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Shows are listed in Chorological order starting with the oldest.
Those boots listed in BROWN are my rips and may differ from other versions available.
Boots listed in RED were sourced from MP3 files.

Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Discs
Manowar Tilburg '87 Tilburg, Holland 23/5/87 AU 7.5 CD

Comments: Factory pressed silver disc.
Track Listing: Manowar, fighting the World, Blow Your Speakers, Gates of Valhalla, Bass Solo, Violence and Bloodshed, Kill With Power, Holy War, Master of Revenge, Black Wind Fire and Steel, Battle Hymn

Manowar NYC 87 New York, USA 1987 Pro 9 DVD

Tech: NTSC, Aspect ratio: 4:3, 42mins, No titles / Menu - random chapters

Comments 3 cam Pro shoot for Japanese TV Clearly ripped from VHS there is a little tape wear This is the full broadcast show but the disc runs for 67mins (23 chapters) but the final 24mins is filled with tape snow!!

Track Listing: Eric's Instructions, Fighting the world, Interview (Joey & Eric), Flight of the Bumble Bee, Hail & Kill, Eric welcomes Japan / rants, Kill with Power, Heart of Steel, Into Glory Ride



Amsterdam 89

Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands





Tech: NTSC, Aspect ratio: 4:3, Audio: 2 channel, 89mins, Auto Play / 19 Random Chapters

Comments Single camera shoot from the centre rear of the hall. Very clear picture despite some loss of focus with some very good close ups. Sound is slightly bass heavy however.

Line Up: Eric Adams - Vocals, David Shankle, - Guitar, Joey DeMaio - Bass, Scott Columbus - Drums

Track Listing: Intro, Manowar, Blood of My Enemies, Guitar Solo, Kings of Metal, Heart of Steel,  Bass Solo, Sting Of The Bumblebee, Eric's Marriage Guidance, All Men Play on Ten, Audience Guitar solo, All Men Play on Ten (reprise),  Hail And Kill, Sign of the Hammer, Wheels Of Fire, Black Wind, Fire And Steel, --encore break--, Joey Talks, Battle Hymn, Outro: The Crown And The Ring

Manowar The Metal Gods Of Dynamo Dynamo Open Air Festival Mierlo Holland 22/5/99 SB 9.5 CD

Track Listing: Kill with Power, Sign of the Hammer, Fighting the World, Eric Talks #1, Joey Bass Solo, Eric Talks #2, Gods Made Heavy Metal, Eric Talks #3, Medley for Holland, (inc: Twilight Zone), Hail and Kill, Return of the World, The Power, Black Wind, Fire and Steel, The Crown and the Ring



(w/ Alex Staropoli)

Frankfurt '02

Frankfurt, Germany





Comments: Great show, complete with a marriage proposal!

Line Up: Eric Adams - Vocals, Karl Logan - Guitar, Joey DeMaio - Bass, Scott Columbus - Drums Guest: Alex Staropoli (Rhapsody) - Keyboards (*)

Track Listing: CD1 Intro tape, Manowar, Brothers of Metal, Spirit Horse Of Cherokee, Warriors Of The World,  Kill With Power, Guitar Solo, I Believe, Call To Arms, Kings Of Metal, Sign Of The Hammer, [Eric & the Audience], Bass Solo, Drum Solo, God's Made Heavy Metal, Hail & Kill  CD2 Dueling Banjos (acoustic extract), Herz Aus Stahl (*), Swords In The Wind (*), Master Of The Wind (*),  Courage, --encore break--, Outlaw, Power, House of Death, DeMaio Talks, German Wedding Proposal, DeMaio's German Lesson, Black Wind, Fire And Steel, Outro: The Crown And The Ring