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evening 1st May 2010


Theatre Royal, London, UK


Taper unknown
Lineage MASTER > WAV > Cool Edit Pro (remaster) > CD Wave (tracking) >
Remaster/split edbangor




Recorded slightly quietly so I made adjustments to the volume to suit, 

before boasting the bass, and expanding the stereo mix, slightly. 

However I could do little about the sound becoming slightly muffled 

from time to time from what I can only assume was the

recorder being covered with something. 

Anyway, a good show. 


Griff Rhys Jones as Fagin
Kerry Ellis as Nancy
Steven Hartley as Sikes
Edward Holtom as Oliver
Callum Henderson as Dodger
Julian Glover as Mr.Brownlow
Christian Patterson as Mr.Bumble
Claire Machin as Widow Corney
Jason Morell as Mr.Sowerberry
Louise Gold as Mrs.Soweberry

Track Listing

Act1 (76mins)
101 Overture
102 Food, Glorious, Food
103 --Oliver in the workhouse--
104 Oliver!
105 --Bumble & Widow Corney--
106 I Shall Scream!
107 Boy For Sale
108 --Oliver meets the UnderTaker--
109 That's Your Funeral
110 --Oliver gets a job--
111 Where is Love?
112 --Oliver is bullied and runs away--
113 --Oliver meets Dodger--
114 Consider Yourself
115 --Oliver meets Fagin--
116 You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two
117 --Oliver leans a trade--
118 Rum-Tum-Tum
119 --Bill Sykes & Fagin's treasures--
120 It's a Fine Life
121 I'd Do Anything
122 --Oliver goes to work--
123 Be Back Soon
124 --The robbery--

Act2 (62mins)
201 Oom-Pah-Pah
202 My Name!
203 --The Three Cripples--
204 As Long As He Needs Me
205 Where is Love? (reprise)
206 Who Will Buy?
207 --Oliver Meets Dr Grimwig--
208 Who Will Buy (reprise)
209 --Oliver Kidnapped--
210 It's a Fine Life (reprise)
211 Reviewing the Situation
212 --The Bumble remember Oliver--
213 Oliver (reprise)
214 --Mr. Brownlow's visitors--
215 As Long As He Needs Me (reprise)
216 --Nancy's murder--
217 --Bill goes on the run--
218 Reviewing the Situation (reprise) / Finale
219 Consider Yourself (reprise) / --curtain calls--