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Satan, Grim Reaper

NWoBHM Demos






Track Listing: Satan - Demo #1 Into the Fire, Trail by Fire, Blades of Steel, no Turning back Satan - Demo #2 Break Free, Pull the Trigger, The Ritual   Grim Reaper - Demo #1 Entrance, All Hell Let Loose, Loser in Love, Liar  Grim Reaper - Demo #2 See You In Hell, Suck it and See, Now or Never Kraken Kill the King, Executioner, The Kraken

Grim Reaper London 82 London, UK 12/9/82 Cam 8 DVD

Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 46 minutes, 10 random chapters

Comments: Single camera from high in the balcony. Picture is somewhat grainy through age. Sound is mostly good, but does have a little distortion in places Tape SNAFU during "See you in Hell" VERY early show from soon after Steve joined the band. when they still played covers to fill out the set.

Line Up: Steve Grimmet - Vocals, Nick Bowcott - Guitar, Dave Wraklin - Bass, Lee Harris - Drums

Track Listing: Dead On Arrival, Never Coming Back, Wrath of the Ripper, See You in Hell , Born to Wild, All Hell Let Loose, Liar, Guitar Solo / 

You Really Got Me / Band intros / You Really Got Me (reprise), --encore break---, Rock n Roll Tonight

Grim Reaper Headbangor's Ball

Headbangers Ball, Minneapolis, MN, USA

15/10/87 Pro 9.5 DVD

Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, LPCM, 35minutes, Authored, Menu / Title -  Chapters

Comments Original file was download as a high bit rate .avi. It was then converted to MPEG2 using a dual pass before being edited to remove excess footage. The audio track was tweaked slightly to raise the treble, and even out the quality.  However, I couldn't get rid of a tiny amount of apparent tape hiss 

during the last two numbers but overall the sound is very good. 

Line Up:  Steve Grimmet  - Vocals, Nick Bowcott - Guitar, Geoff Curtis - Bass, Mark Simon - Drums

Track Listing: Rock You To Hell, Night of the Vampire, Lust For Freedom, Rock Me Till I Die, Fear No Evil, Dead On Arrival, See You In Hell

Bonus Video: Fear No Evil (Promo) Menu Audio: See You In Hell  (Los Angeles, CA 1984)

Grim Reaper Wacken 00 Wacken, Germany 4/8/00 Cam 9 DVD

Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 38 mins
Single camera filming from the crowd to the left of the stage near the front Slightly shaky at times, with some heads But generally nice and clear. Sound is very good.
Line Up: Steve Grimmet - Vocals,
Track Listing: Fear No Evil, Witchcraft (Lionsheart), Nightmare (Lionsheart), I Need Love (Steve Grimmett Band), Don't Waste My Time (Lionsheart),
Rock You To Hell, See You In Hell, Rock You To Hell (reprise)