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Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Discs
Robert Cray Seattle 80 Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, USA  31/8/80 SB 10 CD

Comments:  Recorded direct from the soundboard so little audience noise 

Track Listing: Play The Blues With Feeling, Can't Hold Back The Tears, The Big Question, The Creeper , Too Many Cooks, If You're Thinking What I'm Thinking, Lovin' that Lovin' stuff, Your Friends, Wrapped Up In Love Again, Up And Jumpin' time,  I'd Rather Be Blind Crippled And Crazy, I've Got Everything, Move On Back Darling, Country Girl

Robert Cray San Antonio 84 San Antonio TX, USA 18/6/84 FM 10 2CD

Track Listing CD1 [instrumental], Phone Booth, Got To Make A Comeback, Tell Me What's The Reason, Bad Influence, Same Thing, Baby Love, Cry For Me, CD2 Share What You Got, Keep What You Need, Where Do I Go From Here, Don't Loose Your Cool, March On, Ain't The Way You Do It, Don't Let Her Ride, My Love Has Never Died


Eric Clapton (w/ Robert Cray)

Legends Jam

Mean Fiddler, London, UK





Comments: Two shows on which EC jammed.

Track Listing: Smoking Gun, Playing in the Dirt, The Last Time, Bad Influence, Phone Booth, Right Next Door

Robert Cray [w Stevie Ray Vaughan] Club Redux 87 Club Redux, Dallas, Texas, USA 21/1/87 SB 10* CD

Comments: Excellent show with Robert on the rise, playing his heart out from his best album and then comes on SRV to join in and jam.

Line Up: Robert Cray - vocals, lead guitar, Tim Kaihatsu - rhythm guitar, Richard Cousins - bass, Peter Boe - keyboards, David Olson - drums guest Stevie Ray Vaughan - guitar (Fender - #1) *

Track Listing: I Guess I Showed Her, Still Around, T-Bone Shuffle, Right Next Door (Because Of Me), Smoking Gun, More Than I Can Stand, Bad Influence, Playing In The Dirt, Porch Light, Foul Play, Phone Booth, False Accusations *, Cray / SRV Jam *, -encore break-, New Blood *

Robert Cray Black Heart / White Hand Tower Theater, Philadelphia, USA 26/4/87 SB 10 CD

Comments: Outstanding soundboard show recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour

Track Listing: Phone Booth,  Bad Influence, More Than I Could Stand, T-Bone Shuffle, False Accusations, I Guess I Showed Her, Foul Play, Right Next Door, Playing in the Dirt, Too Many Cooks, Smokin' Guns, The Crawl

Robert Cray London 88 Odeon, Hammersmith, London, UK --/--/88 FM 10 CD

Track Listing: I Guess I Showed Her, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark, Last Time I Get Burned, Don't You Even Care, Still Around, Night Patrol, I Can't Go Home, Gotta Change The Rules, Playin' In The Dirt, Nothin' But A Woman, Smoking Gun


Eric Clapton [w/ Robert Cray]

24 Nights: Blues Night

Royal Albert Hall, London, UK





Comments: First night of the legendary blues tour. as partly featured on the official "24 Nights" DVD Even the DJ explaining what's happening doesn't detract from the brilliance of this show. From EC calling out cord changes to RC stepping in seamlessly when BG breaks a string in the middle of "Five Long Years" The stereo mix is even so good you can  actually tell who is playing which solo or riff...

Line Up: Eric Clapton - Guitar / Vocals [center], Robert Cray - Guitar / Vocals [right], Buddy Guy - Guitar/ Vocals [left], Johnie Johnson - Keyboards,
Jamie Oldaker - Drums, Robert Cousins - Bass 

Track Listing: CD1 Key to the Highway, Worried Life Blues, All Your Love,  Standing Around Crying / Long Distance Call, Johnnie's Boogie, [Robert Cray joins] Going Down Slow, You Belong to Me, Cry For Me, Same Thing  CD2 [Buddy Guy joins] Money (That's What I Want), Five Long Years,  Everything is Gonna Be Alright, Something On My Mind / My Time After Time, Sweet Home Chicago / Hoochie Coochie Man, Wee Wee Baby 



Guitar Legends - Blues Night

Expo, Servile, Spain





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Eric Clapton

(w/ Jimmy Vaughan, 

Robert Cray, Buddy Guy)

Day After SRV Tribute

Music Hall, Austin, Texas, USA





Comments: As the title states, recorded the day after the official tribute This was more low key, just some friends and family playing together The event would occur again just before EC's Crossroad's Guitar festival in 2004. And like that, this is outstanding.

Line Up: Eric Clapton - Guitar / Vocals, Buddy Guy - Guitar / Vocals, Jimmy Vaughan - Guitar / Vocals, Robert Cray - Guitar, Tilt-a-Whirl Band.

Track Listing: Reconsider Baby, Third Degree, [Buddy Guy joins], Sweet Home Chicago, I Can't quit You Baby, Buddy Blues, Further on Up the Road [EC & BG], Let Me Love You Baby [EC & BG], Wee Wee Baby [JV], Early in the Morning [EC & BG], Can't Judge Nobody [EC], Instrumental Blues Jam


Robert Cray

Frisco Blues Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA, USA 12/12/95 FM 9 2CD

Comments: A couple of radio jingles is the only thing preventing this from being a perfect 10/10

Track Listing: CD1 I Guess I Showed Her , The Forecast Calls For Pain, Our Last Time, Where Do I Go From Here?, I'm A Good Man, The Last Time I Get Burned, I'm In A Phonebooth, I've Got A Problem, CD2 Just A Loser, Right Next Door, I Was Warned, Walk Around Time, Labour Of Love (Too Much Work For Me), Smokin' Gun


Legends (RC on one track)

Northsea Jazz Festival

Statenhal, Den Haag, Netherlands





Comments: Outstanding set mainly due to the bonus track Robert Cray also played the same show and part way through his encore he was joined by

EC, playing one of Robert's guitars, for a jam session that took in several songs for 11 wonderful minutes.

Line Up: Marcus Miller - Bass, Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals, David Sanborn - Saxophone, Joe Sample - Keyboards, Piano, Steve Gadd - Drums 

Track Listing CD1 Full House, Marcus #1, Ruthie, Snakes, Going Down Slow, Peeper, Suggestions CD2 3rd Degree, 1st Song / Tango, Put It Where Any You Want, Jelly Roll / Sentimental, Layla Bonus: Robert Cray Band Right Next Door / Jam


Robert Cray [w/ Memphis Horns]

Chicago 99

Park West, Chicago, IL, USA





Comments: Very good recording Some sharp edits were adverts have been removed but that doesn't distract from the wonderful music..

Track Listing: Love Gone to Waste, I Guess I Showed Her, I'll Go On, 24/7 Man, Pardon, All on Your Own, Consequences, Phonebooth, I've Got to Stay Away?, Smokin' Gun

Robert Cray Leverkusen Leverkusen, Germany 15/11/03 Pro 10* DVD

Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 42minutes, Authored, Menu / Title -  Chapters

Comments Not the full show, obviously, but great quality as you'd expect from Rockpalast..

Line Up: Robert Cray - vocals, guitar, Jim Pugh - keyboards, Karl Sevareid - bass, Kevin Hayes - drums

Track Listing: Right Next Door, Bad Influence, Time Makes Two, Smoking Gun,  Phone Booth,  Back Door Slam,  Our Last Time



Crossroads: All Star Jam

Guitar Center Village, Dallas, TX, USA





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Robert Cray Montreux Jazz 05 Stravinsky Auditorium, Montreux, Switzerland 4/7/05 Pro 10 DVD

Picture format: PAL, Full screen / 16:9, Dolby Digital, 52 minutes
Comments Brilliant quality show in all ways but for the lack of authoring. 

Line Up: Robert Cray -  vocal, guitar, Karl Sevareid - bass, Kevin Hayes - drums, Jim Pugh - keyboards

Track Listing:  Interview  (in English with French subtitles),  Right Next Door, 12 Years Old Boy, My Last Regret, Bad Influence, Twenty, Time Makes Two, Smoking Gun, I'm Walking

Eric Clapton Lucca FM 06 Piazza Napoleone, Lucca, Italy 7/7/06 FM 10 2CD

Comments: Someone has put a lot of work into this by removing almost all the extensive DJ chatter between songs (this is also the reason "Layla" is split into two tracks - the DJ talked over the middle!) The edits are so fine you may not even notice them.

Line Up: Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals, Doyle Bramhall II , Derek Trucks - Guitar, Chris Stainton , Tim Carmon - Keyboards, Willie Weeks - Bass, Steve Jordan - Drums, The Kick Horns: Simon Clarke, Roddy Lorimer, Tim Sanders on Brass, Michelle John , Sharon White- Backing Vocals Guest Robert Cray - Guitar (*)

Track Listing CD1 So Tired (fade in), Got to Get Better in a Little While , Old Love, Everybody Ought to Make a Change, Motherless Children , Back Home, I Am Yours, Nobody Knows You, Running on Faith, After Midnight, Little Queen of Spades, Let it Rain, CD2 Wonderful tonight, Layla, Layla (part 2), Cocaine (*)

Robert Cray Tampa 07 Tampa Theatre, Tampa, Florida, USA 20/10/07 AU 10 2CD

Lineage: SoundPro SP-CMC-8C > Reactive SPA-2 > Edirol R-09 (WAV)> PC > EAC (track markers and normalization) > FLAC
Line Up: Robert Cray = Vocals / Guitar, Kevin Hayes - Drums , Jim Pugh - Keyboards , Karl Sevareid - Bass Guitar 
Track Listing CD1 Phone Booth, Poor Johnny, Twelve Year Old Boy, Bad Influence, Right Next Door (Because of me), Where Do I Go From Here, Back Door Slam, CD2 Twenty, The One In The Middle, Smoking Gun, Sitting On Top Of The World, Time Makes Two

Robert Cray Northampton 09 Calvin Theatre, Northampton MA, USA 8/11/09 AU 9 FLAC

Line Up: Robert Cray - guitar, vocals, Richard Cousins - bass, Tony Braunagel - drums, Jim Pugh - keyboards

Track Listing: Our Last Time, Poor Johnny, Love 2009, Bad Influence, Right Next Door (Because Of Me), Chicken In The Kitchen, This Time, Phone Booth, To Be True, Back Door Slam, Sitting On Top Of The World, Trouble And Pain, Smoking Gun, encore call, I Can't Fail, That's What Keeps Me Rockin', Time Makes Two

Robert Cray Erie PA 2012 Mary D'Angelo Perfoming Arts Center,
Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA, USA
24/2/12 AU 9.5 FLAC

Track Listing: Intro / I Shiver, Some Pain Some Shame, Right Next Door, Poor Johnny, It Doesn't Show, Back Door Slam, audience, Bad Influence, Love Gone To Waste, I Wonder, Chicken In The Kitchen, Intros, Will You Think Of Me, Smokin Gun, Don't You Even Care, Time Makes Two 

Robert Cray Wilmington 2012  The Grand Opera House, Wilmington DE USA 25/9/12 AU 10 FLAC

Taper: edtyre
Lineage: schoeps mk-4 > actives > nbox + > sony pcm-m10 > 24/96 wav > adobe audition >ozone 5 > korg aqua > 16/44.1 wav> xACT 2.20> flac16
Comments: Great sounding show. Show is stored in it's original FLAC format.
Line Up: Robert Cray - guitar, vocals, Richard Cousins - bass, Tony Braunagel - drums, Jimmy Pugh - keys
Track Listing: Anytime, Some Pain, Some Shame, Two Steps From The End, Won't Be Coming Home, Right Next Door (Because Of Me), I Can't Fail
Don't You Even Care, Bouncin' Back, Side Dish, Will You Think Of Me?, The One In The Middle, Bad Influence, Smoking Gun,
-----, Chicken In The Kitchen, No More Tears

Robert Cray Fort Worth 2012 Billy Bob's, Fort Worth TX, USA 14/12/12 AU 10 FLAC

Taper: whotapes
Lineage: SP Core Mics> Battery box with Bass Rolloff at 16Hz> Zoom H4n 16 bit 44.1htz >HDD>Goldwave to split the file > traders little helper flac level 7
Comments: Great sounding show.  Note: Show is stored in it's original FLAC files on a Data formatted CD. 
Line Up: Robert Cray - guitar, vocals, Richard Cousins - bass, Tony Braunagel - drums, Jimmy Pugh - keys
Track Listing: Intro, I Guess I Showed Her, Phone Booth, I Can't Fail , Bouncin' Back, I Shiver, Sadder Days, The Forecast (Calls For Pain), Right Next Door (Because Of Me), Great Big Old House, The One In The Middle, Chicken in the Kitchen , Smoking Gun, Encore Break, Don't You Even Care?, I'm Done Cryin'