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January to May 2008


BBC TV Studios, London, UK

[and various other places]


Pro Shoot

Filmer BBC
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Video format: 1292kbps, 25fps, Xvid
Aspect ratio 704*384 (16:9)
Audio  129kbps, 48000hz, 2 channel 
Total Time 945 mins
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Full series of the BBC show to cast the roles of "Nancy" and "Oliver"

 in a new West End production (opening December 2008) of "Oliver!"

Auditions took place in Belfast (24/1/08), Manchester (26-27/1/08),

London (1-3/2/08) & Glasgow (6/2/08)

The first two shows were pre-recorded and shown on the dates below.

From there most takes place on the Saturday - apart from some 'tasks' - most shown live

and the results (recorded later Saturday night) then shown "as live" on the Sunday.

After open auditions 42 Nancy's went to Nancy School to impress the judges

made up of Lord Andrew Lloyd-Weber, and 'Oliver!' producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh

plus a panel of made up of West End performers / TV personalities.

12 Nancy's were then picked to go through to the live shows, where, after a public vote, 

ALW was given the chance to save one of the two who received the lowest number of votes.

Until the final when the last two will compete against each other for the role.

The 'Oliver's' however, do not have a public vote but by the judges in pre-recorded clips, where

one is selected in the first eight live shows, to go through. They then all perform together live.

After that their number will be eventually cut to the final three who will rotate the role on stage.



Ashley Russell 
Amy Booth-Steel
Cleopatra Royer
Francesca Jackson
Jessie Buckley
Jodie Prenger
Keisha Amponsa-Banson
Niamh Perry 
Rachel Tucker
Samantha Barks

Sarah Lark
Tara Bethan


Alexander Hockaday
Arthur Byrne
Chester McKee
Gareth Barrows
Gwion Jones
Harry Stott
Jonny Clowes
Jordan Li-Smith
Joseph M
Kwayedza Kureya
Laurence Jeffcoate
Sam C

Main Personal

Graham Norton - Presenter

Andrew Lloyd-Weber - Head Judge

John Barrowman - Judge

Denise Van Outen - Judge

Barry Humphries - Judge

Cameron Mackintosh - Judge 

(only joins the live show panel in the last two weeks)


Steven Hartley - Actor (Nancy's 5/4/08)

Layton Williams, Corey Snide, Joshua Fedrick & Trent Kowalik - Billy Elliot (Oliver's 5/4/08)

Ben James-Ellis - Hairspray (Nancy's 12/4/08)

Robbie Keane - Footballer (Oliver's 12/4/08)

Kerry Ellis - Wicked (Nancy's 19/4/08)

Barbara Windsor - Actress (Nancy's 3/5/08)

Cast of High School Musical on Stage (Oliver's 3/5/08)

Celine Dion - Singer in concert (Nancy's 10/5/08)

Todd Carty - Actor (Oliver's 10/5/08)

Daniel Barber - [Gavroche in 'Les Mis] as "Artful Dodger" (Oliver's 17/5/08)

Idina Menzel - (original) Wicked ([Samantha] 17/5/08)

Daniel Boys, Lewis Bradley, Ben James-Ellis, Keith Jack, & 

Rob McVeigh - Runners up  "Any Dream Will Do" (Nancy's 17/5/08)

Phil Jupitus - Comedian (Nancy's 20/5/08)

Nick Reed - comedy writer (Nancy's 20/5/08)

Jon Lee - Actor / Singer (Oliver's 24/5/08)

Liza Minnelli - Broadway star (Nancy's 31/5/08)

Track Listing

Week One - 15th March 2008 - (58 mins)

Auditions for both roles


Week Two - 22nd March 2008 (61 mins)

Nancy's: 42 women enter "Nancy School" and are cut to the final 12

Oliver's: The twelve finalists are introduced.


Week Three - 29th & 30th March 2008  (72 & 30 mins)

Nancy's: Work in an East End market - Amy is eliminated

Oliver's: Learn magic tricks - Gwion is selected


Week Four - 5th & 6th April 2008  (68 & 29 mins)

Nancy's:  Face their fears with rats - Cleo is eliminated

Oliver's: Visit "Billy Elliot" for acting lessons  - Chester is selected


Week Five - 12th & 13th April 2008  (64 & 29 mins)

Nancy's: Visit "Hairspray" to practice a love scene - Tara is eliminated

Oliver's: Learn teamwork at Tottenhan Hottspur Soccer school - Arthur is selected


Week Six - 19th & 20th April 2008  (60 & 29 mins)

Nancy's: Visit "Wicked" and sing in front of the theatre audience - Francesca is eliminated

Oliver's: Test their bravery by abseiling - Kwayedza is selected


Week Seven - 26th & 27th April 2008  (60 & 29 mins)

Nancy's: Test their fitness and teamwork by rowing - Keisha is eliminated

Oliver's: Learn stage fighting - Alexander is selected


Week Eight - 3rd & 4th May 2008  (60 & 29 mins)

Nancy's: Act from Blood Brothers and do Cockney accents - Sarah is eliminated

Oliver's: Visit High School Musical on Stage & learn how to take direction 

They pick a Nancy (Sarah) to perform with them - Harry is selected


Week Nine - 10th & 11th May 2008  (60 & 29 mins)

Nancy's: Go to a Celine Dion concert & learn theatrical stunts - Ashley is eliminated

Oliver's: Visit Ragged School Museum and practice the famous "..want more" line 

They pick a Nancy (Niamh) to perform with them - Laurence is selected


Week Ten - 19th & 20th May 2008 (60 & 29 mins)

Oliver's Semi-Final

Nancy's: Perform with the "Josephs" &  learn comedy - Niamh is eliminated

Oliver's: Act with an 'Artful Dodger'- Jonny is selected

Gareth, Jordan, Joseph & Sam are eliminated on the 19th, & sit on the side on 20th


Week Eleven -  24th & 25th May 2008 (60 & 29 mins)

Nancy's semi-final / Oliver's Final

Cameron Mackintosh joins the TV panel for the first time.

All 12 Oliver's, open the first show with the remaining Nancy's

Nancy's: Spend time in a Victorian  house - Rachel  is eliminated

Oliver's: Sing "Where is Love" in the West End

Alexander, Arthur, Chester & Kwayedza are eliminated, closing the 24th May show

Gwion, Harry and Laurence WIN


Week Twelve - 31st May (Two shows: 60 &  29mins)

Nancy's Final

All 24 contestants (Nancy & Olivers) open the first show

All former Nancy's and Oliver's perform together in the second show.

Nancy's: Meet & perform for Liza Minnelli  - Samantha is eliminated at the end of the first show

Jodi WINS!

Oliver's: The three winners perform duets with the three Nancy's.

The runners up, back Lee Mead during "Any Dream Will do"