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Cream - 29th July 1966 to 26th October 1968
Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Discs


Renovating the Blues

Klooks Kleek, London

Konserthusert, Stockholm, Sweden

Ricky Tick, Hounslow, London







Comments: Three early shows. Tracks marked (*) are incomplete.

Line Up: Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals: Jack Bruce - Bass, Vocals: Ginger Baker - Drums

Track Listing: CD1 Klooks Kleek - 15/11/66 Stepping Out, Sweet Wine, Meet Me in the Bottom, N.S.U., Hey Lawdy Mama, Sleepy Time Time, Crossroads  Konserthousert - 7/3/67 N.S.U., Stepping Out, Train time, Toad, I'm So Glad  CD2 Ricky Tick - 22/4/67 Sunshine of Your Love, Hey Lawdy Mama, Sweet Wine, Rolling & Tumbling, Spoonful (*), Sitting on Top of the World (*), Toad (*)

Cream The First Farewell Oakland, California, USA 4/10/68 SB/MP3 8 CD

Line Up: Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals, Jack Bruce - Bass, Vocals, Ginger Baker - Drums

Track Listing: 1) White Room, 2) Politician, 3) Crossroads, 4) Sunshine of Your Love, 5) Spoonful, 6) Deserted Cities of the Heart, 7) Passing the Time, 8) I'm So Glad, Bonus Tracks: Winterland, 3rd October 1968 9) Steppin' Out LA Forum, 19th October 1968 10) Sitting On Top of the World 

The band reunite briefly as they are inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame

Cream - Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame - 11th to 12th January 1993


Long Time Coming

Power Plant Studios, New York, USA

Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame






Line Up: Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals : Jack Bruce Vocals, Bass ; Ginger Baker Drums 

Track Listing:  Rehearsals - 11/1/93 Sunshine of Your Love 1, Sunshine of Your Love 2, Sunshine of Your Love 3,  Sunshine of Your Love 4,  Sunshine of Your Love 5&6,  Born Under a Bad Sign 1,  Crossroads 1&2,  Crossroads 3, Instrumental,  Sunshine of Your Love 7,  Born Under a Bad Sign 2, Crossroads 4 Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame - 12/1/93  Sunshine of Your Love , Born Under a Bad Sign , Crossroads 

The long awaited reunion finally happens.

Cream Reunion - 2nd to 6th May 2005 & 24th to 26th October 2005

Cream Do What You Like! Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA 24/10/05 AU 9 2CD

Comments: First time EVER "Tales of Brave Ulysses" was played live.

Line Up: Eric Clapton - Guitar / Vocals, Jack Bruce - Bass / Harmonica / Vocals, Ginger Baker - Drums / Vocals

Track Listing: CD1  I'm So Glad,  Spoonful,  Outside Woman Blues,  Pressed Rat and Warthog, Sleepy Time Time,  Tales of Brave Ulysses ,  N.S.U., Badge,  Politician,  Sweet Wine,  Rollin' & Tumblin',  Stormy Monday,  Deserted Cities of the Heart  CD2 Born Under A Bad Sign, We're Going Wrong, Crossroads,  Sitting On Top Of The World, White Room ,  Toad, --encore--, Sunshine of Your Love