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Shows are listed in Chorological order starting with the oldest.
Those boots listed in BROWN are my rips and may differ from other versions available.

Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art CD


ECT #3

TV Studios, UK





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The E.C.T. Tube

Various TV Studios, UK





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25th Anniversary Show
Dumpy's Rusty Nuts Notts County 07 The Meadow Club, Notts County Football Ground, Nottingham, UK 2/6/07 Cam 9 DVD

Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital,  69 mins
Shot by a single, stationary camera looking directly on at the bad.Camera was probably un-manned as there's no close ups but it is clearly mounted in front of the audience with very steady footage. even though it does have something of a green tint (maybe from the lights) Sound is perfectly clear. However the show does end sharply, clearly before the band had finished. Traded directly with the MASTERS.
Line Up: Dumpy - Vocals / Guitar, Martin Connelly - Bass, Andy ? - Drums
Track Listing: Intro, It's Got to Be Blues, Spend the Night, Come on Everybody, Rocking the Blues (?), --power failure--, Flying on Two Wheels, Drinking the Dog, Hot Lover, [unknown title], Out of Reach, Whole Lotta Blues, Hawkwind, Just For Kicks (slow version), Give Me Love (?), Tush, Cow S**t Under My Wheels, [cut]

Dumpy's "other" band performing blues covers from the 1960s

Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art CD
Dumpy's Blues Intoxicated The Bell 07 The Bell Inn, Nottingham, UK 22/3/07 Cam 10 DVD

Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 70 mins
Single camera filming with Dumpy's permission of the band playing in the corner of a small pub gig. Very clear picture and sound throughout. But the Disc clearly ends before the band is finished.
Line Up: Dumpy - Vocals / Guitar, Steve Smith - Bass, George Hayes - Drums,
Track Listing: First Set:
Stepping Out, Riding on the L and N, Drinking the Dog, Sunshine of Your Love, Walk - Don't Run, Shakin All Over, Tush, Baby Please Don't Go  Second Set I've Gotta Kinda Feelin, Rock Me Baby, Hey Joe, Brand New Cadillac, High heel Sneakers, Out of Time, [cut]