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Those boots listed in BROWN are my rips and may differ from other versions available.
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Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Discs
Kiss Upgraded Footage Vol1 various TV shows 1974-6 Pro 10 DVD

Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 60 minutes, Menu / Title -  song Chapters

Comments Very nicely put together collection of old TV footage in surprisingly good quality. 

Track Listing: ABC's "In Concert" 1974 Nothing to Lose, Fire House, Black Diamond  Kiss midnight Special 1975: Deuce, She , Black Diamond 

Paul Lynde Halloween Special: Detroit Rock City, King of the Night Time World, Beth, I want You, Hard Luck Woman 

Kiss Destroys Anaheim Anaheim, California, USA 20/8/76 Pro 10 DVD

Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Audio #1: Original - AC-3, Audio #2: Remastered - AC3, 80min, Menu / Title -  17 Chapters

Comments Excellent, transfer of a very old cult show

Line Up: Paul Stanley  - Vocals Guitar, Ace Feesley - Guitar, Gene Simmons - Vocals / Bass, Peter Criss - Drums

Track Listing: Detroit Rock City, King of the Nighttimes World, Let me Go Rock n' Roll, Strutter, Hotter Than Hell, Nothing to Lose, Cold Gin, Ace Solo, Shout it Out Loud, Do You Love Me?, God of Thunder, Peter's Solo, Rock and Roll All Night, Deuce, Firehouse, Black Diamond

Kiss Dynasty Tour Tryouts Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland, FL, USA ?/6/79 SB/MP3 7 2CD

Comments: KISS running through the set for the upcoming tour, and making changes alone the way. 

Line Up: Vocals / Guitar: Paul Stanley, Guitar: Ace , Vocals /  Bass: Gene Simmons, Vocals / Drums: Peter Criss,

Track Listing CD1 King of the Night Time World, Radio Active, Move On, Christine Sixteen, Firehouse, New York Grove (take 1), New York Groove (take II), Calling Dr Love, Tossin and Turning, 2000 Man, Ace Solo, I Was Made For Loving You,  CD2  Gene Solo, God of Thunder, Shout It Out Loud, Rock and Roll All Nite, Beth, Detroit Rock City, Black Diamond, Love Gun

Kiss Summerset 04 Float Rite Amphitheater, Summerset, WI. USA 26/6/04 SB 10 2CD

Line Up: Paul Stanley - Guitar / Vocals, Tommy Trayer - Guitar, Gene Simmons - Vocals / Bass, Eric Singer - Drums

Track Listing CD1 Love Gun, Deuce, Making Love, Love Her All I Can, Lick It Up, Got To Choose, War Machine, Parasite > She Outtro  CD2 I Want You, I Love It Loud, 100,000 Years, Bass Solo > Unholy, Shout It Out Loud, I Was Made For Loving You, Detroit Rock City, God Gave Rock & Roll To You, Rock & Roll All Night

Kiss Zurich 2013 Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland 20/6/13 Pro 10 DVD9
  Tech: NTSC, Widescreen / 16:9, AC3, 114mins, Song Chapters, Menus
Comments: Great looking transfer of the AXSTV/DIRECT TV HD broadcast. Filmed and broacast totally live, so there's a few dodgy camera angles, but all in all this is very good indeed. Some slight breakup on the image at times, especially on long shots but nothing too distracting. Sound is near perfect if lacking in bass.
Line Up:
Paul Stanley - Guitar / Vocals, Tommy Trayer - Guitar, Gene Simmons - Vocals / Bass, Eric Singer - Drums
Track Listing:  Psycho Circus, Shout It Out Loud, Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll, I Love It Loud, Hell or Hallelujah, War Machine, Heaven's on Fire, Deuce, Say Yeah, Shock Me, Outta This World, Guitar Solos, Bass Solo, God of Thunder, Lick It Up, Love Gun, Rock and Roll All Nite, Detroit Rock City, I Was Made for Lovin' You, Black Diamond, God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You 
Bonus Tracks: Private Acoustic Set: Hard Luck Women, Christen Sixteen, Love Her All I Can, Beth


Paul Stanley

& the Canadian Cast

Phantom of the Opera

Toronto Canada





Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 130 minutes, Authored

Comments Single camera shoot from the balcony. Steady held with a good view of the stage. With great sound to match. Discs are fully authored to a high standard. Nice Pro Shot bonus materials

Cast: Paul Stanley - The Phantom
Track Listing DVD #1 Think of Me, Angel of Music, Little Lotte / The Mirror, The Phantom of the Opera, I Remember, Stranger Than You Dreamt, Magical Lasso, Poor Fool He Makes Me Laugh, Why Have you Brought Me Here, Rauol, I've Been There, All I Ask Of You, Bonus  "Fax Much" News Report, "Open Mike" Interview, Pamela Wallin Interview (Part 1)

DVD #2: Masquerade, Why So Silent, Notes, Twisted Every Way, Wishing You Were Somehow Here, Wandering Child, Bravo, Bravo, The Point of No Return, Down Once More, Track Down This Murderer, Beyond the Lake, Bonus Pamela Wallin Interview (Part 2), After Show Party