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Those boots listed in BROWN are my rips and may differ from other versions available.
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Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art CD
Genesis (Gabriel, Collins, Banks, Rutherford, Hackett) - 1969 to 1975
Genesis From Flower to an Earl Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA 19/12/73 SB/MP3 9.5 2CD

Comments: Sounds like a pure soundboard recording as there is very little audience noise. (maybe they were just quiet!)

Track Listing CD1 Watcher of the Skies, Peter's Intro, Dancing with the Moonlit Night, Peter's Intro, The Cinema Show, I Know What I Like, Peter's Intro, Firth of Fifth, Peter's Intro, Musical Box, CD2 Peter's Intro, Horizons, Supper's Ready (cut), The Musical Box  Bonus Tracks BBC 1971 & 1972, Stagnation, Twilight Alehouse, Ger 'Em Out By Friday, Watcher of the Skies

Genesis (Gabriel, Collins, Banks, Rutherford) - 1976 to 1977
Genesis Sao Paolo 77 Ibirapuera Stadium, Sao Paolo, Brazil 21/5/77 SB/MP3 10 2CD

Comments: Pure soundboard recording with very little audience noise but very clear music including a full version of "Supper's Ready"

Track Listing CD1 Squonk, One for the Vine, Robbery, Assault & Battery, Inside and Out, Firth of Fifth, The Carpet Crawlers, In that Quiet Earth, Afterglow, I Know What I Like, Eleventh Earl of Mars  CD2  Intro, Supper's Ready, Dance on a Volcano, Drum Duet, Los Endos, Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Musical box (closing section)

Genesis Zurich Revisited Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland  2/7/77 SB 10 MP3

Track Listing: CD1, Squonk, One For The Vine, Robbery, Assault & Battery, Inside And Out, Firth Of Fifth, Carpet Crawlers, In That Quiet Earth, Afterglow, I Know What I Like, CD2, Eleventh Earl Of Mar, Supper's Ready, Dance on A Volcano, Drum Duet, Los Endos, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, The Musical Box

Genesis (Collins, Banks, Rutherford) - 1978 - 
Genesis Knebworth '78 Knebworth Festival, UK 24/6/78 FM 9 2CD
Edbangor Master: For More Information: CLICK HERE
Reunion - 2007
Genesis Dusseldorf 07   Dusseldorf , Germany 27/6/07 Pro 10 DVD

Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 165 mins
Line Up:
Phil Collins - Vocals / Drums, Tony Banks - Keyboards / Backing Vocals, Mike Rutherford - Guitars / Bass / Backing Vocals, Daryl Stuermer - Guitar / Bass, Chester Thompson - Drums
Track Listing: Behind the Lines / Dukes End, Turn it On Again, No Son of Mine, Land of Confusion, In the Cage / Cinema Show / Duke's Travels, Afterglow, Hold on My Heart, Home By the Sea / Second Home By the Sea, Follow You, Follow Me, Firth of Fith, I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe), Mama, Ripples, Throwing It All Away, Domino, Drum Solo / Duet, Los Endos, Tonight Tonight Tonight , Invisible Touch, I Can't Dance, Carpet Crawlers