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Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Discs
Jethro Tull Sight and Sound Hippodrome, London, UK 10/2/77 Pro 10* DVD

Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 60 minutes, Authored, Menu / Title -  Chapters

Comments Great transfer of the BBC recording  taken from the Japanese transmission in perfect quality, Very crisp picture and clean (mono) sound.

Japanese subtitles for Jon's between song comments

Track Listing: Skating Away on The Thin Ice, Jack in the Green, Thick as a Brick, Songs From the Wood, Velvet Green, Hunting Girl, Aqualung, Guitar Solo, Wind Up, Locomotive Breath

Jethro Tull B Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA, USA 12/11/80 FM 10 2CD

Comments: The "Tull Tree" release.

Line Up: Ian Anderson - Vocals / Acoustic Guitar, Martin Barre - Guitar / Mandolin, Eddie Jobson - Keyboard / Violin, Mark Craney - Drums / Bass, David Pegg - Bass

Track Listing: CD1 Intro, Black Sunday, Crossfire, Songs From The Wood, Hunting Girl, The Pine Marten's Jig, Heavy Horses, Ian Anderson Introduces The Band, Skating Away (On The Thin Ice Of The New Day), Instrumental (Including Anderson Flute Solo), Power Trio, Jobson Keyboard Solo, Uniform, Craney Drum Solo, Working John, Working Joe, CD2 Protect And Survive (Including Jobson Violin Solo), Locomotive Breath, Black Sunday (Reprise), Guitar Hero Intro, Aqualung, Bungle In The Jungle, Interview With Ian Anderson

Jethro Tull Supergroups FM  / Beasties

Ravensburg & Boblingen, & Freiburg Germany

28-30/4/82 FM 9 2CD

Comments: Compilation of three German gigs used on USA radio

Track Listing CD1 Intro., The Clasp, Hunting Girl, Fallen On Hard Times, Pussy Willow, Broadsword, One Brown Mouse, Seal Driver, Watching You Watching Me, Weathercock/Fire At Midnight, Keyboard/percussion duet, Sweet Dream, CD2 Songs From The Wood, Crossfire, Heavy Horses, Protect & Survive, Band Intros., Whirling Pits, Pibroch/Black Satin Dancer, Bungle in The Jungle, Aqualung, Minstrel In The Gallery, Locomotive Breath/Black Sunday

Jethro Tull East Dreams Old Gymnasium, Budapest, Hungary  2/6/86 SB 9 CD

Track Listing: Locomotive Breath / Hunting Girl, Living In The Past / Serenade To A Cuckoo ,  Fly By Night, Watching Me Watching You , Instrumentals , Fat Man , Thick As A Brick , Level Pegging Outro , Black Sunday ,  'Unknown Dreams' (instrumental), Aqualung

Jethro Tull Upper Derby 87 Philadelphia, PA, USA 25/11/87 SB 10 2CD

Track Listing CD1 From The Wood, Thick As A Brick, Steel Monkey, Farm On The Freeway, Heavy Horses, Living In The Past, Serenade To A Cuckoo, Budapest, Hunting Girl, The Waking Edge CD2 Bach: Violin Concerto in E (3rd), Keyboard Solo, Drum Solo, Wond'ring Aloud, Skating Away...

Jump Start, Too Old To Rock'N'Roll...Aqualung, Locomotive Breath, Thick As A Brick (reprise), Wind Up

Jethro Tull Songs From the Great Wood Great Wood Performing Arts Center, Mansfield, MA, USA 23/6/88 SB 10 2CD

Track Listing CD1 Cross-Eyed Mary, Nothing Is Easy, Thick As A Brick , Steel Monkey, Farm On The Freeway, A New Day Yesterday , Fat Man,  Budapest, The Swirling Pit, Mother Goose, Part Of The Machine  CD2  My God (incl. Bourée/Soirée), Pussy Willow/Pibroch, Jump Start, Thank To Martins / Years Band Jubilee, Too Old To Rock'N'Roll, Wind Up, Aqualung, Locomotive Breath / Seal Driver / Black Sunday, Thick As A Brick (reprise)

Jethro Tull  Rock of Ages Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy 13/10/91 SB 9 2CD

Comments: Great show although the equipment does break down after the third track leading to the "Interlude of trouble" while it is fixed.

Track Listing CD1 Minstrel in the Gallery / Cross Eyed Mary, Kissing Willie, Welcome & Interlude of Trouble, Rocks on the Road, This is Not Love, Scerenade to a Cockoo, Heavy Horses, Like a Tall Thin Girl, The Whistler, White Innocence, Living in the Past, Doctor My Disease, CD2 My God (Flute Solo), Paparazzi, Thick as a Brick, A new Day Yesterday, Look Into the Sun, Farm on the Freeway, Jump Start, Aqualung , Band Intros, Locomotive  Breath, Instrumental Medley, Thick as a Brick (ending)

Jethro Tull Live at Lonestar Lonestar Roadhouse, NYC, USA 26/4/93 FM 10 CD

Comments: Great sounding a relaxed live broadcast to celebrate the band's 25th Anniversary

Track Listing: Living in the Past, My Sunday Feeling, Thick as a Brick, So Much Trouble, So Far Untitled, Farm on the Freeway, Dammer for a Winer, This is Not Love, Aqualung / Slowdown, Bouree


Jethro Tull

Ohne Filter Extra

TV Studio, Baden-Baden, Germany






Comments: Disc one: Audio CD Disc Two: Data format with MPEG files

Track Listing CD1 Intro , Steel Monkey, Spiral, A New Day Yesterday, Fat Man, Bourée, My God, Passion Jig, Budapest, Locomotive Breath, Living In The Past,  Dogs-Balloons,  Cheerio,   Interview w/Cherno Jobatey , Spiral: Work In Progress , Dot Com: Work In Progress , Hunt By Numbers: Work, In Progress , Black Mamba: Work In Progress  Video Disc (62mins) Steel monkey, Spiral, A New Day Yesterday, Fat Man, Bouree, My God, Passion Jig, Budapest, Locomotive Breath, Living in the Past /,Finale / Cherrio

Jethro Tull Then, Again, Live Performance Theatre, Washington, DC, USA 23/11/04 Official 10 CD
Jethro Tull The Estival Jazz Lugano, Switzerland 9/7/05 Pro 10 DVD

Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 104 minutes, Not Authored

Comments Great transfer of the free outdoor show. Perfect picture and sound just a shame it wasn't authored.

Track Listing: Intro, Aqua-intro, For a Thousand Mothers, Nothing Is Easy, Jack in the Green, Serenade to a Cuckoo, Beggar's Farm, Boris Dancing, Weathercock, We Five Kings, Up to Me, Bouree, Mother Goose, Empty Cafe, Farm On the Freeway, Hymn 43, New Day Yesterday, Budapest, Aqualung, [Award presentation], Locomotive breath, Protect and Survive, Cheerio

Jethro Tull London 2006 Empire, Sheppard's Bush, London, UK 11/3/06 AU 9 2CD

Guest Lucia Micarelli - Violin

Track Listing CD1 Life Is A Long Song, Skating Away..., Living In The Past, Slipstream, Up To Me, Griminelli's Lament, Sibelius Violine Concerto-Aurora, Wond'ring Aloud, 'Moz Art' Medley Cheap Day Return/Mother Goose, She Is Like The Swallow, Bourée  CD2 Nocturne/Bohemian  Rhapsody, Kashmir, Cross-Eyed Mary, Hymn 43, Morris Minus, My God, Budapest, Aqualung, Wind-Up, Locomotive Breath, Protect And Survive,  Cheerio