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Blind Guardian

Woodland Rock 

Banish From Sanctuary

Frankfurt, Germany






Comments: Brilliant show with the band and crowd on great form.

Track Listing: Intro, Banish From Sanctuary, Traveller in Time, Journey Through the Dark, The Quest For Tanelorn, The Bard's Song - In the Forest, The Bard's Song - The Hobbit, Tommy Knockers, Valhalla, Time What is Time, Welcome to Dying, The Piper's Calling, Somewhere Far Beyond, Lord of the Rings

Blind Guardian Nightfall In The East  Tokyo, Japan 3/10/98 AU 8 2CD
  Track Listing CD1 Intro, Into the Storm, Lost in the Twilight Hall, Ashes to Ashes, Nightfall, Black Chamber, Valhalla, Mordrred's Song, The Script for my Requiem, Welcome to Dying, Blood Tears, Time What is Time  CD2  Bright Eyes, Thorn, Traveller in Time, Imaginations from the Other Side, Time Stand Still (at the Iron Hill), Lords of the Ring, And the Story Ends, Mirror, Mirror

Blind Guardian

(& Freedom Call)

Night Fall at the Opera

Langen, Germany






Comments: Outstanding radio show, only slightly spoilt by the DJ who pops up slightly more than he should, although he doesn't talk over the music

Track Listing  CD1  HR3 Radio Jingle, War Of Wrath, Into The Storm , Welcome To Dying, Nightfall, The Script For My Requiem, The Bard's Song - In The Forest, Under The Ice, Valhalla, The Soulforged, Run For The Night, Mordred's Song, Punishment Divine, Harvest Of Sorrow   CD2  HR3 Radio Jingle, Imaginations From The Other Side, Lost In The Twilight Hall, Past And Future Secret, Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill), Mirror Mirror, Aftershow-Interviews, HR 3 Radio Jingle  Bonus Tracks - Freedom Call Intro - The Spell, We Are the One, Freedom Call, Shine on Starlight, The Quest, The Quest Part 2, Warriors Rise Up, The Land of Light, The Hymn of the Brave

Blind Guardian A Twist in the Muth Wacken, Germany 3/8/07 Pro 10* DVD
  Tech Details: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital, 90 mins. Authored, Song Chapters, Menu/s
Full quality Pro shoot probably from German TV, but there's no on screen logos so maybe from a master version
Track Listing: 01-War Of Wrath, 02-Into The Storm, 03-Born In A Mourning Hall, 04-Nightfall, 05-The Script For My Requiem, 06-Fly, 07-Valhalla
08-Otherland, 09-Welcome To Dying, 10-Traveller In Time, 11-The Bard's Song, 12-Bright Eyes, 13-Time Stands Still, 14-Imaginations From The Other Side, 15-Punishment Divine, 16-Lord Of The Rings, 17-This Will Never End
Blind Guardian
& Avantasia
Wacken 2011 Wacken Open Air, Germany 6/8/11
Pro 10* DVD
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Blind Guardian Wacken 2016 Wacken Open Air, Wacken, German 5/8/16 Pro 10* -- .MKV
  Tech:  Video: H264, 1280x720p, 25fps, 2584Kbps. Audio: AAC, 48KHz, 191Kbps. 93mins, 1.8gb
Arte Concert webcast > DownThemAll! > TSSplitter > .mkv
: Stream capture of the live web broadcast,
Song List: The Ninth Wave, The Script for My Requiem, Nightfall, Fly, Tanelorn (Into the Void), The Last Candle, Lord of the Rings, Time Stands Still (at the Iron Hill), Time What Is Time, Imaginations from the Other Side, Twilight of the Gods, The Bard's Song - In the Forest, Mirror Mirror, Valhalla