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I am active on a number of live music trading web forums, as well as a number of bit torrent trackers

where I can be recognised under the name 'edbangor' and with the avatar used above.


On all those sites I regularly gift (that is give away) shows.

Below are just some of those which you are free to download as well as some others you can

get by signing up (also free) to the bit torrent tracker/s that host them.

 Click on the artist's or cast name in the first column to see more information (if available). 
Any titles listed in BROWN are my (Re)MASTERS.


The following shows have all been uploaded to mediafire from where they can be downloaded via the mentioned links.
They are all in compressed/lossy formats as I don't have the time to uploaded in lossless.
If there is anything you would like from my lists, feel free to ask but again audio only. (no videos)
More information about the shows can be found on their own pages.

Artist / Cast








Rock / Metal etc
Marillion The Muse that Sang Starting Gate, Milton Keynes, England  26/3/82 AU 7 CD

Comments: The band play as a four piece following the sacking of the bass playing during the sound check.

Line Up: Fish - Vocals, Steve Rothery - Guitar, [no one] - Bass, Mick Pointer - Drums, Mark Kelly - Keyboards

Track Listing: Intro, He Knows You Know, The Web, Three Boots Down the Candy, Chelsea Monday, Charting the Single, Garden Party, Forgotten Songs, Margaret

Musical Theatre

Billy Elliot [w/ Matthew Koon]

West End

Victoria Place Theatre, London, UK





  For More Information: CLICK HERE
Act1: http://www.mediafire.com/?m2ncjrxamez - Act2: http://www.mediafire.com/?jlhjjim7m3g
Hairspray [opening night] UK Tour Millennium Centre, Cardiff, Wales 7/4/10 AU 10 2CD
  For More Information: CLICK HERE
File 1 (75mb) : http://www.mediafire.com/?tmoozzeh5n3 - File 2 (75mb) : http://www.mediafire.com/?omymeitjkhz - File 3 (60mb) : http://www.mediafire.com/?jtajymuyzzi
Jesus Christ Superstar  [w/ Sebastian Bach] US Tour Saenger Theater, New Orleans, USA --/3/03 AU/ MP3 10 2CD

Comments: This is one of the best recordings of Sebastian's appearance coming out as nearly clear enough to be soundboard in places. Not only that, but this is rated as one of Sebastian's best performances Plus you also get, the great Carl Anderson,  (the original Judas on Broadway in 1971 and the movie)

Cast: Jesus of Nazareth = Sebastian Bach, Judas Iscariot = Carl Anderson, Mary Magdalene = Natalie Toro, Pontius Pilate =  Stephen Breithaupt, King Herod =  Scott Allgauer, Simon Zealotes = Todd Fournier, Caiaphas = Lawson Skala, Annas = Jeffrey Polk, Peter =  James Clow

Act One: http://www.mediafire.com/?gwch04j2jcg  Act Two: http://www.mediafire.com/?djwis2dqz1m
Jesus Christ Superstar [Symphonic concert] Finland  Sibeliustalo (Sibelius Hall), Lahti, Finland --/8/11 AU 10 MP3
  Taper: 24601
Lineage: Recorded with Core Sound Binaural microphones with bass roll-off and Edirol R-09 SD @ 48kHz/24bit. Mastered with Reaper using Universal Audio's Precision Multiband Compressor and Limiter plug-ins and IK Multimedia's T-Racks 3 Linear Phase EQ + SoundForge's Noise Reduction. MP3 320 kbps.
Comments: Truly brilliant recording of a fully symphonic production of the musical with full orchestra and choir, on stage, but still with some dramatic scenes rather than just standing around singing. Acts are untracked.
Cast: Hannu Lepola (Jesus), Sami Hintsanen (Judas), Maria Ylipää (Maria Magdalena), Juha Kotilainen (Caiaphas), Sam Huber (Herod), Anssi Valikainen (Pilate)*, Sami Ulmanen (Simon)*, Pedram Aflatuni (Peter)*, Juho Vornanen (Annas)*, Petteri Hautala & Juha Suihko (Priests)*, Lahti Symphony Orchestra, Dominante Choir, The Singing Ensemble of Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Marko Portin (sax), Eeva Kontu (piano/celesta), Risto Kupiainen (keyboards), Jari Nieminen (gtr), Marzi Nyman (gtr), Ako Kiiski (bass), Jaska Lukkarinen (drums), Jaakko Kuusisto (conductor)

Act One: 115mb - http://www.mediafire.com/download/0ecbqlnurub65i4/JCS_-_Sibelius_Hall_Lahti_2011_Act_1.mp3
Act Two: 136mb - http://www.mediafire.com/download/8l7joq3of792ifo/JCS_-_Sibelius_Hall_Lahti_2011_Act_2.mp3


Andrew Lloyd Webber's

60th Birthday Concert


Jonathan Ansell, Steve Balsamo,  Jason Donovan, Maria Friedman, 

Ruthie Henshall,  Duncan James, 

Ramin Karminloo, Lee Mead, 

Idina Menzel, Elaine Paige, 

Jodie Prenger, Rhydian, 

Joss Stone, & Hayley Westenra

Hyde Park, London, UK





  For More Information: CLICK HERE
Act One: http://www.mediafire.com/?txkwy0jblst  - Act Two: http://www.mediafire.com/?xmjlh1jrymh
The Hills Are Alive Various
[Michael Ball, Connie Fisher, 
Ruthie Hensall, Bryn Terfel, 
John Owen Jones.]
Faenol Festival, Vaynol Park, Bangor, Wales 26/8/07 FM 10* 2CD
  For More Information: CLICK HERE
Act one: http://www.mediafire.com/?jgju1etbkwj   - Act two: http://www.mediafire.com/?9n3lg1yfwnq



Bit Torrents
The following shows are all currently seeded on dimeadozen.org bit torrent tracker
You will need to register there in order to download them via bit torrent software
but be aware that they have a limited number of members, so you will probably have to wait until there is space before you can join.
 They also have strict rules regarding ratios.
However if you are already a member there, and would like me to upload something. Then let me know.

Artist / Cast








Rock / Metal etc
Nightwish You Lucky Bastards Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan 12/3/05 AU 10 2CD
Musical Theatre
The Lion King Los Angeles Pantagaes Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA 8/10/00 Cam 9 DVD
Priscilla: Queen of the Desert Broadway [Original cast] Palace Theatre, New York, NY, USA 6/3/11 Cam 9.5 DVD
Wicked Broadway George Gershwin Theatre, NY, USA 17/8/05 Cam 8.5 2DVD