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Gary joins Thin Lizzy on 21st January 1974 and leaves on 25th August 1979

G-Force - 1979 to 1981

Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Format


London 80

Odeon, Hammersmith, London, UK

The Venue, London, UK






Comments: Sound is somewhat muddy.

Line Up: Gary Moore - Vocals / Guitar, Willie Dee - Vocals, Mark Nauseef - Drums, Tony Newton - Bass / Keyboards

Track Listing - Hammersmith Back on the Streets, Because of Your Love, Dancing, You Kissed Me Sweetly, Parisienne Walkways, You, White Knuckles / Rockin' and Rollin', Toughest Street in Town - The Venue Back on the Streets, Because of Your Love, Dancing, You Kissed Me Sweetly, Parisienne Walkways - Bonus Studio - Album Outtake Trust Your Lovin'


Tygers of PanTang

(w/ Gary Moore)


Marquee Club, London, UK





Line Up: Jess Cox - Vocals, John Sykes - Guitar, Rob Wier - Guitar, Rocky - Bass, Brain Dick - Drums  Guest (*)  Gary Moore - Guitar

Track Listing: Euthanasia, Rock n' Roll Man, Insanity, Badger, Badger, Fire Cown, Wild Catz, Suzie Smiled, Money, Don't Touch Me There, Slave to Freedom --encore break-- Tush (*)

G-Force fold, so Gary goes on tour as part of another band.

Greg Lake (featuring Gary Moore) 1981
Greg Lake (w/ Gary Moore)  Toronto 81 Toronto, Canada 21/11/81 AU 9 CD

Comments: Some confusion about the date of this one. But what isn't in doubt is that Gary is playing his socks off. 

Line Up: Greg Lake = Vocals / Guitar, Gary Moore =  Vocals / Guitar,  Tommy Eyre = Keyboards, Ted Mckenna = Drums,  Tristram Margetts = Bass

Track Listing: Fanfare For The Common Man, Karm Evil 9 - Nuclear Attack, The Lie, Retribution Drive, Lucky Man, C'est La Vie, You Really Got A Hold Me, Love You Too Much, 21st Century Schizoid Man, In The Court Of The Crimson King

Gary returns to solo work, now under his own name.

The Gary Moore Band - 1982 to 1983

Gary Moore Band

Do You Want Some More

Reading Festival, UK

Marquee Club, London, UK






Line Up: Charlie Huhn - Vocals/Guitar, Gary Moore - Guitar/Vocals, Neil Murray - Bass, Tommy Eyre - Keyboards, Ian Paice - Drums

Track Listing: Reading Festival .Nuclear Attack, .I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow, .Dallas Warhead, White Knuckles, Rockin' 'N Rollin', .Parisienne Walkways  Marquee Club .Rockin' Every Night, .Back On The Street, Parisienne Walkways

Gary Moore Band BBC In Concert Paris Theater London 9/3/83 FM 10 CD

Line Up: Gary Moore - guitar/vocals, Neil Murray - bass, Don Airey - Keyboard, Ian Paice - drums

Track Listing: Nuclear Attack, Wishing Well, Rockin' Every Night, Cold Hearted, I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow, Falling In Love With You, Hurricane(inc Drum Solo), White Knuckles - Rockin' & Rollin', Back On The Streets


Gary Moore Band

Rock Pop In Concert

Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany





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Old Grey Whistle Test - (Gary Moore, Cozy Powell, Scott Gorman, Phil Lynott, Don Airey)

Cozy Powell Behind the History Of... various various TV 10 2DVD
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Ditching the "Band" Gary goes out under his own name.

Gary Moore (Rock Period) 1982 to 1989


The Tube

TV Studios, Newcastle, UK





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Gary Moore Sight & Sound 1983
Donnington 1984
England 83/84 FM 9.5 CD
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Gary Moore Goldiggers 84 Golddiggers, Chippenham, UK 21/1/84 TV 9 DVD

Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 42 minutes, Authored
Line Up:
Gary Moore - Vocals / Guitar, Neil Carter - Keyboards / Guitar / Vocals, , Craig Gruber - Bass, Ian Paice - Drums,

Track Listing: Rockin' Every Night, Shapes Of Things, Hold On To Love, Victims Of The Future, Empty Rooms, End Of The World, Back On The Streets


Various [w/ Phil Lynott]

ECT #2

TV Studios, UK





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Gary Moore Belfast 89 Kings Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland 9/3/89 Pro 10* DVD

Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 70minutes, Menu / Title - 15 Random Chapters

Line Up: Gary Moore - Vocals / Guitar, Bob Daisley - Bass, Chris Slade - Drums, Neil Carter - Keyboards / Vocals, Guest (ECT footage only) Phil Lynott - Bass / Vocals

Track Listing: After the War, Military Man, So Far Away, Empty Rooms, Blood of the Emeralds, Out in the Fields, Over the Hills and Far Away, Johnny Boy, Parisienne Walkways Bonus Live on "ECT" 1985 Out in the Fields, Military Man

Gary returns to his Blues roots.

Gary Moore (Blues Period) 1990 to 2010

Gary Moore

(w/ Albert Collins)

Livin Blues'

Montreaux, Switzerland 





Line Up: Gary Moore - Vocals / Guitar, Albert Collins - Guitar
Track Listing: The Stumble, All Your Love, Midnight Blues, ,You Don't Love Me, Still Got the Blues, Texas Strut, Moving On, Too Tired, Cold, Cold, Feeling, Further on Up the Road, King of the Blues, Stop Messin' Around

Gary Moore Just the Blues Europe 1992 AU 7 CD

Comments: Factory Pressed Silver Disc
Track Listing:
Cold Day in Hell, Walking By Myself, Oh Pretty Woman, My Guitar Has the Blues, You Don't Love Me, Still Got the Blues, Too Tired, The Sky is Crying, Further on Up the Road, Jumping at Shadows

Gary Moore Last Blues for Greeny SWF's Festival, Balingen 23/6/95 SB 9 2CD

Track Listing: CD1 Walking by myself, Long grey mare, Oh pretty woman, I loved another woman, Merry go round, The stumble, Need your love so bad, You don't love me, Key to love, All your love, Still got the blues, Since I met you baby CD2 The sky is cryin, Too tired, The blues is allright, Stop messin around, Jumpin all shadows  Bonus Tracks Hammersmith, London 28.09.85 Run for cover, Parisienne walkways Isstadium, Stockholm 25.04.87 Thunder rising, Reach for the sky

Gary Moore Ohne Filter 97

Ohne Filter Show, Germany

"Take It To The Bridge" VH1 Studios, ?

Pro 10 DVD

Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 90 minutes, Authored

Comments Good quality transfer as you'd expect from Silver Stallion of two shows from the Dark Days of Paradise tour.

Track Listing  "Ohne Filter Show" (60 mins) One Good Reason, One Fine Day, Cold Wind Blows, Like Angels, Pretty Woman, Still Got The Blues,  Walking By Myself, Business As Usual, Over The Hills And Far Away  VH1 "Take It To The Bridge", (30 mins) One Fine Day, Cold Wind Blows, All Your Love, Always There for You, One Good Reason, Still Got The Blues

Gary Moore The Blues is Starting Point Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, Germany 13/3/00 SB 9 2CD

Line Up: Gary Moore - Guitar/Vocals, Pete Rees - Bass, Vic Martin - Keyboards, Graham Walker - Drums

Track Listing CD1 Walking By Myself, Oh Pretty Woman, Lost in Your Love, Need Your Love So Bad, I Loved Another Woman, Since I Met You Baby, Surrender, The Prophet CD2 All Your Love, Still Got the Blues, Fire, Too Tired, The Sky is Crying, Further on Up the Road, The Blues is Alright


Gary Moore

Piazza Blues

Piazza Blues Festival, Bellinzona, Switzerland





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Gary Moore Cold Black Night Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland 6/7/01 SB/MP3 9 2CD

Track Listing: CD1 You Upset Me Baby, Cold Black Night, Stormy Monday, Oh Pretty Woman, Walking By Myself, All Your Love, Still Got the Blues, Too Tired, How Many Lies, Fire, CD2 The Blues is Alright, Enough of the Blues, The Prophet,

Gary Moore
[& ZZ Top]
Beer, Beards & Moore Jahrhunderthalle Hochst, Frankfurt Germany 12/10/02 AU 9 2CD

Comments: Great sounding show, which may have been the first the Tops had played without all three original members, due to Frank Beard being ill and his drum tech sitting in instead. Meanwhile, Gary Moore had his short lived Scars band, supporting them with tracks from their only album as well as blues numbers. 

Line Up: Gary Moore Scars Band Gary Moore - Vocals / Guitar, Cass Lewis - Bass , Darrin Mooney - Drums

Track Listing CD1(76:15) ZZ Top: Ross Mitchell Intro, Tube Snake Boogie, I Thank You, Pincushion, Got Me Under Pressure, Waitin' for the Bus, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Future Blues, I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide, Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers, Rough Boy, Mexican Blackbird, Cheap Sunglasses, Just Got Paid, I Loved a Woman, Bang Bang & Shang Alang, Gimme All Your Lovin', Sharp Dressed Man, CD2 (78:17) ZZ Top (cont)  Legs, LaGrange, Tush Gary Moore/Scars Pretty Woman, When The Sun Goes Down, World Of Confusion, Stormy Monday, Walking By Myself, Still Got The Blues, Since I Met You Baby, Bullet Train, Fire (Hendrix Cover), My Baby (She's So Good To Me), Happy Birthday 



Boy Is Back in Town

Point Theater, Dublin, Ireland





Comments: Tribute to Phil Lynott as his statue was unveiled Gary Moore starts the show with a solo number before bringing out two more Lizzy members This show is officially available on DVD

Line Up: Gary Moore - Guitar / Vocals, Scott Gorman - Guitar, Eric Bell - Guitar,
Track Listing:
Walking by myself , Jailbreak , Don't believe a word [slow & fast versions], Emerald, [Scott Gorman joins], Still in love with you, Black rose, Cowboy song, The boys are back in town [Eric Bell is introduced] Whiskey in the jar 

Gary returns to rock for a summer tour

Back to Rock Summer Tour - 2010
Gary Moore Trondheim 2010 [1st show] Trondheim Rock Festival, Marketplace, Trondheim,  Norway 22/5/10 AU 10 FLAC

Taper: yono66
Lineage: master dat-tape > Philips cdr burner > EAC to wav > flacs in Flac Frontend > dime!
Comments: taper's notes: And we welcome back mr. Gary Moore to the ranks of rock'n roll!! This is the first show on this tour where he goes back to his rock classics from the past. I wasn't sure what to expect before they came on stage, but this blew me away.  I don't remember the last time I had such a good time during a rock concert. Must have been Dream Theater back in '04. Gary played excellent, as you might expect,  and it was good to see the face of Neil Carter back with him on stage as well. 
Line Up: Gary Moore - Vocals / Guitar, Neil Carter - Guitar / Keyboards, Jon Noyce - Bass, Darrin Mooney - Drums
Track Listing CD1 Intro, Over The Hills And Far Away, Thunder Rising, Military Man, Days of Heroes (new!), Where Are You Now? (new!), Empty Rooms-intro, Empty Rooms, A Wild One CD2 Blood Of Emeralds, Out In The Fields, Still Got The Blues, Walking By Myself, Johnny Boy, -encore-,  Parisienne Walkways

Gary Moore sadly passed away on 6th February 2011