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Those boots listed in BROWN are my rips and may differ from other versions available.
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Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Discs
Alice Cooper Sick Various 69-81 Vinyl   - Vinyl
Alice Cooper Killer tour Cobo Hall, Detroit, USA 31/7/72 AU 7.5 CD

Comments: The title is incorrect as this isn't from the Killers tour but from Schools Out

Track Listing: Be My Lover, You Drive Me Nervous, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Eighteen, Halo of Flies, Dead Babies, Killer, Schools Out, It's My Body


Alice Cooper

When Nightmares Turn to Dreams

LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA, USA





Comments:  From the "King Biscuit Flower hour" broadcast 

Track Listing: 1 Welcome to My Nightmare, 2 No More Mr. Nice Guy , 3 Billion Dollar Babies , 4 I'm Eighteen , 5 Some Folks, 6 Cold Ethyl , 7 Devil’s Food & The Black Widow, 8 Steven, 9 Welcome to My Nightmare reprise & Escape, 10 School’s Out , 11 Department of Youth


Alice Cooper

[Nazareth & The Tubes]

TV Special 77

Anaheim, California, USA





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Alice Cooper One Halloween Night Wendler Arena Saginaw, Michigan , USA 10/5/78 SB/MP3 9 CD

Comments: Great quality show. Although someone seems a little confused as to when Halloween actually is?

Line Up: Alice Cooper - Vocals , Davey Johnstone - Guitar , Jefferson ?  - Guitar , Dean Murray - bass, Dennis Conway - Drums , Fred Mandel - Keyboard

Track Listing: Under My Wheels, Billion Dollar Babies , I'm Eighteen

Alice Cooper Studio Jam 79 [unknown venue] 1979 SB 10 CD

Comments: Excellent show even if we don't know where it was from. other than it was broadcast on the "Studio Jam" show.

Track Listing: 1. Intro/From The Inside, 2. Serious, 3. Vincent Price, 4. Welcome To My Nightmare, 5. Billion Dollar Babies, 6. Eighteen, 7. Quiet Room/I Never Cry, 8. Band Jam Medley, 9. Beverly Hills, 10. Nurse Rozetta, 11. Go To Hell, 12. Schools Out W/ Band Intros, 13. Interview, 14. Promo

Alice Cooper Glasgow 82 Glasgow, Scotland 19/2/82 FM 10 CD

Comments: Pure soundboard. Very little audience noise.

Track Listing: Intro, Who Do You Think We Are?, Go to Hell, Guilty, Eighteen, Cold Ethyl, Only Woman Bleed, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Under My Wheels, I Never Cry, He's Out, Grim Facts, I'm Your Pain, Billion Dollar Babies, [unknown song], School's Out, Band Intros / Solos, School's Out (reprise), Bonus Studio Tracks: Who Do You Think We Are, [unknown track]

Alice Cooper Nightmare Returns Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI, USA 31/10/86 SB 10 CD

Comments: Brilliantly Ripped from the Video / DVD

Track Listing: Welcome to my Nightmare, Billion Dollar Babies, No more Mr Nice Guy, Be My Lover, Eighteen, World Needs Guts, Give it Up, Cold Ethyl, Go To Hell, Ballad of Dwight Fry, Teenage Frankenstein, Sick Things, I Love the Dead, School's Out, Elected, Under My Wheels

Alice Cooper Under the Blade Arena, Wembley, UK 23/11/86 Vinyl   - Vinyl
Alice Cooper Cincinnati 87 Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 6/3/87 FM 9 CD

Comments: Some sources claim this is a video rip from "nightmare Returns" but the Radio announcer clearly states it is from Cincinnati rather than Detroit. Plus Alice thanks Cincinnati at the end! Encore tracks aren't mentioned on the covers.

Line Up: Alice Cooper - Vocal , Kane Roberts - Lead Guitar , Kip Winger - Bass , Develin 7 - Guitar , Ken Mary - Drums , Paul Horrors - Keyboard

Track Listing:  Radio Intro - (No More Mr. Nice Guy), Welcome to My Nightmare, Billion Dollar Babies, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Be My Lover, Eighteen, World Needs Guts, Give It Up, Cold Ethyl, Only Women Bleed, Go To Hell, Ballad of Dwight Fry, Sick Things, I Love the Dead, School's Out, Band Intros / Solos, School's Out (reprise), --encore break--, Elected, Under My Wheels


Alice Cooper

Hey Stoopid Promo Tour

Towson, MD, USA

Philadelphia, PA, USA







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Alice Cooper New York 91 New York, USA 13/9/91 SB 10 CD

Comments: Great show even if Alice doesn't talk to the crowd at all.

Track Listing:  No More Mr. Nice Guy , Billion Dollar Babies, Only Women Bleed / In My Room, Wind Up Toy, Steven, Sick Things, Feed My Frankenstein, Cold Ethel, Love's a Loaded Gun, I'm Eighteen, Go to Hell, School's Out, --encore break--, Hey Stoopid

Alice Cooper Live @ PECSA Budapest, Hungary 27/6/97 Pro 10 DVD
Edbangor Version: For More information: Click Here
Alice Cooper Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting. Hamilton Place, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 25/9/99 AU 9 2CD

Comments: Great recording of a great show.

Track Listing: CD1 Circus Intro , Hello Hurray , Sideshow , Billion Dollar Babies ,  No More Mr. Nice Guy  , Be My Lover , Lost In America , Is It My Body , Eighteen , From The Inside , Only Women Bleed , Steven , Halo Of Flies  CD2 Nothing's Free , Cleansed By Fire , Poison , Cold Ethyl , Unfinished Sweet , School's Out , Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting , Under My Wheels

Alice Cooper Then Again... Live Performance Theater, Washington, USA 2004 FM/MP3 10 CD

Comments: Complete live re-recording of the "Greatest Hits" album complete with Alice's comments between tracks.

Track Listing: Opening Intro, I'm Eighteen, Is It My Body, Desperado, Under My Wheels, Be My Lover, School's Out, Hello Hooray, Elected, No More Mr Nice Guy, Billion Dollar Babies, Teenage Lament '74, Muscle of Love, Closing Credits


Alice Cooper

(& Deep Purple)

Berlin 06

Berlin, Germany





Comments: Great recording of the first night of the German tour.with both bands on great form.

Track Listing CD1 & CD2 Deep Purple - CD3 (cuts in) Department Of Youth,  No More Mr. Nice Guy,  Dirty Diamonds,  Billion Dollar Babies
. Be My Lover, Woman Of Mass Destruction,  I'm 18,  Go To Hell >  Black Widow >  Drum Solo,  Feed My Frankenstein,  Welcome To My Nightmare ,  Steven > Only Women Bleed > Steven (Reprise),  Ballad Of Dwight Fry,  I Love The Dead, School's Out, audience,  Poison, Wish I Were Born In Beverly Hills, Under My Wheels

Alice Cooper Sydney 11 Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia 26/9/11 AU 10 FLAC

Taper: Navigator
Lineage: SP-CMC-8 (AT 943) > SP-SPSB-11 > Edirol R-09 (16/44.1) > > Cool Edit Pro (with iZotope Ozone 4 mastering plug-in) > CD Wave Editor (track splitting) > HAT (align sector boundries, FLAC)
Comments: Great sounding recording of the coop on fine form
Line Up: Alice Cooper - vocals, Chuck Garric - bass, Steve Hunter - guitar, Tommy Henriksen - guitar, Orianthi - guitar, Glen Sobel - drums
Track Listing: CD1 01. Vincent Price Intro, 02 .The Black Widow , 03. Brutal Planet, 04. I'm Eighteen , 05. Under My Wheels, 06. Billion Dollar Babies, 07. No More Mr. Nice Guy, 08. Hey Stoopid , 09. Is It My Body , 10. Halo of Flies , 11. I'll Bite Your Face Off , 12. Muscle of Love , 13. Only Women Bleed  CD2  14. Cold Ethyl , 15. Feed My Frankenstein , 16. Clones (We're All) , 17. Poison ,18. Wicked Young Man , 19. Killer/I Love the Dead, 20. School's Out/Another Brick In The Wall  21. Elected

Alice Cooper
[w/ Arthur Brown]
Halloween Night of Fear Alexander Palace, London, UK 29/10/11 Pro 10* DVD

Tech:  PAL, Widescreen / 16:9,  Dolby Digital, 100 mins,  Authored, Song Chapters, Menu/s
Great looking and sounding Halloween special from the Coop, as broadcast on UK TV. Perfect sound and vision, all very nicely authored.
 Alice Cooper – vocals, Steve Hunter – guitar , Tommy Henriksen – guitar, Orianthi – guitar , Chuck Garric – bass,Glen Sobel – drums, percussion
Chapter / Track Listing: Vincent Price intro , The Black Widow , Brutal Planet , I'm Eighteen , Under My Wheels , Billion Dollar Babies , No More Mr. Nice Guy, Hey Stoopid , Is It My Body , Halo of Flies (with drum solo), I'll Bite Your Face Off , Muscle of Love , (Orianthi guitar solo) Only Women Bleed, Cold Ethyl , Feed My Frankenstein , Clones (We're All) , Poison , Wicked Young Man , Killer , I Love the Dead , School's Out , --encore break--
Elected, Fire (with Arthur Brown)