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Shows are listed in Chorological order starting with the oldest.
Those boots listed in BROWN are my rips and may differ from other versions available.
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Artist Title Venue Date Source Rate Art Discs
Accept - 1979
I'm a Rebel - 1980
Breaker - 1981
Restless And Wild - 1982
Balls to the Wall - 1983-4
Accept Where Monsters Dwell Stockholm, Sweden 28/10/83 AU 8 2CD
  Track Listing: CD1 Fast as a Shark, Restless & Wild, Love Child, Turn Me On ,Breaker, London Leather boys, Princess of the Dawn, Neon Nights, Losers and Winners, Son of a Bitch, CD2, Balls to the Wall, Guardian of the Night, Fight it Back, Flash Rockin' Man, Starlight, Midnight Highway, Burning
Accept Montreal 84  Montreal, Canada 30/4/84 AU 7 2CD
  Track Listing: CD1 1. Fast As a Shark , 2. Restless and Wild, 3. Love Child, 4. Turn Me On, 5. Breaker, 6. London Leatherboys, 7. Princess of the Dawn, 8. Guitar solo, 9. Neon Nights, 10. Losers and Winners, 11. Son of a Bitch, CD2 1. Balls to the Wall, 2. Head Over Heels, 3. Flash Rockin' Man, 4. Fight It Back, 5. Midnight Highway, 6. Burning
Accept Cleveland FM The Agora, Cleveland, Ohio 27/5/84 FM 9 CD
  Notes: Some slight breaks in the broadcast prevent this from being the 10* rating it should have. But it's still great. 
Line Up: Vocals: Udo Dirkschneider,  Guitar: Wolf Hofman, Guitar: Jorg Fischer, Bass: Peter Baltes, Drums: Stefan Kaufmann
Track Listing: 1.Fast As A Shark, 2.Losers And Winners, 3.Turn Me On, 4.Princess Of The Dawn, 5.Neon Nights, 6.Fight It Back, 7.London Leatherboys, 8.Balls To The Wall, 9.Head Over Heels, 10.Flash Rockin'man
(& Warlock)
Donington '84 Monsters of Rock Festival, Donington Park, UK ?/8/84 FM 9 CD
   Edbangor Master:
Notes: Two sets from Germany's best metal bands in full flow The Accept show fades out during "Balls to the Wall".
Line Up: Vocals: Udo Dirkschneider,  Guitar: Wolf Hofman, Guitar: Jorg Fischer, Bass: Peter Baltes, Drums: Stefan Kaufmann
Track Listing:1: Fast as a Shark [4.00], 2: Turn me On [3.50], 3: Princess of the Dawn [7.14], 4: Guitar Solo [4.18], 5: Son of a Bitch [1.54], 6: London Leather Boys [3.56], 7: Balls to the Wall [5.44]
Metal Heart / Staying a Life - 1985
Accept London 85 Odeon, Hammersmith, London, UK 15/3/85 AU 8 2CD
  Track Listing: CD1 Metal Heart, Breaker, Love Child, Turn Me On,  London Leather boys , Wrong is Right, Princes of the Dawn, Head Over Heels, Winter Dreams, CD2 Midnight Mover,  Screaming For a Love Bite, Too High To Get it Right, Living For Tonight, Up to the Limit, Burning, Balls to the Wall
Russian Roulette - 1986
Accept Wargames Ludwigshafen, Germany 23/3/86 SB/MP3 9 2CD

Notes: Vinyl rip so breaks every 20mins or so But very good sound otherwise.

Track Listing CD1 T.V. War, Living For Tonite, Monsterman, London Leatherboys, Wrong Is Right, Princess Of The Dawn , Heaven Is Hell, Guitar  Solo, Restless And Wild, Son Of A Bitch , CD2 Love Child, Up To The Limit, Metal Heart, Russian Roulette, Fast As A Shark,  Balls To The Wall

UDO leaves to go solo in comes David Reece

Eat the Heat - 1989
No Boots Yet

David Reece leaves and, eventually, UDO returns

Objection Overruled - 1993


New York 93

L'Amours, Brooklyn, New York, USA





  Tech: Picture format: NTSC, Aspect ratio: 4:3, Audio: Dolby Digital 2, Running times: Fully Authored: Title / Menu Screens Song Chapters
Notes: Single camera shoot with some nice clear shots of the band. Sound is good and clear.
Line Up - Udo Dirkschneider - Vocals, Wolf Hoffman - Guitar, Peter Baltes - Bass, Stefan Kaufmann - Drums
Song Listing 1. Intro, 2. Starlight, 3. Living For Tonight, 4. Restless & Wild, 5. Son Of A Bitch, 6. I Don't Wanna Be Like You, 7. Princess Of The Dawn, 8. Slaves To Metal, 9. Bulletproof, 10. Up To The Limit, 11. Metal Heart, 12. Fast As A Shark, 13. Balls To The Wall
Death Row - 1994 to 15th June 1996
Accept Last Time Tokyo Tokyo, Japan 15/6/96 AU/MP3 9 2CD
  Notes: Last time Accept performed together before the 2005 reunited festival tour.
Track Listing CD1 Restless & Wild, Son of a Bitch, Living For Tonight, London Leatherboys, Monster man, Flash Rockin' Man, Slave to the Metal, Breaker, Crossroads, It Ain't Over Yet, Princess of the Dawn, CD2  bad Habits to Break, Hard Attack, Bullet Proof, Fast as a Shark, Metal Heart, Making Me Scream, I'm A Rebel, Burning, Balls to the Wall

The original band reform to play some summer festivals for their 25th anniversary

25th Anniversary Tour  - 2005
Accept Waldrock 05 Waldrock Festival, Holland 2005 SB/MP3 10 CD
  Track Listing: Starlight, Living For Tonight, London Leather Boys, Metal Heart, Breaker, Head Over Heels, Restless and Wild, Son of a Bitch, Monster Man, Fast as a Shark, Princess of the Dawn, Balls to the Wall
Accept Wacken 05 True Metal Stage. Wacken. Germany  6/8/05 AU 9 2CD

Track Listing: CD1 Intro, Starlight, Living For Tonight, London Leather Boys, Metal Heart, Up to the Limit, Flesh Rocking Man, Breaker, Bass Solo, Head Over Heels, Neon Nights, [classical music jam] CD2 Restless and Wild, Turn Me On, TV War, Monster Man, Fast as a Shark ---encore break---

Princess of the Dawn, Burning, I'm a Rebel, Balls to the Wall

Mark Tornillo joins the band as they record a new album and head out on the road.

Blood of the Nations Tours - 2010-2011
Accept  Cologne 2011

Music Hall, Cologne, Germany

10/2/11 6xCam 10 2DVD
  Tech Details: Picture format: PAL, Aspect ratio wide screen / 16:9, Audio LPCM, Running time 103 mins, Song Chapters YES, Menu/s YES
Comments: Multiple audience cameras, filming from different locations around the hall, although mostly at or near the front so no obstructions. Most angles are very clear footage although some 'streaking' from the brightest lights does occur. All angles have been very mixed together. The sound - from a different source - is very near perfect. 
Line Up: Mark Tornillo Vocals, Wolf Hoffmann Guitars, Herman Frank Guitars, Peter Baltes Bass, Stefan Schwarzmann Drums
Track Listing: DVD#1 (57mins) 01 Teutonic Terror, 02 Bucket Full Of Hate, 03 Starlight, 04 Love Child, 05 Breaker, 06 New World Comin', 07 Restless And Wild, 08 Son Of A Bitch, 09 Slaves To Metal, 10 Metal Heart, 11 Neon Nights, 12 Bulletproof  DVD2 (46mins), 13 Losers And Winners, 14 Aiming High, 15 Princess Of The Dawn, 16 Up To The Limit, Demon's Night, 17 Burning, --Encore break-- 18 Fast As A Shark, 19 Pandemic, 20 Balls To The Wall
Accept Paris 2012 Bataclan, Paris, France 6/4/12 AU 9.5 2CD
  Taper: Moka17
Lineage: EdirolR09HR (internal mics) > Adobe Audition 4.0 > xACT 2.16 > Flac8
Comments: Great sounding show and recording, complete with a in hall sound issues causing a re-start on "Pandemic"
Line Up: Mark Tornillo Vocals ;Wolf Hoffmann Guitars; Herman Frank Guitars, Peter Baltes Bass, Stefan Schwarzmann Drums
Track Listing: CD1  1 'Intro', 2 Hellfire , 3 Stalingrad , 4 Restless and Wild , 5 Living for Tonite , 6 Breaker , 7 Son of a Bitch , 8 Bucket Full of Hate , 9 Monsterman, 10 Shadow Soldiers , 11 Guitar Solo Wolf Hoffmann, 12 Neon Nights , 13 Bulletproof , 14 Losers and Winners , 15 Aiming High  CD2   16 Princess of the Dawn, 17 Up to the Limit , 18 No Shelter , (left sound missing in the concert hall), 19 Pandemic , (left sound missing in the concert hall, long pause), 20 Pandemic , (resumed with full sound), 21 Fast as a Shark , 22 'encore', 23 Metal Heart, 24 Teutonic Terror , 25 Balls to the Wall, 26 'outro'
Stalingrad Tours -  2012
Accept Sayreville 2012 Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ, USA 6/10/12 AU 10* 2CD
  Lineage Source : Sonic Studios Mics > Tascam DR-2D Recorder > 24-BIT, 44.1 Wav > Adobe Audition 1.5 > CD Wave Editor > Traders Little Helper > FLAC (Level 8).
Comments - Flawless recording of a great show, with Mark back in his home state front the German metal monsters.
Line Up Mark Tornillo - Vocals, Wolf Hoffmann - Guitars, Herman Frank - Guitars, Peter Baltes  - Bass, Stefan Schwarzmann - Drums
Track Listing  CD1,  01. Eddie Trunk Intro, 02. Hung, Drawn And Quartered, 03. Hellfire, 04. Restless And Wild, 05. Losers And Winners, 06. Stalingrad, 07. Breaker, 08. Bucket Full Of Hate, 09. Monsterman, 10. Shadow Soldiers, 11. Neon Nights Intro, 12. Neon Nights, 13. Bulletproof,  14. Aiming High, CD2  15. Princess Of The Dawn, 16. Up To The Limit, 17. No Shelter,, 18. Pandemic,  19. Fast As A Shark, 20. Encore, 21. Metal Heart, 22. Teutonic Terror, 23. Balls To The Wall, 24. Exit Music
Accept Wacken 2014 Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Germany 31/7/14 Pro 10 DVD
  Tech: PAL, 720x576, AC3, 97mins, Menus, song chapters.
: Great mix of the TV broadcast and the HD webstream/s (*), to give the complete show,, and brilliant it is too. Interview is in German.
Line Up: Mark Tornillo - Vocals, Wolf Hoffmann - Guitars, Herman Frank - Guitars, Peter Baltes  - Bass, Stefan Schwarzmann - Drums
Songs:  Stampede, Stalingrad, Losers And Winners, Monsterman, London Leatherboys (*), Breaker (*), Shadow Soldiers, Restless & Wild (*), Ahead Of The Pack, Flash Rockin' Man, Princess Of The Dawn (*), Interview (*), Fast As A Shark (*), Starlight (*), Pandemic, Metal Heart (*), Teutonic Terror (*), Balls To The Wall (*), Burning (*)