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Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Format
Anthrax Germany 86 Bochum, Germany 15/12//86 Pro 10 DVD

Tech: NTSC, Full screen / 4:3, Dolby Digital AC-3, 70 minutes, Menu / Title -  16 song Chapters
Track Listing: 
AIR, Anthrax, Metal Thrashing Mad, Panic, Enemy, Death Ride, Mad House, Guitar Solo, Howling Furies, After Shock, Soldiers of Metal, Solos, God Save the Queen, Gung Ho, Stand or Fall, War Inside My Head

Anthrax Big Chief Metal Mosher Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland 5/11/87 AU - - 2Vinyl

[Dio &] Anthrax


The Bone Heaven & Hell 
Helloween Bash

The Grand, San Francisco, CA, USA





Track Listing: CD1 DIO 1. Killing the Dragon (Intro Music), 2. One More For The Road, 3. Sign of the Southern Cross, 4. Stargazer, 5. Stand Up & Shout, 6. Simon Wright Drum Solo, 7. Don't Talk to Strangers, 8. The Eyes, 9. Killing the Dragon, 10. Man on the Silver Mountain, 11. Craig Goldy Guitar Solo, 12. Long live Rock 'n' Roll, 13. Man on the Silver Mountain (Reprise), 14. Rock 'n' Roll Children, 15. Gates of Babylon, 16. Holy Diver  CD2 DIO (Cont) 1. Heaven & Hell, 2. The Last in Line, 3. The Last in Line (Cont), 4. Rainbow in the Dark, 5. We Rock,  Anthrax: 6. Billy Steel Intro, 7. Blues Brothers Intro Music, 8. N.F.L., 9. Caught in a Mosh, 10. Safe Home, 11. Antisocial, 12. Keep it in the Family, 13. What Doesn't Die, 14. Deathrider, 15. Only

Anthrax Dynamo 05 Dynamo Open Air, Helledoorn, Netherlands 7/5/05 SB 10 CD

Line Up: Joey Belladona - Vocals, Dan Spiz - Guitar, Scott Ian - Guitar, Frank Bello - Bass, Charlie Benante - Drums, Guest (*) Chuck Billy (Testament)

Track Listing: Intro, Among the Living, Got the Time, Caught in a Mosh, A.I.R, Mad house, Anti-Social, Efilnikufesin, Death Rider, Medusa, Indians (*)

Indians (continued), Be All End All, I Am the Man, Metal Thrashing Mad, I Am the Law

Anthrax Sheffield 06 Sheffield, UK 8/4/06 Cam 9 DVD

Filmer: Dreamweaver

Tech: PAL, Full screen / 4:3, Audio: 2 channel, 86 minutes, Authored: YES

Comments: traded directly with the filmer. Single camera shoot from the left over the heads of the crowd Great sound and close ups

Track Listing: Blues brothers intro, Among the living, Metal thrashing Mad, Got the time, Caught in a mosh, A.I.R., Skeletons in the closet, Antisocial, N.F.L., Medusa, Indians, Be all. end all, I'm the man, I am the law

The Big Four
Anthrax, Megadeth, 
Slayer, Metallica
Sonisphere 2010

Sonisphere Festival, Levski Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria 

22/6/10 Pro Official -- DVD