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Some shows listed on this page aren't on disc, and come as one, or more video files.


Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Format

Sonata Arctica

Hard Club 2000

Hard Club - Vila Nova De Gaia, Portugal






Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital,
Single camera from the balcony to the extreme stage right. Lots of blank screen as the camera is hidden or jostled out of line. For most of the Sonata set, only Tony can be seen.Sound is distorted due to gig volume but improved slightly for Rhapsody. as does the camera's view as there's more stage room without SA's gear. Both bands are supporting Stratovarious.

Track Listing Sonata Arctica (30mins) Intro, Destruction Preventer, Full Moon, Replica, My Land, 8th Commandment, Unopened
Rhapsody (44mins): Epicus furor, Emerald sword, Wisdom of the kings, Eternal glory, Land of immortals, Epicus solo, Flames of revenge, Riding the winds of eternity, Ira tenax, Warrior of ice.

Sonata Arctica Songs of Silence  On Air East, Tokyo. Japan  4/9/01 Official - - --
Sonata Arctica Only Way You Can Osaka, Japan 5/9/01 AU 10 2CD

Comments: Great recording from the day after the official "Song of Silence" CD

Line Up: Tony Kakko - Vocals, Jani Liimatainen - Guitar, Marko Paasikoski - Bass, Tommy Portimo - Drums, Mikko Harkin - Keyboards

Track Listing: CD1: Intro/...of Silence, Weballergy, Kingdom For A Heart, 04. Sing In Silence, False News Travel Fast, Last Drop Falls, Respect The Wilderness, Full Moon, The End Of This Chapter/Silent Jealousy, Revontulet, Guitar Solo/Keyboard Solo  CD2  The Power Of One, Replica, My Land,  Black Sheep, Blank File, Unopened/8th Commandment, Land Of The Free, Wolf & Raven

Sonata Arctica Hiroshima 03 Club Quatro Hiroshima Japan 17/4/03 Cam 9 DVD

Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 110 minutes, Authored:  NO (2 titles no chapters)

Comments Single camera shoot from the right, over the heads of the crowd with a good view of the stage, although focus is mostly on Tony. A small amount of tape wear is evident throughout but isn't distracting Sound is good

Track Listing: Intro, Abandones, Please, Brainwashed, Exploited, Kingdom For A Heart, Victoria's Secret, Broken, 8th Commandment, Last Drop Falls, The Rest Of The Sun Belongs To Me, [Tony & crowd], Champagne Bath,  The Misery, Unopened, Guitar + Keyboard Solo, San Sebastian, Replica, My Land, Black Sheep, Wolf And Raven, Fullmoon, The Cage + Vodka + Outro

Sonata Arctica Gates of Metal Gates of Metal Festival, Hultsfred, Sweden 31/7/04 FM 9.5 CD

Comments: Great show. Would be a perfect 10 but for the Finish (I think) radio announcer who pops up between some tracks.

Track Listing: Radio Intro (in Finish), Victoria's Secret, Champagne Bath, Sing in Silence, The End of the Chapter, Full Moon, Replica, My Land, Black Sheep, 8th Commandment, Broken, The Cage, Vodka


Sonata Arctica (& Nightwish)

Symphony Of Angels

Palladium, Cologne, Germany






Comments: Often traded as Soundboard, but obviously audience albeit a very, very good audience recording. Great performance by both bands. Just a shame "Ghost Love Score" got split between discs.

Track Listing: CD1 Nightwish Intro, Dark Chest of Wonders, Planet Hell, ,Deep Silent Complete, Phantom Of The Opera, Ever Dream, Sleeping Sun, Symphony Of Destruction, Bless The Child, The Kinslayer, Wish master, Dead Boy's Poem, Slaying the Dreamer, Nemo, Ghost Love Score (P1) CD2 Ghost Love Score (p2), Wish I had an Angel, Gold Album score, Outro  Sonata Arctica  Reckoning Intro, Misplaced, Blinded No more, Kingdom For Heart, Victoria's secret , Broken, Replica, Welcome to My Land, Don't say a word, Full Moon, The cage, vodka, Outro

Sonata Arctica Travista 04 Tavista Club, Helsinki, Finland 25/11/04 Pro 10* DVD

Tech: PAL, Full Screen (4:3), Stereo, 54mins, Disc split into three titles but no chapters

Comments Complete TV special plus two other appearances All from DivX files but it very good quality Interview segments are, of course, in Finish.

Track Listing Tavista Club (44Mins) [Interview], Misplaced, Blinded No More, [Interview], Kingdom For a Heart, [Interview], 8th Commandment, Shamandalie, [Interview], My Land (inc: I was Made For Loving You), [Interview], Don't Say A Word, [Interview], The Cage  Bonus #1 (6mins) Unknown TV Show  Don't Say A Word   Bonus #2 (4mins) Promo Video   Don't' Say A Word

Sonata Arctica Trapped in a Maze Nambia Hatch, Osaka, Japan 11/2/05 SB 10 2CD

Comments: Disc split is a little uneven but other than that, this is just perfect!!!

Line Up: Tony Kakko - Vocals, Jani Liimatainem - Guitar, Marko Paasokoshi - Bass, Tommy Portimo - Drums, Henrik Klingenberg - Keyboards

Track Listing: CD1 Intro, Misplaced, Blinded No More, Fullmoon, Victoria's Secret, Broken, 8th Commandment, Shamandalie, Kingdom For A Heart, Replica, My Land, Black Sheep, Guitar Solo, San Sebastian, Tony + Audience, CD2 Gravenimage, Don't Say A Word, The Cage + Vodka + Outro

Sonata Arctica Budapest 06 Budapest, Hungary 17/4/06 AU 9 2CD
  Taper: Gogsi
Comments: Brilliant show of a band on top form.
Line Up: Tony Kakko - Vocals, Jani Liimatainem - Guitar, Marko Paasokoshi - Bass, Tommy Portimo - Drums, Henrik Klingenberg - Keyboards
Track Listing CD1  Intro ,  Misplaced, Blinded No More,  Full moon, Victoria's Secret,  Kingdom For A Heart,  Broken, 8th Commandment, San Sebastian, Tallulah, My Land,  Black Sheep, Blank File / Wolf & Raven Mix  CD2 -- Tony Gives a Singing lesson --, Old Song Medley, Don't Say A Word, The Cage, Vodka Song 
Sonata Arctica Night of Grays in St Paul's Station 4, St. Paul, MN, USA 12/4/10 AU 9.5 FLAC
  Lineage: Audio Technica CMC-2 Cardioid mics -> Sound Professionals SPSB-11 mini-battery module with switchable bass rolloff (set at 16 Hz - No Rolloff) -> Zoom H4 (.wav file 44.1 kHz 16-bit) ->  WavePad (track splitting & amplification) .wav PCM format (44.1 kHz, 16-bit) -> FLAC Frontend (level 8) 
Track Listing: Intro, Flag In The Ground, Black Sheep, Paid In Full, The Last Amazing Grays, As If The World Wasn't Ending, Fullmoon, Juliet, 8th Commandment, Broken, The Dead Skin, The Cage, Encore, Soolot - Key & Guitar, In Black And White, Don't Say A Word, Vodka, Outro
Sonata Arctica Aschaffenburg 2012 Colos Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany 12/11/12 AU 10 FLAC
  Taper: SF
Lineage: Sony Mic ECM 717 > Zoom H2 > 16/44 > CD Wave > dbpoweramp > Flac Level 8
Comments: Great sounding show.
Line Up: Tony Kakko - Vocals, Keyboards, Elias Viljanen - Guitar, Marko Paasikoski - Bass, Henrik Klingenberg - Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Tommy Portimo - Drums
Track Listing: Intro (Wildfire, Part: III - MoreWildfire Town, Population: 0), Only The Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful), Black Sheep, Alone In Heaven, Losing My Insanity, Broken, The Gun, The Day, I Have A Right, Tallulah (Acoustic), The Dead Skin (Acoustic), Wanted Dead Or Alive (Jon Bon Jovi Cover - Acoustic), Paid In Full, Shitload Of Money, Replica, Full Moon, Cinderblox, Don't Say A Word w/ Vodka, Outro 
Sonata Arctica Joliet 2014 Mojoes, Joliet, IL, USA 17/9/14 CAM 9 DVD
  Tech: NTSC, 720x480, 29fps, AC3, 96mins, Menu, song Chapters
Filmer: Hurricane62
Lineage: Audio: Audio Technica SP-CMC-2 Cardioid Mics -> SP-SPSB-11 Battery Box with Bass Rolloff set at 96 Hz -> Sony PCM-M10 (44.1 MHz/16 bit) with Limiter ON and Low Pass Filter OFF -> WavePad (AGC & track splitting) -> converted to .flac using Traders Little Helper (SBE's fixed, flac level 8)
Lineage: Video: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum. Chapters and menus added using Sony DVD Architect Studio 5.0

Comments: Single camera filming from the centre, front of the balcony. Great view of the small stage, in perfect clarity from the HD source. Sound is nearly perfect but for a bit of bounce.
Line Up: Tony Kakko - Vocals, Keyboards, Elias Viljanen - Guitar, Pasi Kauppinen  - Bass, Henrik Klingenberg - Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Tommy Portimo - Drums

Song Listing: Intro, The Wolves Die Young, Losing My Insanity, My Land, What Did You Do In The War, Dad?, Cloud Factory, Black Sheep, In The Dark, Flag In The Ground, I Have A Right, X Marks The Spot, Tallulah, Kingdom For A Heart, San Sebastian, Full Moon, -Encore Break-, Blood, Wolf And Raven, Don't Say A Word, Vodka & Outro
Nightwish Rock in Rio 2015 Rock in Rio, Cidade do Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 25/9/15 Pro 9.8 - MKV
  Tech: H264, 1280x720p, 29fps, AAC, 62mins
: Live webcast capture, with logos in both top corners. Occasional tweets are shown at the bottom of the screen. Picture breaks up a little due to lights etc, sounds is great. Sonata Arctica's vocalist joins Marco for 'The Islander' and staying for the next song and the crowd singing the melody to GLS.
Kai Hahto - Drums, Tony Kakko - Vocals (*)
: Roll Tide (INTRO), Shudder Before the Beautiful, Yours Is an Empty Hope, Wishmaster, My Walden, Weak Fantasy,  Stargazers,  The Islander (*), Last Ride of the Day (*), Ghost Love Score, The Greatest Show on Earth (OUTRO)