightly so nothing is missed.
Track Listing: From the Moon, Open Fire, Mean Streak, LA Rocks, Rhythm or Not, Kid Goes Crazy / Drum Solo, Temptation, Barroom Boogie, DM Guitar Solo / Jam, Contagious , Audience sing along, Contagious (cuts briefly), ---encore break---, Summertime Girls.

Y & T Kansas City 87 Memorial Auditorium, Kansas City, Kansas, USA 29/8/87 TV 9 CD
  Edbangor (Re)MASTER: For More Information: CLICK HERE

Joey Alves leaves and in comes Stef Burns.

Y & T
Dave Meniketti - Vocals / Guitar, Steff Burns - Guitar, Phil Kennemore - Bass , Jimmy DiGrasso - Drums

Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Disc

Y & T

San Diego 90

 Bacchanal, San Diego, California, USA






Comments: Great Show with Jimmy trying to get the recently divorced soundman a date (or several)

Track Listing CD1 From the Moon (tape), Open Fire, Hard Times, Mean Streak, Lucy, Barroom Boogie, Guitar Solo, Black Tiger, CD2 City

Goin' off the Deep End, Eyes of a Strange, Summertime Girls, Blues, Forever, --encore break--, Contagious, I Believe in You

Y & T San Rafael 98 San Rafael, CA, USA 1998 SB 9 2CD

Comments: Great sound, even if the vocals are off centre for the first couple of minutes

Track Listing CD1 Long Way Down, Black Tiger, Quicksand, Barroom Boogie, Eyes of a Stranger, Give me the Beat, Dirty Girl, CD2 Summer Time Girls, I'll Cry For You, Mean Streak, Winds of Change, Forever, Open Fire, Rescue Me

Dave Meniketti goes solo with his blues project until Leonard rejoins to promote a greatest hits package.

Y & T
Dave Meniketti - Vocals / Guitar, Stef Burns - Guitar, Phil Kennemore - Bass, Leonard Haze - Drums

Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Disc
Y & T Petuluma 01 Mystic theater, Petaluma California, USA 10/11/01 AU 7.5 2CD
  Track Listing CD1 Open Fire, Hurricane, 25 Hours A Day, Dirty Girl, Lipstick And Leather, Don`t Stop Running, Wind Of Change, Alcohol, Barroom Boogie, Struck Down  CD2 Midnight In Tokyo, Summertime Girls, Mean Streak, I Believe In You, Hell Or Highwater, Forever, ---encore break--, Black Tiger, Rescue Me
Y & T Bone Unplugged The Bone Studios, San Francisco, USA 11/12/01 FM/MP3 8 CD

Comments: Short laid back acoustic set broadcast live on radio and the internet.

Track Listing: Intro, Summertime Girls, Dirty Girl, Alcohol, Rescue Me, Eyes Of A Stranger

Dave Meniketti goes solo again. Until the band reform with John Nyman.

Y & T
Dave Meniketti - Vocals / Guitar, John Nymann - Guitar, Phil Kennemore - Bass, Leonard Haze - Drums

Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Disc
Y & T Hardenberg 03 The Podium Hardenberg Holland  12/6/03 AU 8 2CD

Comments: Great stereo sound for an audience boot. 23 years since the band played Holland so its no surprise that everyone is up for it.

Track Listing CD1 Dutch Introduction, From The Moon (tape), Open Fire, Eyes Of A Stranger, Dirty Girl, Hurricane, Rescue Me, Barroom Boogie, Wind Of Change, CD2 Mean Streak, Game Playing Woman, 25 Hours A Day, Summertime Girls, I Believe In You, Hell Or High water, Forever, Black Tiger


Y & T

Twisted Forever

Bang Your Head Festival, Balingen, Germany






Tech: PAL, Dolby Digital, Full screen / 4:3, 61mins, Full Animated Title Screen / Menu + Song Chapters

Comments Good clear picture from directly in front of Dave although some interference from other members of the crowd especially when Dee appears, apparently unexpectedly. Excellent sound.Plus a very impressive animated title screen. Just a shame about the end of Dirty Girl being missing

Special Guest: Dee Snider - Backing Vocals (*)

Track Listing: Open Fire, Eyes of a Stranger, Hurricane, Dirty Girl (cuts), Mean Streak, Rescue Me, Barroom Boogie, Black Tiger, I Believe in You, Hell or High Water, Forever (*)

Y & T Antwerp 04 Luchtbal Hof Ter Lo, Antwerp Belgium  20/4/04 Cam 8 DVD

Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 91 minutes, 21 random Chapters

Comments Audience shoot from the floor roughly level with Phil Quite a lot of heads and hands, although the filmer does manage to maintain a fairly clear shot of Dave for most of the time. The rest of the band, however, are rarely seen. Other than that though, the picture is very crisp. Sound is a touch bass heavy and VERY loud. If you can adjust for that, however, it comes out very good although there is some stuttering.  The band are in great form, and attempt to play any requests  from the crowd, even if they aren't too sure, how they go, anymore!!

Track Listing: From the Moon (recorded Intro), Mean Streak, Eyes of a Stranger, Keep On Running, I Make believe, Wild if I Wanna, Dirty Girl / Dave Solo, Barroom Boogie, Band intros, Summer Time Girls, Instrumental Blues Jam, Anything For Money, Winds of Change, Hurricane ('half assed' teaser), Contagious ('half assed' teaser), Go For the Throat, Black Tiger, I Believe in You, Forever

Y & T  Manchester 05 Manchester Academy. UK 24/6/05 AU 9 2CD

Comments: Great full headlining show with songs from the band's entire career. in front of a rampant crowd

Track Listing: CD1 Intro - From the Moon, Open Fire, Straight Through the Heart, Black Tiger, Dirty Girl, Hurricane, Dance, Dance, Dance (LA  Rocks), Winds of Change, Earthshaker, Eyes of a Stranger, Game Playing Woman (tease), Squeeze, Rescue Me, Mean Streak, CD2 Blues Jam, Summertime Girls, I Believe in You, --encore break--, Hell or High water, Forever

Y & T Lakewood 06 Eck's Saloon, Lakewood, CO, USA 28/4/06 AU 9 2CD
  Taper: SxPxDxCx
Track Listing CD1 intro, Mean Streak, Lipstick And Leather, Don't Stop Runnin', Dirty Girl, Black Tiger, * interlude *, Winds Of Change, 25 Hours A Day (aborted), Eye's Of A Stranger, Midnight In Tokyo, Hard Times (aborted), CD2 Summertime Girls, ? (instrumental), Hang 'em High, I Believe In You, Forever, * encore *, Barroom Boogie, Rescue Me

Leonard Haze leaves and in comes new drummer Mike Vanderhule

Y & T
Dave Meniketti - Vocals / Guitar, John Nymann - Guitar, Phil Kennemore - Bass, Mike Vanderhule - Drums

Y & T Augsburg 07 Augsburg, Germany 22/5/07 AU 9 2CD

Track Listing CD1 Black Tiger, hard Times, Don't Stop, Dirty Girl, Afraid of the Dark, Mean Streak, Master & Slaves, This Time, Hurricane, Barroom Boogie, Midnight in Tokyo  CD2, Eyes of a Stranger, Beautiful Dreamer (tease) / Rescue Me, Squeeze, Instrumental, Summertime Girls, I'll Cry, I Believe In You, Forever

Y & T Howay the Lads Carling Academy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK 26/10/07 AU 10 2CD
  Taper: Soreballs
Lineage: SP-CMC-2>Edirol R-09>Adobe Audition 2/GoldWave>
Comments: Brilliant recording that is practically soundboard in quality. And sounds like it was a great show. With Dave taking requests.
Track Listing CD1 Open Fire, Hungry For Rock, Hard Times, Lipstick & Leather, Dirty Girl, Mean Streak, I'll Keep On Believin', Straight Thru The Heart, Winds Of Change, Hurricane, Midnight In Tokyo  CD2 Black Tiger, I'll Cry For You, Don't Want To Lose Your Love, Eyes Of A Stranger, Band intros-Rescue Me, Summertime Girls, I Believe In You, Forever
Y & T Sweden Rock Festival 2010 Sweden Rock Festival (Sweden Stage), Norje, Sweden 10/6/10 AU 9 CD

Comments: Great recording considering it was an open air performance dogged with heavy rain. Very nice tribute to Ronnie James Dio

Track Listing: CD1 Intro, Black Tiger, On With The Show, Lonely Side Of Town, Rainbow In The Dark (Dio cover dedicated to RJD), Mean Streak, Shine On, I Believe In You, Open Fire,  Eyes Of A Stranger, I'm Coming Home,  Dirty Girl, Rescue Me, Forever

Phil Kennamore falls ill during 2010 so Brad Lang stepped in for tour dates.
Sadly Phil passed away from lung cancer on 7th January 2011.

Y & T
Dave Meniketti - Vocals / Guitar, John Nymann - Guitar, Brad Lang - Bass, Mike Vanderhule - Drums

Y & T Complete Black Tiger CLUB CITTA, Kawasaki, Japan 16/1/11 AU 10 2CD

Comments: Great show where for the first time ever, the band play the "Black Tiger" from start to finish, in the middle of a set that already featured many requests as well as songs from the new album

Track Listing CD1 Prelude(SE), On With The Show, Rock'n'Roll's Gonna Save the World, Don't Stop Runnin', Shine On, If You Want Me(For Phil), From The Moon, Open Fire, Don't Wanna Lose, Hell Or High Water, Forever, Black Tiger, Drum Solo, Barroom Boogie, My Way Or The Highway, Winds Of Change, CD2  Mean Streak, I'm Coming Home, Surrender,Intro Solo, I'll Cry For You, Blind Patriot, Dirty Girl, Rescue Me, I Believe In You, Midnight In Tokyo

Y & T Uden 2011 ['Earthsaker' set] De Pul, Uden, Holland 29/10/11 Cam 9.5 2DVD
  Tech Details: PAL, Widescreen / 16:9, MPEG, 140 mins, Authored,
Single camera filming from the balcony. Good and steady, with a good view of the entire stage, although the focus does tend to stay on Dave although there are occasional pans over to John and Mike. However, there's a couple of errors with a few seconds of missing visuals during the first DVD and with a battery issues meaning the entire encore is missed. These parts have been replaced by still images taken at the show. The audio though, is off the entire show, as it continues to play under the still images. One of only 2 shows where Y&T played the entire 'Earthshaker' album from start to finish!!
Track Listing DVD1: (67mins) On with the Show, Black Tiger, .Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, Lipstick and Leather, Mean Streak, Midnight in Tokyo, Shine On, If You Want Me, Blind Patriot (missing very end), Beautiful Dreamer (tease - Dave only), Winds of Change, Don't Bring Me Down, --Earthshaker--Hungry for Rock, Dirty Girl, DVD2: (73mins) Shake it Loose, Squeeze, Rescue Me, Young and Tough, Hurricane, drum solo (not filmed) Let Me Go, Knock You Out, I Believe In You, ---, I'm Coming Home , [camera cuts before end], Encore: (audio only), Hell Or High Water, Summertime Girls , Forever
Y & T Agoura Hills 2012 The Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA, USA 20/4/12 AU 9.5 2CD
  Taper: David Sell
Lineage: CA-14 cards>CA-UGLY>Sony PCM-M10(24/96)>Adobe Audition(normalize, resample/dither to 16/44.1)>CDWaveEditor 1.96>TLH>FLAC
Comments: Another great performance from the band, including the complete "Black Tiger" album spaced out during the set.
Track Listing CD1  ~intro~, Open Fire, Donít Wanna Lose, Black Tiger, Iíll Keep on Believiní, Donít Stop Runniní, Alcohol, Midnight in Tokyo, My Way or the Highway, Mean Streak, Summertime Girls, Winds of Change, Shine on, Blind Patriot   CD2  Iím Coming Home, Iíll Cry For You, Dirty Girl,  Hurricane, Drum Solo, Barroom Boogie, I Believe in You, Hell or High Water, Forever, ~encore applause~, Rescue Me
Y & T Gothenburg 2012 Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, Sweden 22/9/12 AU 10 2CD
  Taper: Taper:ripe73
Lineage: CA-14 Cards->iRiver H120->Sound Forge/iZotope RX/CD Wave->Flac Level 8-> Dime->
Comments: Great show as the band play Gothenburg for the first time in their long history. Taking requests from the audience and rocking. like only they can.
Track Listing  CD1 Black Tiger, Hard Times, Dirty Girl, Rock & Roll's Gonna Save the World , Mean Streak, Rhythm or Not, Midnight in Tokyo, Shine On, Blind Patriot , Winds of Change, Don't Bring Me Down, I'm Coming Home, I'll Cry for You, CD2  Hurricane, Drum Solo , Contagious , Donīt stop runnin', Earthshaker, I Believe in You , Squeeze,  Forever ,  Rescue Me
Y & T Uden 2012 De Pul, Uden, Holland 19/10/12 Cam 9.5 2DVD
  Tech Details: PAL, Widescreen / 16:9, MPEG2, 110 mins
Single camera filming from the balcony to the left of the small club. Great view of the stage with some great wide shots and close up of Dave. Sound comes from the camera but is very good and clear.
Track Listing: DVD1: black tiger, hard times, dirty girl, rock n roll's gonna save the world, meanstreak, rhythm or not, midnight in tokyo, shine on, blind patriot, winds of change   DVD2:  25 hours a day, I'm coming home, I'll cry,  hurricane,  gimme the beat, squeeze, I believe in you, [fades at very end], --dead battery--, forever (not recorded),  rescue me (not recorded)
Y & T Tupelo's 2014 Tupelo's, Londonderry New Hampshire, USA 6/4/14 AU 9   FLAC
  Taper: BreaktheLaw
Lineage: SP-BMC-3 (mics)- SP Battery Box - Sony PCM-10 (recorder)-PC-Audacity for Splitting to Flac
Taper's Notes: Recorded from the right side of the room 7 rows back from the stage. Brad Lang the bass player had problems with his bass rig all night, they never did fix it.
Comments: Great sounding show, even if Dave is rather under the weather, leading to a slightly shorter set than usual although you'd barely notice from his performance. Sound slightly favours the left channel but otherwise is very good, strong and clear.
Tracks: From The Moon/Open Fire, Don't Stop Runnin', Donít Be Afraid Of The Dark, Mean Streak, Surrender, Dirty Girl, Midnight In Tokyo, Black Tiger, Winds Of Change, Shine On, I Want Your Money, Contagious, I'll Cry For You, Rock N Roll's Gonna Save The World, Rescue Me, Summertime Girls, I Believe In You, I'm Coming Home, Dave's Goodbye
Y & T Sellersville 2015 Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA, USA 24/4/15 AU 10 2CD
  Taper: bcironmaiden
Lineage: SP-CMC-8 Sound Professionals Deluxe Audio Technica Cardioid Stereo Microphones > SP-SPSB-1 Sound Professionals Mini Battery Module > Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder HD > Sony Sound Forge 96khz/24bit > 44khz/16bit > CD Wave Editor Track Split > TLH ( Flac 8 ) > DIME
Comments: Great sounding show, with Dave confused about when they last played there, leading to several more unusual tracks in the already long set list, that includes a request slot, and ran for over two hours.
Track Listing: CD1 Intro/Forever, Hurricane, L.A. Rocks, Don't Stop Runnin', How Long, Black Tiger, Lucy, Mean Streak,  Dirty Girl, Midnight in Tokyo, Cold Day in Hell, I Believe in You, Rhythm or Not CD2  All American Boy, I Want Your Money, Requests, Lonely Side of Town, Straight Thru The Heart, Surrender, Contagious, Rescue Me, I'm Coming Home, -Encore-, Summertime Girls, Bad Feeling, Forever
Y & T Heerlen 2015 Poppodium Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen, Netherlands 18/10/15 AU 10 FLAC
  Taper: Rock_forever (RF 00039)
Church Audio CA 14 cardioids - Church Preamp CA-9100 - Sony PCM-M10 > Sony PCM-M10 => HD => WAV => WaveLab => TLH (level 8)
Format: 24-bit / 48 KHz FLAC

: Great sounding show, with the band, as always on brilliant form, captured in very high quality.
Songs: Intro: From the Moon, Hurricane, L.A. rocks, How long, Black tiger, Rhythm or not, Mean streak, Dirty girl, Midnight in Tokyo, Take you to the limit, She's gone, Cold day in hell, I believe in you, Eyes of a stranger, Don't stop runnin', Contagious, I want your money, Summertime girls, Rescue me, I'm coming home, Sail on by, From the moon, Forever