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Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Disc
Skid Row Slave to the UK Stadium, Wembley, UK 31/8/91 Pro 10* DVD

Picture format: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Audio 1: SB Dolby Digital 2.0, Audio 2: SB Dolby Digital 5:1, Audio 3: VHS Dolby Digital 2, 54 minutes, Authored, Menu / Title
Out-fugging-standing. One of the best DVD's you'll ever see. Full pro shoot, with three audio tracks  two of which are re-mastered into full pounding stereo or surround sound while the  third is the original VHS sound. Picture is crystal clear for this remarkable show of the skids opening for GnR, including Seb's rant about the local authorities attempting to ban them from performing "Get the 'F**k Out". They don't get better than this and I should know. I WAS THERE.

Track Listing: Slave to the Grind, Big Guns, Piece of Me, Riot Act, 18 & Life, Psycho Love, Seb's Rant, Get the F**k Out, Monkey Business, I Remember You, Youth Gone Wild

Skid Row Boys Are Back in Town Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg Sweden 7/12/91 3Cam 9 DVD

Tech: PAL, Full Screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital Stereo, 90mins, Title / Menus & song Chapters

Comments 3 cam mix, with one camera shooting from either side and the third filming straight on. Picture isn't always as sharp as it could be but far from bad with some nice mixing and picture-in-picture angles. Sound is very good.

Guests (*):LA Guns

Track Listing: Slave to the Grind, Big Guns, Here I Am, Making A Mess, 18 And Life, Sma Gordorna, Piece of Me, Drum Solo, Sweet Little Sister, Psycho Therapy, Psycho Love, Mud Kicker, Quicksand Jesus, Get the F**k Out, Monkey Business, Riot Act, Train Kept On Rollin (*), I Remember you, Youth Gone Wild,

Skin Row Donnington 92 Monsters of Rock, Donnington, UK 22/8/92 FM 8 CD
edbangor MASTER: For More Information: CLICK HERE
Skid Row Tokyo 95 NK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 25/6/95 SB 10 2CD

Track Listing CD1 Slave To The Grind, Piece Of Me, Frozen, Here I Am, Face Against My Soul, Beat Yourself Blind, Psycho Therapy, 18 And Life, Psycho Love, Fire Sign, Riot Act, Eileen, Midnight/ Tornado, CD2 Mudkicker, Medicine Jar, Into Another, Monkey Business, Makin' A Mess, Subhuman Race, My Enemy, I Remember You, Youth Gone Wild, Get The F**k Out