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Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Discs

Samson (& UFO)

Reading 81

Birmingham 80

Reading Festival, Berkshire, UK

Birmingham, UK 







Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 115 minutes,
Comments Reading
; single camera from on stage Chris side and then on Paul's side and then back again some sound dropout, and occasional picture breakup & sharp editing between tracks as the camera moves from one side to the other  but otherwise rather good although the a/v sync is off in places.

Birmingham: Single camera shoot nearly dead on to the band over the heads of the crowd. Very clear picture and sound. although some tape wear is evident although you can see Bruce Dickinson's moustache!!! .

London 92: Pro shoot 

Line Up: Samson Bruce, Bruce (Dickinson) - Vocals, Paul Samson - Guitar, Chris Alymer - Bass, Mel Gaynor - Drums (81), Thunderstick - Drums (80)
UFO: Phil Mogg - Vocals, Lawrence Archer - Guitar, Pete Way - Bass, Clive Edwards - Drums, Jem Davis - Keyboards

Track Listing: Samson - Reading 1981 (45 mins), [Behind the scenes / Going to the stage], Big Brother, Take it Like a Man

[camera moves to Paul's side], Nice Girl [camera movies back to Chris' side], Earth Mother, [back on Paul's side], Vice Versa, [back to Chris' side], Bright Lights, Guitar Solo, Walking Out On You, Hammerhead, Riding With the Angels, --encore break--, Gravy Train (new song - unreleased), Band Intros / Solos, Gravy Train (reprise), [backstage footage]
Samson - Birmingham 1980 (50mins) Intro, [unknown instrumental], Big Brother, Six Foot Under, Hard Times, Take Me to Your Leader, [unknown song], Inside Out, Vice Versa, Hammerhead, Take it Like a Man, Too Close to Rock,  [unknown clip of Paul Samson in the 2000s
UFO - Country Club 1992 (20mins) Running up the Highway, [interview with Phil and Pete], [audience interviews etc], Backdoor Man, Borderline

Bruce Dickinson Los Angeles 1990 Astoria, London, UK 1990 SB 10 CD

Comments: Shared disc with Judas Priest Los Angeles 1990:
Line Up:
Bruce Dickinson: Vocals, Janick Gers: Guitar, Andy Carr: Bass, Fabio Del Rio: Drums
Track Listing: Riding with the Angels, Born in '58, Lickin' the Gun, Hell on Wheels, All the Young Dudes, Tattooed Millionaire, Sin City, Wishing Well, Black Night


Bruce Dickinson

Milan / Nuremburg 90

Nuremburg, Germany

Milan, Italy






Tech Info: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 100 minutes, Authored

Comments: Milan footage is a little washed out, and dark but sounds great. Nurenburg, has better color balance, but the sound is a touch splashy

Line Up: Bruce Dickinson: Vocals, Janick Gers: Guitar, Andy Carr: Bass, Fabio Del Rio: Drums

Track Listing: Rolling Stone, Milano, Italy 10/7/90 - 63 mins: Riding with the Angel, Born in 58, Licking the Gun, Gypsy Road, Zulu Lulu, Son of a Gun, Hell on Wheels, All the Young Dudes, Tattooed Millionaire, No Lies, Sin City, Wishing Well, Black Night  Nurnberg, Germany 6/7/90 - 37mins Riding with the Angels, Licking the Gun, Gypsy Road, No Lies, Sin City, Wishing Well, Black Night

Bruce Dickinson Accident in Brazil Skol Rock Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil 15/11/97 SB/MP3 7.5 CD

Comments: Sound isn't as full as you'd normally expect from a SB recording but still clear.

Line Up: Bruce Dickinson - Vocals, Adrian Smith - Guitar and others

Track Listing: Accident of Birth, Toltec 7 Arrival / Star Children, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Dark side of Aquarius, The Magician, Road to Hell, Tattooed Millionaire, Tears of the Dragon, Powerslave, Taking the Queen, Flight of Icarus, Laughing at the Hiding Bush, Run to the Hills


Bruce Dickinson &

Jason Bonham Band

Chile Rockfest 97

Chile Rockfest, Santiago. Chile





Tech Info: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 71 minutes, Authored, Menu / Title -  Chapters

Comments: Great transfer of the TV broadcast of both bands.

Track Listing: Jason Bonham Band (25mins): Heartbreaker, Communication Breakdown, Whole Lotta Love, Rock n Roll, Stairway to Heaven

Bruce Dickinson (46 mins): Accident of Birth, 2 Minutes to midnight, Darkside of Aquarius, Tattoed Millionaire, Tears of a Dragon, Powerslave, Run to the Hills

Dream Theater
(w/ Bruce)

Los Angeles, California

House of Blues, Los Angles, CA, USA 18/5/98 Official 9 - 2CD
SAS Band
[w/ Brian May, Roger Taylor
& Bruce Dickinson]
Freddie's 10th Anniversary Ocean Club, London, UK 24/11/01 AU 10 CD

Lineage:  minidisc recorder (external mic) > PC audio capture > CD > WAV > FLAC
Comments: Tribute show put on by the Queen fan club, to mark the 10th year since Freddie's passing. The first set (not recorded) featured the house band with fan club members. But this is the second set, with a band led by Queen's on stage extra member. with a surprise appearance by Bruce Dickinson (who hadn't learnt the end of the song) and then, Brian and Roger.
Line Up:
Chris Thompson - Vocals (unless noted), Spike Edney - Keyboards, Jamie Moses - Guitar, Eric Singer - Drums, Neil Murray - Bass Guests: Bruce Dickinson - Vocals,  Brian May - Guitar / Vocals, Roger Taylor - Drums, Treana Morris - Vocals
Track Listing: 01 - Now I'm Here, 02 - Another One Bites The Dust, 03 - Hammer To Fall, 04 - I Want To Break Free (Bruce Dickinson Vocals), -Brian May and Roger Taylor come on stage- 05 - Radio Ga Ga (Roger Taylor vocals), 06 - Since You've Been Gone (Brian May vocals), 07 - Under Pressure (Roger Taylor Treana Morris vocals), 08 - Strange Frontier (Roger Taylor vocals), 09 - Tie Your Mother Down (Brian May vocals), 10 - No One But You (Brian May & Roger Taylor vocals), 11 - The Show Must Go On, 12 - We Will Rock You, 13 - We Are The Champions

Bruce Dickinson W:O:A 02  Wacken Open Air, Germany 2/8/02 AU 7 2CD

Track Listing: CD1 Silver Wings, Back From the Edge, Broken, Revelations, Accident of Birth, Dark side of Aquarius, The Tower, Tears of the Dragon, Laughing in the hiding Bush, Inner space  CD2  Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter, Tattooed Millionaire, The Prisoner, Powerslave, Dalilah