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Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Disc


Hard Club 2000

Hard Club - Vila Nova De Gaia, Portugal





Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital,
Single camera from the balcony to the extreme stage right. Lots of blank screen as the camera is hidden or jostled out of line. For most of the Sonata set, only Tony can be seen.Sound is distorted due to gig volume but improved slightly for Rhapsody. as does the camera's view as there's more stage room without SA's gear. Both bands are supporting Stratovarious.

Track Listing Sonata Arctica (30mins) Intro, Destruction Preventer, Full Moon, Replica, My Land, 8th Commandment, Unopened
Rhapsody (44mins): Epicus furor, Emerald sword, Wisdom of the kings, Eternal glory, Land of immortals, Epicus solo, Flames of revenge, Riding the winds of eternity, Ira tenax, Warrior of ice.

Rhapsody Enchanting Paris Elysee Montmatre, Paris, France 11/5/00 AU 9 CD

Track Listing: Intro, Epicus Furor / Emerald Sword, Wisdom of the Kings, Eternal Glory, Land of Immortals, Drum solo,  Flames of Revenge, Riding the Winds of Eternity, Ira Tenax / Warrior of Ice, Band introductions

Rhapsody Bloody Rage of the Chileans  Santiago, Chile 18/7/01 SB 10 CD

Comments: Pure soundboard recording (no audience noise) from the Dawn of Victory Tour.

Track Listing: Lux triumphans / Dawn of victory / The last winged unicorn, The village of dwarves, Wisdom of the kings, Holy drum solo, Dargor, Shadowlord of the black mountain, The bloody rage of the titans, The hunchback of notre dame, Eternal glory, Riding the winds of eternity, Epicus furor, Emerald sword, Symphony of enchanted lands.



Korea 02

Chile 01

Tripot Hall, Seoul, Korea

Santiago, Chile







Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 146minutes, No Menus -  No Chapters

Comments Disc contains two shows. First is the Pro shoot from Korea Followed by an almost full length audience shoot from Chile. Korean footage is spread amongst 4 different DVD titles with the sound only on the right channel Audience shoot is the final title on the disc. Audience footage is single camera from the balcony.

Line Up: Fabio Lione - Vocals, Dominique Leurquin - Guitar, Luca Turilli - Guitar, Patrice Guers - Bass, Alex Holzwarth - Drums, Alex Staropoli - Keyboards

Track Listing Korea - Pro shoot (30mins) Aresius - Knightrider of Doom, Emerald Sword, [interview - in English], Wisdom of the King, March of the Sword master, Legendary Tales (fades) , [interview], Legendary Tales (cont)
Santiago, Chile - 18th July 2001 Audience Shoot (116mins): Dawn Of Victory (The song cuts in), The Last Winged Unicorn, The Village Of Dwarves, Wisdom Of The Kings, Alex Holzwarth Drum Solo, Dargor, Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain, The Bloody Rage Of The Titans, Eternal Glory, Riding the Winds of Eternity, Warrior Of Ice, Epicus Furor / Emerald Sword, Symphony of Enchanted Lands



(w/ Alex Staropoli)

Frankfurt '02

Frankfurt, Germany





Comments: Great show, complete with a marriage proposal!

Line Up: Eric Adams - Vocals, Karl Logan - Guitar, Joey DeMaio - Bass, Scott Columbus - Drums Guest: Alex Staropoli (Rhapsody) - Keyboards (*)

Track Listing: CD1 Intro tape, Manowar, Brothers of Metal, Spirit Horse Of Cherokee, Warriors Of The World,  Kill With Power, Guitar Solo, I Believe, Call To Arms, Kings Of Metal, Sign Of The Hammer, [Eric & the Audience], Bass Solo, Drum Solo, God's Made Heavy Metal, Hail & Kill  CD2 Dueling Banjos (acoustic extract), Herz Aus Stahl (*), Swords In The Wind (*), Master Of The Wind (*),  Courage, --encore break--, Outlaw, Power, House of Death, DeMaio Talks, German Wedding Proposal, DeMaio's German Lesson, Black Wind, Fire And Steel, Outro: The Crown And The Ring

For legal reasons the band change their name.

Rhapsody of Fire

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